DIY Great Gatsby Candles

Last Updated: December 13, 2023

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These easy and inexpensive black, white and gold DIY Great Gatsby candles will be a great addition to any roaring 20’s party. And then can be re-decorated and re-used for your next event.

DIY Great Gatsby candles

I love to use candles to party decor regardless of the party theme.

But I don’t want to buy new candles for every occasion.  So I came up with a way to decorate them to match the party color scheme that can be removed when you’re done. Leaving the candles to be reused again next time.

These candle decorations will only work with flame-less candles. But that’s what I use for parties most of the time anyway, since they’re safer when there’s a bunch of people milling around.

Keep reading to find out how to make DIY Great Gatsby candles.



  • flame-less pillar candles* – I like to use the ones with a remote for parties since they are easy to turn on and off all at one time.
  • ribbon or down load our printable wrappers (below)
  • gold paper*


To make these DIY Gatsby candles from scratch, get the printable pattern file(s) from our resource library.

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  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • paper cutter (optional)

How To Make The DIY Great Gatsby Candles

If you prefer, you can also watch our video:

1 | Simple Ribbon Candle

White, black and gold Great Gatsby candle

This gold and black striped candle is the easiest one of the candles to do…not that any of them are hard 🙂

All you need is some ribbon that has a Gatsby-like design.

I used black and gold striped ribbon.

How to make white, black and gold DIY Great Gatsby candles

Cut off a piece of the ribbon that is long enough to wrap all the way around the candle with some overlap.

Wrap the ribbon around the candle. If it has stripes like mine did, make sure that the stripes line up.

Use your glue gun to glue the ends together.

Make sure that the ribbon is wrapped on tight enough so that it doesn’t slide down the candle.

2 | Double Ribbon Candle

White and gold DIY Great Gatsby candle

The next candle is made almost exactly the same way, but it was two ribbons instead of one.

One ribbon should be wider than the other.

I used a wider gold ribbon and a narrower white and gold ribbon.

How to make white and gold DIY Great Gatsby candles

Wrap the wider ribbon around the candle and glue it the same way as the candle above.

Then repeat the process with the second smaller ribbon, centering it over the wider ribbon.

Make sure that the overlapping ends of both ribbons are on the same side of the candle. That way if the join is visible, you only have one side of the candle to hide.

3 | Art Deco Design DIY Gatsby Candles

[columns] [span6]

Black and gold Art Decor design on a white candle


DIY Black and gold roaring 20's design on a white candle


These next candles don’t require ribbon at all.

They use Art Deco-style designs that I printed out on gold paper.

Black 1920s design being cut on a gold paper

Cut the wrapper along the lines on the design. I used a paper cutter, but you could use scissors as well.

Wrap it around the candle to make sure that the pattern doesn’t overlap too much. If it does, trim the extra paper from the edges of the wrapper.

How to make Art Deco design Great Gatsby candles

Then use the exact same steps as you would for a ribbon to glue the ends together around the candle.

DIY Great Gatsby candles with different designs

Using ribbon colors that co-ordinate helps to make all the candles look like they belong together.

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3 DIY great Gatsby candles (that are so easy to make)

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