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Kate Spade Inspired Party Decor Ideas


This New Year’s Eve party is so much fun with all kinds of Kate Spade inspired party decor ideas using black and white stripes, hot pink and gold accents. It would also be perfect for a baby or bridal shower, bachelorette party or a fantastic birthday party.

kate spade themed party decor ideas

Kate Spade was an iconic American fashion designer who often mixed black and white with gold and pops of pink. I have always loved her handbags, so when I was looking for a color scheme for my New Year’s Eve party last year, I decided her designs would be a great inspiration.

Kate Spade patterns are a little bit glam (which is right up my alley) and usually have some bright pops of color (also my thing!). Since I love both of those elements, I didn’t have to work too hard to pull the party decor together.

Not to mention that I actually own a black and white striped Kate Spade tablecloth…so my party decorating was half way there. Okay, maybe not half way, but at least I had a start.

Even though I used this for New Year’s Eve, I also think it would be perfect for a bachelorette party, bridal shower or baby shower…anywhere that glam and pink go hand in hand.

Create a Kate Spade Themed Party Tablescape

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kate spade themed party decor ideas tablescape with black and white tablecloth, gold plates and pink accents

Since I already had the tablecloth, creating a Kate Spade inspired table setting seemed like a good way to start off my party decorations.

I used black and white dinner plates*, with gold chargers*, gold-rimmed accent plates* and gold cutlery*. All of that gold really upped the glam factor. And you know I love some glam!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a party night without some champagne…these sparkly champagne flutes* are my favorites!

kate spade party decor place setting with white and gold plates, gold cutlery and pink napkins

The pink napkins really stand out against the black and white backdrop.

Using gold-stemmed wine glasses as vases for single pink roses is another easy way to add color to the table.

kate spade inspired party ideas black and white striped table runner

If you don’t happen to have a black and white striped table cloth, wrapping paper works pretty well, too.

Since I only have one of the real Kate Spade table cloths, that’s what I did on the rest of my tables. I put down plain black tableclothes and used black and white striped paper* runners down the middle. The bonus with this approach is that you can just roll it up and throw it away after the party is over.

You can get all the details on my Kate Spade inspired table setting HERE.

Shop The Table

Hang Black and White Curtains

kate spade themed party decor black and white curtains

The second of the Kate Spade inspired party ideas was to cover the walls in black and white stripes.

And it just so happens that I own enough black and white velvet curtains to hang them in stripes across the back wall of my living room. (The white ones are my usual living room drapes while I bought the black ones for my Phantom of the Opera party…I love it when I can re-use party accessories).

However, if you don’t already have the curtains, you can buy black* and white foil curtains* pretty inexpensively and get the same effect.

Hang Gold Balloons From The Ceiling

Kate spade themed party decor ideas gold balloons hung from the ceiling
Hang gold balloons from the ceiling

If you have seen most of my other parties, you know that I like to hang things from the ceiling. I think it takes the party decor up a notch since it’s not something that you see every day.

kate spade inspired party ideas balloons

For this party, I blew up some gold balloons*, tied black threads of varying lengths to them and hung them from coffee cup hooks in the ceiling.

kate spade party decor blow up balloons with a tire inflator

Party Tip: Whenever I have a lot of balloons to blow up, I use my battery operated tire inflator* to do the work for me. It’s much easier than having to do them all manually. And you can use it to fill up your car tires, too 🙂

Use Kate Spade Inspired Chair Covers

kate spade themed party decor pink chair covers

Another one of my favorite ways to turn my house into a party spot is to cover my chairs. Yes, these are usually used for weddings. But the beauty of buying wedding decor is that it is often very reasonably priced (since most people are buying in large quantities).

For my Kate Spade inspired party ideas, I decided to go with pink chair covers and gold sashes* on some of the chairs.

kate spade themed party decor ideas gold chair covers

And gold chair covers with black sashes* on other chairs.

Install Some Kate Spade Paper Flowers

kate spade flowers on a black and white striped background

I did not do this at my party, but if I had found these large paper flowers* in time, I totally would have! They will even sell you the black and white striped background if you aren’t able to come up with your own.

Or if you want to make your own, you can follow our tutorial for making paper flowers.

kate spade inspired party pops of pink

Of course, you can always go with vases full of real fuchsia roses to pull the color into the corners of the room, which is what I did in my dining area.

Do you have any other Kate Spade themed party decor ideas? Tell us in the section below.

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