Peacock Tablescape

When I was looking for Mardi Gras table decor ideas to go with my Mardi Gras party decorations, I decided to use a peacock table setting instead of a totally traditional Mardi Gras tablescape. I love how it incorporates the colors but still looks elegant.

Peacock tablescape: A Mardi Gras Table Setting

When I was coming up with the decorations for my Mardi Gras party, I was looking for Mardi Gras table decor ideas that went with the purple, gold and green color scheme but still looked elegant.

Then I noticed the peacock ornaments on my Christmas tree and decided they would make the perfect inspiration for my Mardi Gras table setting.

And in case you’re wondering…no…I didn’t have my tree up all the way until Mardi Gras. This was a New Year’s Eve party.

Which is how my peacock-inspired Mardi Gras tablescape came to be.

Of course, since there isn’t anything specific to Mardi Gras on this table, you could also use these table decor ideas anytime you want a peacock-inspired color scheme.

The Peacock Place Setting

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Peacock ornament on a napkin ring for Mardi Gras table decor

Since the peacock ornaments* were my inspiration, I started with them.

I decided the best way to use them was as decorations on my napkin rings.

Peacock place setting with purple napkin, turquoise charger and gold plate

Since they are clip-on ornaments, I just clipped them on to some gold napkin rings*. And voila…I had a peacock table decor. How easy is that?

To go with the Mardi Gras color scheme, I used purple napkins, which also goes very well with the peacock colors.

Peacock table setting

For the rest of the place setting, I used a lot of gold with a little bit of turquoise to add some color. The gold adds a bit of glam, and the turquoise makes the place settings above it stand out.

I started with gold place mats and turquoise chargers*.

Then I added some gold-rimmed plates with white and gold accent plates and gold cutlery. (I bought this cutlery set off eBay for next to nothing).

The blue and gold wine glasses were the final touch to my peacock place setting.

The Peacock-Inspired Mardi Gras Centerpiece

Gold and teal peacock pillar candle with purple wired ribbon as a Mardi Gras centerpiece

I found these awesome Peacock feather pillar candles in gold which were the perfect thing to start the centerpiece.

Teal candle with purple wired ribbon and gold Christmas ornaments in a peacock-inspired tablescape centerpiece

After adding a couple of plain turquoise pillar candles, I trailed some purple wired ribbon down the center of the table.

I love using wired ribbon for creating table centerpieces. You can get it in any color to match your table decor, the wire holds the shape that you put it in, and it covers a lot of space for very little money.

Peacock inspired centerpiece as Mardi Gras table decor

Finally, I filled in the gaps with little mercury glass tealight candle holders*, some plain Christmas ornaments in purple, blue and gold, and some acrylic table scatter in purple* and green*.

Peacock place setting and centerpiece on a Mardi Gras table setting

Another one of my table setting “rules” is that the centerpiece needs to be low enough that people can see (and talk to) each other across the table.

This easy peacock-inspired Mardi Gras centerpiece definitely accomplishes that goal.

The Mardi Gras Buffet Decor

Peacock ostrich feather centerpiece

Since I happen to have a buffet near my table, I decided to take the peacock theme one step further, and create another one of my favorite party decorating ideas…ostrich feather centerpieces.

For this one I used peacock colored feathers for the top and Mardi Gras colored beads in the vase.

Get the tutorial for making ostrich feather centerpieces HERE.

Peacock inspired Mardi gras tablescape

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Peacock tablescape

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  1. Roxannjohnson says:

    Where can I find those beautiful peacocks you placed on the napkin ring?

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Hi…I bought them from Pier 1, so unfortunately the exact ones aren’t available anymore. However, you can find similar ones on Amazon if you search for “peacock Christmas ornaments”. Hope that helps!