Roaring 20s Speakeasy Party Entrance Decor (with free printables)

In the roaring 20’s, prohibition made events with alcohol go underground and speakeasies with special pass codes and hidden entrances became the norm. I used that as the inspiration for my Great Gatsby party entry way with these speakeasy party entrance decor ideas.

Roaring 20's Speakeasy Party Entrance Decor

As I mentioned in my last post about how to add the wow factor to your party decor, I think making an entrance to your event is important for setting the tone for the whole celebration.

Which is why I wanted to do something special for my Great Gatsby party.

And since the Great Gatsby was set in the 1920’s during prohibition, I decided to set up the entrance like a speakeasy.

By making an alley out of my garage and having people come in through the garage door instead of the front door, I created a “hidden” entrance like you might find for a speakeasy during that time.

If you want to get a tour of my speakeasy party entrance decor, you can watch the video, and take a look at the pictures below.

The Alley

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Speakeasy party entrance decor with a red brick scene setter and black gangster scene setters

The first trick was to figure out how to create an alley in the garage.

I decided that brick wall scene setters* would be the way to go for the walls.

They come in 4′ x 30′ rolls, so I taped two of them together to create an 8′ x 30′ length. For my garage, I needed 2 of the 8′ x 30′ walls to create the alley (so 4 of the scene setter rolls altogether).

Red brick scene setter walls create an alley in the garage

Then I positioned some shelves and stacks of storage containers so that they created an alley way down the middle of the garage (with a curve so that you couldn’t see the door from the driveway).

Finally, I stacked cardboard boxes along the top of the shelves and used a stapler to attach the scene setter to the boxes.

I think it made a pretty convincing alley.

The Misleading Sign

speakeasy party entrance decor - DIY chalkboard sign

When I was looking for ideas for my speakeasy party entrance decor, I ran across a great idea from Diana at Paint Sew Glue Chew where she created a misleading sign outside here Speakeasy party entrance. (She has a lot of other great speakeasy party decor ideas, too, so make you check them out, too.)

And I loved it so much, I decided to do something similar.

Then you can tell your guests to meet you at the book club meeting…wink, wink…

Click HERE for the step-by-step tutorial on how to make this sign and learn to create perfect writing on chalkboard (with no hand-lettering skills required).

The Shady Characters

Entrance to the speakeasy party with a flapper girl silhouette

What’s a 1920’s party without some shady characters and gangsters?

I used scene setters to create the illusion of silhouettes by taping them to my wall.

They’re a little shiny in the daylight (they are plastic), but you don’t really notice the shine when it gets darker.

(These exact silhouette scene setters aren’t available any more but I found these ones* that are similar).

Roaring 20's speakeasy party entrance with a flapper girl silhouette and a gangster silhouette

To emphasize the entry, I put one on either side of the alley.

I also created a “speakeasy entrance” sign just in case people weren’t sure where to enter. (It’s one of the printables available from our resource library…get the instructions below).

The Industrial Lighting

Edison light bulb lighting in the speakeasy party entrance alley

Because it did get pretty dark in my alley in the evening, I needed to add some lighting. But I didn’t want to be too bright.

So I hung a few outdoor patio lights* with Edison bulbs from the ceiling. (I will use them on my patio in the spring, too…I love party decor that I can re-use somewhere else).

I like the industrial look. And they plugged into the electric outlet in the ceiling (where my garage door opener is) so I didn’t even have to run long extension cords.

The Spooky Butler

Butler prop at the speakeasy entrance

My spooky Halloween butler just seemed to fit in the alley, so he greeted everyone as they came in.

But I also think it would be pretty cool to have a real person acting like a bouncer, if you can talk someone into doing it 🙂

The Speakeasy Party Photo Op

Speakeasy party photo op with cases of liquor, guns and empty wine bottles

This part of my speakeasy party entrance decor was the photo op of choice for my friends. Here’s how I put it together:

The House Rules Sign

DIY Roaring 20's speakeasy house rules sign

The house rules sign is a printable that you can also get from the resource library.

I printed it on gold paper*.

Roaring 20's house rules sign in a black frame

Then cut it to 8″ x 10″, and put it in a black frame that I already owned.

Adding a gold line to a black frame

Finally I used a gold sharpie marker* to create the gold outline around the inside of the frame.

House rules sign on top of the liquor crates as part of the speakeasy party entrance decor

It’s amazing how much difference that one little gold line makes!

The Liquor Stash

DIY liquor crates with printable labels

Of course, a speakeasy wouldn’t be a speakeasy without stacks of liquor.

So I made these cases out of paper boxes wrapped in kraft paper*.

Then printed out some labels that I glued on the front of them.

DIY printable liquor crate labels for a roaring 20's party

Finally, I added in a couple of wooden crates* and some empty wine bottles to mix things up a bit.

You can get all of the printable labels from our resource library. If you’re already a member, you’ll find the password at the bottom of every email that we send out.

If you’re not a member and want to be, use this form to sign up.

The Loot

speakeasy party decor with fake cash in canvas money bags

Adding a stack full of cash (okay, fake cash) was the last detail.

For this, I bought some cheap canvas money bags* and a package of fake cash*.

Then I filled the bags up most of the way with toilet paper to make them look like they were full. And added a few of the bills to the top of each bag.

I put mine in a small treasure chest that I already owned. But you could just lay them out on top of the box, or put them in one of the wooden crates.

The Speakeasy Door

speakeasy door cover scene setter with closed for prohibition signs

The last step was to put up another scene setter on the door* that makes it look like the club is closed.

I think it was the perfect end to my speakeasy party entry. Don’t you?

Now that we have the entrance out of the way, I’ll be posting the rest of my Great Gatsby decorations and party ideas in the coming weeks so be sure to stay tuned for that!


In case you missed the links above, here are all the speakeasy props we used in our decor:

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Have comments or questions about our speakeasy party entrance decor? Tell us in the section below.

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1920's speakeasy party entry decor

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  1. I subscribed, where do I go to get the alcohol crate signs template?

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Hi Kaytlan…there should be a button in the email you received, or you can go to the Resource Library link on the menu (

      Then enter the password from the email.

      You’ll see the link to the alcohol crate signs in the Great Gatsby Party section.

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    2. Nakia Mitchell says:

      I see the sources but i do not see where to subscribe to get the printables for the liquor stash. Could you assist?

      1. Wanda Simone says:

        Hi Nakia…There should be a sign up form right under “The Liquor Stash” section. If you still can’t see it, you can sign up for access to the Resource Library here: Then look for the Great Gatsby Party section in the Resource Library and use the download link for the “Roaring 20’s Speakeasy Entrance Printables” to get them.

  2. I can not find an email that helps me access the free printouts

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Hi Ruby…I just sent you another email with the instructions.

  3. I can not find where to print the signs

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Hi Kim…there’s a sign-up box close to the bottom of the page where you put in your email address, or you can go to the Resource Library page ( from the menu.

      Then you’ll get an email with the password to the Resource Library. Click the button in the email to open the Resource Library and enter the password.

      You’ll see the link to the alcohol crate signs in the Great Gatsby Party section.

  4. there is no link for the crate signs, there is a link for the crates and other materials but the sing link is missing. Is there any way you can add this under the Great Gatsby Party section under the crate signs section? thank you

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Hi Chelsea…sorry for the confusion. They are actually there. If you go to the Resource Library (HERE: and enter your password, click the link under the Gatsby Party section that says “Roaring 20’s speakeasy entrance printables”, the crate labels are in the file called “Liquor box labels.pdf”. I will update the description to make that clearer.

      Please let me know if you have any issues. Thanks! Wanda.

  5. Anonymous says:


    I love your set up! I am planning a speakeasy party in a week and was wondering how did you get the gun silhouettes that you used agains the brick wall?

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Hi…the gun silhouettes are part of a plastic gangster props scene setter I bought on Amazon. You can find them HERE.