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DIY Sand and Pearls Candle Holder

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Making my own candle holders (like these gothic mason jar candle holders and these citronella candles) for party centerpieces is one of my standard party decorating ideas. I can never seem to find reasonably priced store-bought candle holders that I like. So inexpensive and easy-to-customize options like this DIY sand and pearls candle holder have become one of my go-to party decor items.

DIY sand and pearls candle holders

DIY Sand and Pearls Candle Holder

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These elegant candle centerpieces made with sand and faux pearls are inexpensive, versatile and very easy to make.

Between the sand and the candles, you can create them in pretty much any color scheme to match your decor or party theme.

And you can make them in any kind of glass, vase or candle holder that is round and big enough to hold the candle. Which means you have all kinds of options for shapes and heights.

With all of that versatility, you might end up with a different DIY sand and pearls candle holder variation for every holiday!

How To Make DIY Sand and Pearls Candle Holders

Steps for making the DIY sand and pearls candle holder

1. Find a stemless wine glass* or a large candle holder*.

I like to use wine glasses rather than vases for this because you can buy a set of them to do many centerpieces. And when the party is over, you can use them for their intended purpose.

2. Fill it 1/3 to 1/2 full of sand*.

3. Add a votive candle holder* to the center. Technically, you could put the candle directly in the sand, but the glass container prevents the wax from melting everywhere and creating a big mess.

If you don’t mind the look of flame-less candles*, that would be another option. They can be quite convenient if you have a lot of tables to do, since they often come with a timer or remote control.

4. Finally, add some faux pearl vase filler* around the candle.

Stemless wine glass made into a candle holder with white sand, faux pearls and a blue votive candle

5. Add the votive candles and you’re done.

The Finished Candle Holders

White and blue DIY pearl and sand candle holders at night

I like to use candle sticks that are meant for pillar candles as the stands for this DIY sand and pearls candle holder.

That way you can group more than one of them at different heights on the table.

DIY pearl and sand candle holders made with crackle glass stemmed votive holders

Another option is to make them in stemmed candle holders that come in different heights, like these crackled glass candle holders*.

DIY pearl and sand candle holder made with red sand, white pearls and a blue candle

And you can change out the color of the sand to match your decor.

DIY pearl and sand candle holders in red, white and blue used for a 4th of July party

Using red, white and blue sand in your DIY sand and pearls candle holders makes great 4th of July decor!

You could also glass vases or even mason jars as the containers for your candle holder. With all of these options, you’re sure to find something that goes with your party decor.

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