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How To Make A Champagne Glass Tower With Plastic Glasses


This DIY Champagne glass tower is a centerpiece that makes a statement as part of your Great Gatsby party or roaring 20’s event. It’s made from plastic coupe glasses so you don’t have to worry about someone knocking it over and breaking all of the glasses.

How to make a Champagne glass tower

When I was putting together my Great Gatsby party decor, I loved the idea of making a champagne glass tower.

Ideally, I would actually serve the champagne that way…pour it in the top glass and have it trickle down to all the other glasses.

But I didn’t think there was any possible way that would actually work. I had images of bumping into the table and knocking all the coupe glasses over with a crash. Not to mention champagne all over the place.

So I decided instead to make the tower of coupe glasses using plastic ones and use it as a centerpiece instead of a serving station.

Which turned out to be quite easy to make and no possibility of a big mess.

You can watch the video for how to make a DIY Champagne glass tower:

Or read all of the details below.


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How To Make A Champagne Glass Tower

1 | Put The Glasses Together

Putting the plastic champagne glasses together

The first step to making your champagne glass tower is to put the plastic coupe glasses together.

You might want to use a drop of hot glue to keep them together, since the bases tend to fall off pretty easily.

Then we’re going to put the tower together in layers.

2 | Make The Top Layer

Hot glue the edges of the champagne glasses together

Start by grouping 4 champagne glasses together into a square.

Use hot glue to join the top edges of the glasses together.

Hot glue the top of the champagne glasses

Add hot glue around the top edges of the martini glasses where the top glass will go.

Add the top layer of the DIY champagne glass tower

Add one glass on top of those 4 glasses so that it’s centered in the middle of them.

Put this layer aside.

3 | Make The Second Layer

The 9-glass layer of the DIY champagne glass tower

For the next layer, we’re going to join nine champagne glasses together.

Group them into a square with 3 glasses on each side.

Once again, use some hot glue to join each of the sides together.

Put this layer aside.

4 | Make Additional Layers

The 16-glass layer of the DIY champagne glass tower

The third layer will need 16 glasses.

Make them into a square with 4 glasses on each side.

Use the hot glue to join the top sides of the glasses together.

I stopped my DIY champagne glass tower here because my table only had room for one this size.

But you can continue to create more layers if you want a bigger one. Just make each square bigger by one more glass on each side. (ie. the next layer would be 5 x 5 or 25 glasses, and the following one would be 6 x 6 requiring 36 glasses, etc.)

5 | Put The Layers Together

Hot glue the layers of champagne glasses together

Stack each layer on top of the previous layer.

Then glue the top of the glasses in one layer to the bottom of the glasses on the next layer.

Champagne glasses stacked on top of each other

If you have a large champagne glass tower, you may want to put it on a large board or tray to make it easier to move.

The Finished Champagne Glass Tower

The finished DIY champagne glass tower

And that’s it! You’re finished.

The DIY champagne glass tower under black lights

The glasses look really pretty cool under black light (like I had at my Great Gatsby party).

The DIY champagne glass tower used as a candle centerpiece

You could also use it as candle holder by filling the glasses with flame-less tealights.

However you use it, a DIY champagne glass tower centerpiece will make a statement for your party decor.

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