15+ Fun and Fancy Great Gatsby Party Ideas

Hosting a party for any big event like a wedding, graduation party or 50th birthday party can seem like a really daunting task. But I’ve found that picking a party theme to go with the event makes it much easier to figure out what to do and how to decorate. So for one of my New Year’s Eve parties, I went with a roaring 20’s theme that incorporated these Great Gatsby party decor ideas, and it was one of my biggest party hits yet!

Great Gatsby party decor ideas

As everyone who was been to my house for a party knows, I love to throw parties with a theme. I think it helps my guests know what to expect when they get there (how formal, how many people, what to wear) and helps me to figure out what kind of decorations, food and drinks I need.

Since most people like to dress up for New Year’s Eve, I like to pick a more formal theme that is still fun…and a Great Gatsby (or Roaring 20’s) party is perfect! But it also works well for a lot of other events…birthdays, graduations and even weddings.

Keep reading to see how to stage your own party with these Great Gatsby party decor ideas.

The Gatsby Party Entrance

Set Up A Speakeasy Entry

Gatsby party entrance set up as a hidden speakeasy entry

Since the great Gatsby was set in the 1920’s, creating a hidden speakeasy entrance is a great way to set the tone.

I created an alley in my garage and had all the guests come in that way instead of through the front door.

Boxes of liquor with fake cash

Adding some boxes of liquor and fake money created a photo op before they even got to the door.

Make A Welcome Sign

A little party never killed nobody entrance sign at a Great Gatsby party
via makeitrane.com (unfortunately, this website no longer exists)

The Great Gatsby was all about big, over-the-top parties that everyone wanted to attend (my kind of guy!).

To let everyone know what they’re in for, this “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” sign is perfect.

And it’s not hard at all to make.

"A little party never killed nobody" Great Gatsby party chalkboard sign

Since I’m not very good at hand lettering, I made my own version of this sign using my Cricut.

Collect Cards

Gold and black Gatsby-inspired bird cage card holder

If you’re looking to collect some cards for your party, this Gatsby-inspired gold bird cage* is perfect!

The Art Deco style will go perfectly with your Great Gatsby party or wedding theme.

Gatsby Party Room Decor

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Create a Focal Point

Gold and black Gatsby party backdrop from thepartyteacher.com
Gatsby backdrop via thepartyteacher.com

Create a focal point for your food area or candy buffet with a black and gold Art Deco backdrop.

Made from foam board, it’s not at all expensive but definitely makes a statement.

1. Cut the pieces from black foam board*.

2. Spray paint the gold pieces with a metallic gold base*.

3. Spray paint over the gold pieces again with gold glitter paint*.

4. Apply adhesive velcro strips* to the edges of the boards so that they can be attached together (and taken apart).

Time to drink Champagne and dance on the table bar sign for a Great Gatsby party from karaspartyideas.com
Time to drink Champagne and dance on the table bar sign via karaspartyideas.com

Or add a fun sign above the bar.

Hang Balloons From The Ceiling

Gold balloons hung from the ceiling for a Great Gatsby party

Hanging things from the ceiling is one of my favorite ways to add drama to party decor. (And Gatsby was definitely about the drama!)

These balloons make everyone look up as soon as they walk in the door, and create a party atmosphere that’s hard to forget.

Clear and white balloons hung from the ceiling from save-on-crafts.com
Hang balloons from the ceiling via save-on-crafts.com

I got this idea from save-on-crafts.com, except I didn’t have time to put up as many as they did 🙂

Clear or gold metallic balloons* hanging from the ceiling almost look like champagne bubbles…perfect for a Great Gatsby party!

Glam Up Your Chairs

Gold bamboo chairs with white string of pearls on the back from lovemydress.net
Glam up your chairs via lovemydress.net

Add some faux pearls* to the back of your chairs to give them the glam look.

Gold chair
Gold Chiavari Chair*

These Chiavari chairs with the gold bamboo backs* are perfect for this!

faux pearls
Large Ivory Faux Pearls*

Of course, you could just drape the faux pearls over the backs of your existing chairs (much less expensive!)

Gold chair sash
Metallic Gold Chair Sash*

Or go with something like these metallic gold chair sashes to add a little glam.

Gatsby Table Decor

Gatsby table decor is all about glamour…think black and gold, feathers and glass, candles and pearls…

Add Some Feather Centerpieces

White ostrich feathers hung with crystals in an eiffel tower vase as a Great Gatsby party centerpiece

Add some white feather vases as centerpieces on your tables.

Hang clear “crystal” beads (okay, they’re really plastic) or faux pearls from the feathers to add that extra sparkle.

Make Wine Bottle Centerpieces

Wine bottle candle holders

For a less expensive option, try making your centerpiece out of wine bottles.

Adding some ribbon, lace and faux pearls will make them fit right in with the Gatsby theme.

Find out more about these Gatsby wine bottle centerpieces HERE.

Or Sand and Pearls Candle Holders

Blue candle in sand and faux pearls used as a centerpiece

Make simple candle centerpieces using sand and faux pearls.

They’re elegant, really easy to make, and very inexpensive…perfect for when you need to make a lot of them!

And there’s lots of flexibility for what to make them in. You can use a traditional candle holder like the one above.

Grey votive candle in a sand and faux pearls candle holder

Or substitute a stemless wine glass for the candle holder. Putting the glass on top of a candle stand (meant for pillar candles) lets you vary the height if you want more than one on a table.

It has the added bonus that, since it’s a wine glass, you can re-use it after the party for its regular purpose.

Sugar and pearls vase from mystikit.com
Sugar and pearls vase via mystikit.com

Finally, you can use a small glass vase if you want your candle centerpiece to have more of a vase-type shape.

Add Crystal and Glass

Gatsby party centerpiece with crystal candelabras and white roses in vases from blog.hotchocolates.co.uk
Add elegance with crystal and roses via blog.hotchocolates.co.uk

If you prefer to buy your decor rather than make it, candelabras with crystals and white roses add elegance to any setting. Which makes them perfect for a Great Gatsby party.

Crystal candelabra with white candles
Crystal Candelabra*

To get true crystal, you will pay a little more, but they are beautiful!

Mercury Glass Candle holders on a strip of sparkle ribbon

If you want to go for a less expensive option, Mercury glass tea light candle holders* add some elegance and “old school” vibe.

These are available in a variety of different shapes and styles, so you are sure to find some you like.

Use Gold and Black Table Settings

Great Gatsby party table setting with black, white and gold

Gold and black are the main colors of this theme…so having gold and black table settings is a natural part of the decor.

Want to learn more about how to create beautiful table settings? Click here to see our post.

Add Some More Feathers

Feathers with glitter from frankie.com
Feathers with glitter via frankie.com.au

Sprinkle some of these gold-tipped feathers on your tables to add more of that over-the-top roaring 20’s decor.

To make these:

1. Buy some feathers*.

2. Pour some gold glitter* in a bowl.

3. Use a glue stick* to put some glue on the end of the feathers.

4. Then dip the feathers in the bowl of glitter.

Click here to see the full tutorial at frankie.com.au.

Or if you’re not in the DIY mood and would rather buy your gold dipped feathers, you can find them HERE.*

The Gatsby Party Bar

Of course, you can’t have a Gatsby party without having a well stocked and glam-looking bar.

Serve Drinks From Decanters

Crystal decanter with an Art Deco style whiskey label

Serve your drinks in decanters*, from a bar cart (if you have one).

Crystal decanter

Everything looks more sophisticated when it is poured from a crystal bottle like this decanter*. They look much more expensive than they actually are.

Art deco style bottle labels
Bottle Labels*

These art-deco style bottle labels* also goes with the theme.

Want to learn about how to style a bar cart? Click here to see our post.

Use an Old-School Cocktail Shaker

1960's cocktail shaker with glasses

You will really set a roaring 20’s vibe to your party by mixing your drinks in an old-school cocktail shaker.

Then serve them in old-school cocktail glasses to continue the theme.

Pour Champagne Into Coupe Glasses

Champagne in coupe glasses from likeachampagne.tumblr.com
Champagne in coupe glasses via likeachampagne.tumblr.com

Serve champagne (or sparkling wine) in coupe glasses*.

Champagne tower from fabandluxe.tumblr.com
Champagne tower via fabandluxe.tumblr.com

If you have a safe place to stack champagne glasses, this champagne glass pyramid is a stunning centerpiece.

I have never been brave enough to try this, but apparently if you stack the glasses right, you can pour the champagne in the top ones and it will run down into the other ones.

Champagne fountain

Another (easier) option is to use a champagne fountain*. It still lets people help themselves to a glass of bubbly, and is a little easier to manage.

Serve Champagne Jello Shots

Pink champagne jello shots with pop, fizz, clink toothpicks for a Great Gatsby party

For a make-ahead version of champagne, try out these pink champagne jello shots.

They look pretty and taste great…and everyone loves jello shots!

Find this pink champagne jello shot recipe HERE.

Make Glam Drink Stirrers

Pop, Fizz, Clink DIY drink stirrers

These Pop, Fizz, Clink DIY drink stirrers have all the glam you need to go with your Great Gatsby party theme.

And they’re really easy to make!

Find out how to make these gold DIY drink stirrers HERE (with free printable).

The Gatsby Dessert Table

Create a Candy Buffet

Black and gold candy buffet from karaspartyideas.com
Black and gold candy buffet via karaspartyideas.com

The candy buffet is always my go-to option for party themes that don’t have obvious food choices.

Using a black tablecloth with a gold runner makes the whole table feel like part of the Gatsby theme.

Stocking the candy buffet with white and black candies carries on the color scheme.

Glass apothecary jars
Apothecary Jars*

Putting the candies out in these pretty apothecary jars* is an elegant way to create a display.

Make Great Gatsby Oreo Cookies

White chocolate covered oreo cookies with gold trim

I originally got the idea of gold-trimmed Oreo cookies from seeing these beautiful Tuxedo and Pearls Oreo cookies on igottacreate.blogspot.ca and thought I could do something similar for my Great Gatsby party.

And I was right! They are relatively easy to make, fit right in with the decor and everyone loved them! It’s amazing how good Oreos taste when coated with white chocolate 🙂

Get the recipe for gold-trimmed white-chocolate covered oreo cookies HERE.

Many of the sites that I have linked to have more awesome Great Gatsby Party ideas so be sure to check them out…with all of this inspiration your party is sure to be a success!

Have comments or questions on our Great Gatsby party decor ideas? Tell us in the section below.

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15 Great Gatsby Party Decor Ideas

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