5 Glam New Year’s Eve Party Themes

Last Updated: February 12, 2024

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New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to throw an elegant party, and these glam New Year’s Eve party themes are sure to make it a night to remember.

I love to kick off the New Year by throwing a New Year’s Eve party. Using a party theme (like this Wine Tasting Party) makes it easier to decide what kind of New Year’s Eve party decorations to use.

glam new years eve party themes

I don’t know about you, but I love to throw a party for New Year’s Eve.

It seems like every time I go out somewhere to ring in the new year, the event never lives up to my expectations…and it’s always really expensive!

If you throw a party at home, you get to have a bunch of your friends and family around to celebrate, and it usually doesn’t end up costing any more than that dinner out would.

Plus, everyone likes to dress up a bit for New Year’s Eve so I get to indulge my love of glam, and put on a more formal affair.

As usual for my parties, I like to go with a theme. Party themes just makes it so much easier to decide on decorations, food and drinks. And my guests have an idea of what to expect.

Since I have had quite a few of these parties over the years, I have compiled a list of my favorite glam New Year’s Eve party themes in case you are looking for inspiration for your own holiday event!

Continue on to the next pages to browse through my list of party themes, or skip directly to the New Year’s Eve party themes you are interested in:

Kate Spade New Year’s Eve Party Theme

Kate Spade inspired New Year's Eve decor

Almost all of my New Year’s Eve parties have a lot of black, white and metallics in the color scheme.

Glam events just seem to lend themselves to that color palette.

So when I was looking for a way to add a little more color to the decor, I settled on a Kate Spade inspired theme.

She definitely knew how to add a little pizzazz to black and white!

Kate Spade NYE Party Tablescape

Kate Spade inspired tablescape

For this party, I wanted to go with black and white striped tablecloths.

Unfortunately, I only had one and thought I would have to come up with a different option for the other tables.

Black and white striped wrapping paper as table runner

Then I remembered that I had some black and white striped wrapping paper. Cut it to size and it makes a perfect runner for the table!

Kate Spade inspired black and white table with pink accents

Add some gold, black and white tableware and a few pink accents and these tables are done!

You can see more of my Kate Spade inspired tablescape HERE.

Kate Spade NYE Party Decorations

Kate Spaded inspired Christmas tree

One thing I always try to do for my New Year’s Eve parties is to decorate my Christmas trees so that they go with my party colors, like this Kate Spade inspired Christmas tree in my den.

That does involve knowing what your party colors are going to be before you decorate for Christmas…but then some of your decorations are done in advance, which is always a bonus!

Black and white curtains with gold balloons

To add more of the black and white stripes, I hung alternating black and white curtains across the living room windows. And then hung gold balloons from the ceiling for that extra glam factor.

Pink chair covers with gold sashes

Finally, I added some more pink by using fuchsia chair covers that are held on by gold chair sashes.

Candelabra with pink roses

The whole thing didn’t actually take that long to put together and everyone loved it.

You can see more of my Kate Spade party decorations HERE.

Winter Wonderland New Year’s Eve Party Theme

Winter Wonderland New Year's Eve party decorations

The next entry on my list of New Year’s Eve party themes is a Winter Wonderland party.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a big fan of snow. That’s one of the reasons I live in South Carolina now instead of Toronto (where I grew up).

However, there’s something pretty cool about having a party that looks like snow without actually having to feel like snow!

Which is why the Winter Wonderland party is one of my favorite glam New Year’s Eve party themes.

Winter Wonderland NYE Party Tablescape

White and silver place setting

White and silver table settings go well with the cool-feeling theme, and add some sparkle to your table.

Silver and White Table Setting with mirrors under the candles

I love using a lot of mirrors on the tables since it reflects the candles and creates a magical effect.

Winter Wonderland NYE Party Decorations

winter wonderland new year's eve party

I went all out on the outdoor decorations for my Winter Wonderland New Year’s Eve party. I installed an arbor and a gazebo in my living room!

And hung black plastic sheets with stars on them across the ceiling to make it feel like the sky at night.

White Table and Chair Covers

Finally, I covered pretty much everything with white fabric and string lights to make the whole room glimmer (kind of like snow).

White Christmas tree decorations

As always, a matching white Christmas tree helped to add to the decor.

Read more about this Winter Wonderland party HERE and find out how I made snow fall from the “sky” over the dance floor.

Mardi Gras Masquerade New Year’s Eve Party

Mardi Gras New Year's Eve party decorations

Next up on my glam New Year’s Eve party themes is a Mardi Gras Masquerade party.

Hosting a Mardi Gras masquerade party for New Year’s Eve is a lot of fun.

I think having “accessories” that get your guests involved in the party theme always makes everyone enjoy the party more (and creates some great photo ops).

Mardi Gras is a great excuse for people to wear masks and beads. Even my friends who never wear a costume to the Halloween party are fine with putting these on.

Mardi Gras Masquerade Party Tablescape

new years eve mardi gras table setting

Since Mardi Gras colors are pretty close to peacock colors, I decided to go with that for my New Year’s Eve Mardi Gras tablescape.

It didn’t hurt that I had some peacock Christmas ornaments that I could use for napkin ring holders.

You can see more of the Peacock inspired table settings HERE.

Mardi Gras Masquerade Party Decorations

Paper lanterns in Mardi Gras colors

Hanging different sized paper lanterns in Mardi Gras colors immediately made an impact on the room decor.

If you have ever been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, you know that the beads are everywhere…hanging from trees, around people’s necks, over power lines…you get the idea.

So I decided to put them everywhere, too. Even better? They are a really inexpensive way to decorate for a New Year’s Eve party.

Hang Mardi Gras beads from a candle tree

Guests could take some off of this candle tree if they wanted to wear them.

Masks, Christmas ornaments and Mardi Gras beads can be used as a centerpiece

I even used them on the table centerpieces (along with some Christmas ornaments and masks).

mardi gras feather centerpiece

Feather vases are one of my other favorite party decorations.

This version uses green, gold and purple feathers to go with the Mardi Gras theme. Find out how to make them HERE.

Peacock colored ornaments on a Christmas tree

Of course, as usual, I also decorated one of my Christmas trees with peacock inspired decor to go with the Mardi Gras party decor.

Get more Mardi Gras party ideas HERE.

Great Gatsby New Year’s Eve Party

Gatsby party chalkboard sign "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody"

The next one of my glam New Year’s Eve party themes is a great Gatsby party.

I think the great Gatsby party theme is perfect for New Year’s Eve!

It has glam built right in. Think feathers and pearls with black, white and gold. Gatsby was always ready for a party!

If you really want people to get involved, ask them to dress in roaring 20’s outfits…and you’ll get some really awesome party pictures!

Great Gatsby NYE Party Invitations

DIY Gatsby invitation

Art Deco style invitations really fit the style of a great Gatsby party.

And with this DIY version, you can print whatever you want on them.

Great Gatsby NYE Party Tablescape

Black and gold Gatsby tablescape

Black, white and gold table settings work well with the Great Gatsby party theme…and for New Year’s Eve!

A little gold always adds a bit of glam to any party look.

Great Gatsby NYE Party Decorations

Glam feather centerpiece for Great Gatsby New Year's Eve party theme

Of course, I couldn’t have a New Year’s Eve Gatsby party without my favorite DIY glam ostrich feather centerpieces. They are really easy to create and definitely make a statement!

Decanters add glam decor to a Great Gatsby New Year's Eve party theme

Using some 20’s inspired decor and serving ware, like decanters, helps to add to the ambiance.

DIY champagne glass tower

And since this is a New Year’s Eve party, one of these DIY champagne glass towers is both glam and appropriate.

Get more Great Gatsby party ideas HERE.

Black and White New Year’s Eve Party

Black and white New Year's Eve party theme

The last one of my New Year’s Eve party themes is more of a color scheme than a theme…but black and white is such an iconic glam color combination that I had to include it.

Since I tend to do a lot of black and white at my New Year’s Eve parties, it only made sense to actually use that as my theme for one year.

Everyone owns some black and white clothing so I asked everyone to dress for the decor. This always makes the pictures turn out great!

Black and White NYE Party Tablescape

Black and white New Year's Eve tablescape

Creating a black and white tablescape is a pretty easy task with white plates* and black chargers*. Silver placemats add a little sparkle.

Folding a black napkin in thirds and adding a diamond chair sash* makes it look a bow tie which works well for a more formal New Year’s Eve party.

Black and White NYE Party Decor

Black and white damask tablecloths cover all tables

For my black and white New Year’s Eve party decorations, I used a lot of black and white damask tablecloths.

This makes tables of all different shapes and sizes look like they belong together.

Hanging silver curtains around the walls, and black ceiling strips with stars hanging down adds a lot of New Year’s Eve glitz to the room.

black and white christmas tree

Once again, my color co-ordinated Christmas tree helped to finish off the New Year’s Eve party decor.

See more black and white party ideas HERE.

Well, that’s it for this year’s list of glam New Year’s Eve party themes.  Hopefully you have found some inspiration for hosting your own elegant event!

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Gorgeous glam New Year's Eve party themes

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