Easy Valentine Day Table Decoration Ideas

Valentine’s Day is not one of the holidays that I go all out on decorations for, but I do love to set a pretty table. Whether it’s using paper hearts as the centerpiecefolding a heart shaped napkin or making some simple floral centerpieces, I like to use easy Valentine Day table decoration ideas to add a little romance to my dining room.

Easy and Elegant Valentine Day Table Decoration Ideas

When it comes to decorating for Valentine’s Day, I don’t usually put up a lot of hearts and bows.

But I do like to set a pretty table without doing too much work 🙂

Over the years, I have come up with a list of “go-to” easy and elegant Valentine table decoration ideas that are perfect for the occasion. Whether you are having your girlfriends over for a Galentine’s Day party, or are having a romantic dinner for two, these Valentine Day table decoration ideas will make your table look beautiful without breaking the bank.

Keep reading to find out what they are.

Cut Some Paper Hearts

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Valentine Day decoration table decoration ideas with pink, white and red paper hearts

You can easily add to your Valentine Day table decorations with hearts made from construction paper.

Cut out different sized hearts in red, white and pink construction paper.  I’m lazy so I used my Cricut machine to do this, but you could easily make them by hand.

Then sprinkle them around your table and it will look like a romantic celebration even if you haven’t done any other Valentine Day decorating.

See the rest of this Valentine Day table setting HERE.

Fold Your Napkins

Valentine's Day folded napkin heart
Folded napkin heart

Another easy Valentine Day table decoration that will instantly make your table feel more romantic are these folded napkins that look like hearts.

And this Valentine’s day decoration doesn’t cost a penny!

Find out how HERE.

Valentine Day table decoration ideas with envelope folded napkin

For an easier way to fold your napkins, these folded envelope napkins are the way go.

You can add place cards under the flap if you are having a dinner for more than 2 and want to assign seating.

Get the tutorial HERE.

Make A Pretty Floral Centerpiece

Valentine Day centerpiece with pink roses in glass vase

To me, nothing says romance quite like some gorgeous flowers.

Even a simple floral centerpiece can make your Valentine Day table decor look beautiful.

Get some more simple and romantic floral centerpiece ideas HERE.

Draw A Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboard hung over table with Valentine Day message on it

The next one on my list of Valentine Day table decoration ideas involves getting out your chalk!

Draw a heart or write a romantic message on a chalkboard and hang it above your table for instant Valentine’s Day decor.

It helps to have a chalkboard with a really pretty frame like this one*.

Decorate With Doilies

Valentine Day table decoration ideas using red runner and white doilies

Lace paper doilies also help to make your Valentine Day tablescape look pretty.

Especially if you layer them on top of a tablecloth or runner that’s a different color. Then you can really see all of the pretty lace patterns in the doily.

On this table, I even used doilies as the chargers for my place setting.

Sprinkle Some Crystals

Valentine's Day Table Decoration Ideas with pink crystals sprinkled on a black and white tablecloth

In case you hadn’t noticed, a lot of my Valentine Day table decoration ideas use pink pink and candles. Which is how these candle holders came to be.

You can make your own by filling mercury glass tea light holders*, vases or mason jars with pink acrylic crystals*.

Then add some tea lights.

The flameless candles work best since you don’t have to worry about melting the crystals.

I like to use these ones that have a built-in timer*.  That way the candles can turn themselves on and you don’t have to think about it while you’re trying to get ready for dinner.

Pink and clear crystals with mercury glass candle holders on a black and white tablecloth
Sprinkle crystals on the table for added color

Sprinkling a few of the extra crystals on the table adds a little extra color, which is especially dramatic on a black, white and gold table cloth like this one from Kate Spade (you can find a similar one HERE*).

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Float Roses In Wine Glasses

Valentine Day table decor idea with a red rose in a stemless wine glass
Stemless wine glasses make great vases for a single rose

If you want to use roses without spending a lot of money on Valentine’s Day flower prices, try floating individual blooms in pretty wine glasses.

Stemless wine glasses are a simple and elegant of doing this (you can find some HERE*).  The rhinestone ribbon* under the glass adds a little more sparkle.

Valentine's Day table decorating idea with a pink rose in a tall wine glass
Pink rose in a wine glass

Or you can use traditional stemmed wine glasses if you want a little more height.

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Use Lots Of Crystal

Valentine's Day table decor with red roses, crystal chandelier and a heart shaped cake

A crystal candelabra* with a bouquet of roses is a classic combination for a romantic dinner.

Add in a heart-shaped cake on a cake plate with crystals* and you will really set the mood.

As an added bonus…Heart-shaped cakes are actually really easy to make…no special cake pans required!.

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Set The Table With Pink, White and Gold

Valentine Day table decoration ideas using accent plates with a heart motif

White and pink dishes with gold accents give the romantic feel without being too overpowering.

In this case, I used a white charger* with pink plates and a white and gold accent plate with a heart motif*. While these accent plates work really well Valentine’s Day, they are so pretty that I find excuses to use them the rest of the year, too 🙂

Kate Spade Table Setting
Kate Spade Table Setting

If you prefer something a little more dramatic, try going with a Kate Spade inspired table setting.

The bright pink napkin definitely makes a statement against the black, white and gold table setting.

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Make Your Own Valentine Table Wine Glasses

DIY Valentine's Day Wine Glasses | How to create a romantic Valentine's Day table setting
DIY Valentine’s Day Wine Glasses

For an easy and inexpensive Valentine Day decorating idea, make your own Valentine’s Day wine glasses by spray painting the stems gold (Find the tutorial HERE).

Then use a Sharpie Oil-Based Gold Marker* to draw on the hearts.

Make sure to draw carefully since this ink becomes permanent pretty quickly.

If you do make a mistake, you can wash it off with soap and water (and some rubbing)…as long as you act fast (learned from experience!)

Also, don’t go too close to the top edge of the glass, since you don’t want to be eating marker residue!

Add some champagne to make your DIY glasses really sparkle | How to create a romantic Valentine's Day table setting
Add some champagne to make your DIY glasses really sparkle

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Sprinkle Rose Petals

Candles and rose petals
Candles and rose petals

Another one of my easy Valentine Day table decoration ideas is to sprinkle some rose petals on your table. (I told you I liked a lot of pink!)

Real ones are the most luxurious option, but these faux rose petals* do have some advantages…they are less expensive, are re-usable and don’t wilt. Which means you can put them out ahead of time without any issues.

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Put Candles On Mirrors

Candles on mirrors
Candles on mirrors

It’s hard to think of a romantic table setting without candles. So why not create a centerpiece out of lots of different candle holders.

Mercury glass candle holders* always look romantic. Vary the heights and sizes to add interest.

Putting them on top of mirror charger plates* reflects the light and causes even more sparkle.

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Hopefully you have found some inspiration for your own easy and elegant Valentine’s Day table decorations.  Time to get decorating!

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Valentine Table Decoration Ideas

Valentine's Day table decor ideas

Have comments or questions about our Valentine Day table decoration ideas?  Tell us in the section below.

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  • Hi! I love to host tea parties! Just wanted to pass along, that you can buy ceramic tea pot warmers, that keep the tea piping hot.
    They sell them in many china patterns, but I also have bought them on line, in p!ain white, for around $20. It is a round ceramic hollow vessel, that a lit tea candle sits in. You park the prepared tea in the china pot on top, and it keeps it fairly hot for a long time.
    I discovered this at a friend’s house. She had an antique one. Then discovered, the next year, that my china pattern had them, too…but then, over 10 years ago, they were $50 each, so I only have 2.
    But, I found the p!ain white ones look almost as good.
    I like to serve several different kinds of tea,so refreshing each one would get comp!icated?

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Nan! I haven’t seen the tea warmers so I’ll have to look for them. That sounds like a great way to keep the tea warm.

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