15 Fabulous Oscar Party Ideas

Transform your living space into a glamorous Hollywood set for an unforgettable Oscar party, complete with red carpet, golden statuettes, and movie-themed decorations. Serve star-worthy cocktails and enjoy interactive Oscar-themed games to make your event the talk of the town.

20 Oscar Party Ideas

If you like entertaining (like I do), you’ll find any excuse for a party.

And the Oscars are a perfect reason!

They have Hollywood glam built in (and who doesn’t love some glam?)

You get to see all of the fabulous (and not so fabulous) dresses that the stars are wearing…much more fun when you can comment on them with your friends…

And the show provides your entertainment.

Hosting a party has never been so easy.

Not sure how to put your party together? Keep reading to see our Oscar Party ideas for decor, games, food and drinks.

1 | Lay down the red carpet

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Red carpet with stars (from partycity.com)

The first step to any oscar party is the red carpet entrance.

If you really want to have a star-studded entrance, create some gold stars out of cardboard, vinyl or construction paper and glue them down on the carpet.

You can make your own from carpet remnants, fabric or rolls of construction paper.

Or buy a pre-made red carpet runner*. They aren’t very expensive but are still sturdy enough for many people to walk over without getting damaged.

In either case, make sure that the edges of the carpet are secured well to prevent people from tripping over them.

Red duct tape* works really well for this task. I use it tape down all of the edges. It even works outside on the sidewalk.

2 | Put up stanchions and Ropes

DIY Stanchions and ropes
(Source no longer available)

Once you have your red carpet in place, the next obvious step is to add the red velvet ropes.

These ones* actually aren’t as expensive as I thought they would be.

But you can also make your own stanchions with PVC Pipe attached to wooden bases and spray painted gold.

I would still buy the velvet ropes* since I think it would cost just as much as to make them.

3 | Add some paparazzi

Paparazzi cardboard prop

Add some paparazzi silhouettes outside the ropes for a photo op for your guests.

I like to use these plastic scene setters* that you tape on the wall since they don’t take up any floor space.

But you can also get cardboard cutouts* that will stand up on their own. Just make sure they are in a protected area where they won’t get wet or blown over by the wind.

4 | Put up a VIP Entrance Sign

Make all of your guests feel special with a VIP Entrance sign.

You can hang one on the front door, like this one*.

Or attach it to a post like this one*.

These store-bought signs are not particularly sturdy, but usually work well enough for a one night party.

You might want to stick the post in an urn or some other kind of planter to make it a little taller.

If you’re feeling crafty, you can also make your own sign. Just get some black foam board and a gold marker and write your own VIP welcome message for a personal touch.

5 | Hang Foil Curtains

Silver curtains with black stars

Add some extra glam to the party by using metallic fringe party curtains.

For this party, I used silver curtains hung over the walls (and from the ceiling).

But the gold ones* usually go better with the Oscar party theme.

6 | Set the table with bow Tie Napkins

Gold and black table setting

Dress up your table by making your napkins into bow-ties.

In this case, I used black napkins with diamond-shaped napkin holders to make it look like a bow-tie.

And the gold and black goes pretty well with the oscar party theme!

Paper napkin bow ties
via bhg.com (no longer available)

Or you can make them out of black paper napkins.

Fold the napkin into thirds. Pinch the middle in and then wrap with a ¾” piece of black fabric or paper.

You can use black velcro dots* to hold the ends of the wrapper together.

7 | Add DIY Bow Ties to Champagne Glasses

Your whole table will be dressed up if you add bow-ties to your champagne glasses…and what’s an oscar party without some bubbly, right?

These DIY Bow Tie glasses from celebrationsathomeblog.com are perfect for the occasion!

8 | Make a champagne glass tower

DIY champagne glass tower

Speaking of champagne, a DIY champagne glass pyramid definitely makes a statement as part of the decor.

I’m not brave enough to use real glasses, so I put it together with plastic ones and added flameless tealights instead of real champagne.

9 | Create some feather vases

Feather Centerpiece With Hanging Crystals

If you really want to add some glam to your Oscar party decor, make a couple of these glam feather centerpieces.

Then put them up on either end of the buffet or on low tables where they won’t obstruct the view of the TV.

10 | Use A Movie Clapper

movie clapper

Add to the movie-themed decor with one of these movie clappers*.

You can use it as table decor or as a prop, if you like to ham it up.

Clap it as people come in or as new awards are introduced during the show, or to announce your own awards (as you give out the statues).

11 | Red Carpet Bingo

red carpet bingo

Getting your guests involved always adds to the fun.

Everyone will be paying attention as they try to win a friendly game of red carpet bingo.*

These bingo cards have certain awards or actions written in the squares. When one of those actions occurs, cross off that square.

Then (just like regular bingo), whoever fills a line first wins.

Or if you prefer to print your own, you can download the bingo cards from bhg.com.

12 | Give out Oscar Statues

These fun DIY Oscar statues (made from spray-painted ken dolls) are great for decorations or to give away as prizes or party favors.

You can have your own “oscar” categories…best dressed, most glam, best shoes, etc. Or give them away as prizes for your Bingo winners.

Either way everyone will get a kick out of them!

See the step-by-step instructions at diycandy.com.

13 | DIY Tuxedo Poppers

To continue on the bow-tie theme…another fun decoration is these DIY Tuxedo poppers.

Give them away as part of a grab bag, or use them for table decor. Either way, they look great!

Find the instructions on how to make them at hwtm.com.

14 | Cheese Wedge Tuxedos

How cute are these cheese wedge tuxedos?

And they’re actually pretty easy to make. Slice the cheese into triangles and cut the bow-ties and buttons out of olives.

See the full tutorial at cutefoodforkids.com.

15 | Tuxedo Strawberries

These tuxedo strawberries are a little more work than the cheese wedges, but they look and taste great!

Get the instructions from tasteofhome.com.

16 | Film Reel Ice Cream Sandwiches

These film reel ice cream sandwiches are too die for! A perfect treat for your Oscar night party.

Get the recipe from hungryhappenings.com.

17 | Gold champagne jello shots

gold champagne jello shots on a tray

If your friends like Jello shots (and champagne) as much as mine do, then these champagne Jello shots are sure to be a hit.

They’re easy to make, go with the Oscar party theme and taste just like champagne.

18 | Champagne Chantilly Shooters

Add some Hollywood glam to your drink table by serving these Champagne Chantilly shooters from sprinklebakes.com.

They look and taste great!

19 | Coco Chanel Martini

For a classic Hollywood drink, try serving martinis, like this Coco Chanel Martini from sumptuousliving.net.

They are sure to add some elegance to your bar.

20 | Made some Pop, Fizz, Clink stir sticks

DIY Pop, Fizz, Clink stir sticks

If you are serving cocktails that would benefit from stir sticks, then these DIY Pop, Fizz, Clink drink stirrers are a good option.

They’re easy to make and inexpensive. And add a little more glam to your celebration.

With all of these fabulous Oscar Party ideas, your event is sure to be a success!

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