5 Simple But Elegant Pink Flower Centerpieces (That Are Low Enough To See Over)

These simple but elegant pink flower centerpieces are all made with easy DIY vases along with pink roses, white hydrangeas and baby’s breath. They’re low enough to see over and many of them don’t use a lot of flowers so they’re a budget-friendly floral arrangement. Which makes them perfect for an event (like a wedding, anniversary or graduation) where you need a lot of table centerpieces!

5 simple but elegant pink flower centerpieces

So, the other day I was in Costco and got sidetracked. (I know…that’s not a surprising statement to anyone who has been to Costco)

I was walking down the aisle toward the checkout, all set to get out of there without buying anything other than what was on my list (probably a first for me!).

Then I just happened to pass the flower stand and couldn’t talk myself out of stopping to see what they had.

5 hydrangea stems and 2 dozen roses later (it is Costco…even the flowers come in big bunches!) I made it to the cashier.

But I did have some really beautiful flowers that I didn’t have any plans for.

Since the flowers were pink and white, I decided to come up with some simple floral centerpieces for my upcoming Valentine’s Day tablescape. But they would also be perfect for a girl’s baby shower, wedding or any other party with a pink color scheme.

I have a few rules that I like to follow when I’m creating centerpieces:

  • They should be low enough that people can see over them.
  • They have to be repeatable. Because I have a long rectangular table, my centerpieces need to stretch out the length of the table.  If I’m using flowers, that usually means I need at least 3 bouquets.
  • The easier the better. I don’t like to spend a lot of time putting centerpieces together.

So those were my marching orders…and here are the easy floral centerpieces that I came up with.

1 | Pink Roses and White Hydrangeas Flower Centerpieces

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Floral arrangement made from pink roses, white hydrangeas and white baby's breath in a DIY mason jar vase

The first of my DIY pink floral centerpieces uses one of my favorite flower combinations – hydrangeas, roses and baby’s breath.

For the vase, I used some frosted glass mason jar I originally made as candle holders for a winter table setting.

But they also work great for flowers!

You can find the tutorial for the DIY frosted glass mason jars HERE.

Elegant pink floral centerpiece made from silver-painted mason jars holding white hydrangeas, pink roses and white baby's breath

They’re easy to make (really easy for me since they were already made) and you don’t need a lot of flowers to fill them up.

I put 1 hydrangea, 3 roses and a sprig of baby’s breath in each floral arrangement, and that’s all they needed.


1 white hydrangea | 3 pink roses | 1 sprig of baby’s breath | mason jar or other glass container* | white or silver glitter spray paint* | rhinestone ribbon*wide white and silver wired ribbon* | adhesive velcro dots* | stapler and staples

2 | Square Vase Flower Centerpieces

Pink roses in square vases on a table runner

I love using different shapes of vases for floral arrangements. They automatically add some interest to the table.

Which is why I decided to go with these square vases* for the second version of my low pink floral centerpieces.

Simple but elegant pink floral centerpiece made with pink roses in square vases repeated down the length of the table

It’s simple to create a mound of roses that look really pretty when repeated across the table.

Just cut the stems short enough so that the flower heads are just sticking up over the rim of the vase.

It usually takes between 9 and 12 roses to fill up one 5″ square vase.

A simple but elegant DIY flower centerpiece made with pink roses in a square vase

To hide the stems, I added some rose gold and gold wired ribbon* around the vases.

I have used this ribbon-wrap-around technique many times to dress up both candles and vases. It’s great because you can customize any plain vase or candle to match the colors for your event. And the ribbon comes off, so you can re-use the vases (or candles) again.

If you want more details on how to get the ribbon to stay (but not permanently), you can either click over to this tutorial or watch this video. It’s for some candles I made for my Great Gatsby party, but the process I used is exactly the same.


9 to 12 roses | 5″ square vases* | 2 1/2″ wide rose gold and gold wired ribbon* (or use the colors of your choice) | glue gun

3 | DIY Rose Gold Centerpiece

A rose gold centerpiece made with roses and baby's breath in DIY rose gold glass jar vases

The vase for my third pink flower centerpiece is made the same way as the first one…with a jar, some spray paint and a ribbon.

In my area, the city does not recycle glass. That means I am always looking for ways to re-use glass jars so I don’t have to throw them in the garbage.

To use a few of them up, I spray painted them with rose gold paint* and wound more of that rose gold and gold wired ribbon* around them.

DIY rose gold centerpieces made from glass jars painted pink and filled with pink roses

Even though they were all different shapes, decorating them in the same way makes them look like they belong together.

Finally, I filled some of them with 5 pink roses and a sprig of baby’s breath. And did others with a fake flower arrangement using pink roses and eucalyptus leaves (which I got at Michael’s).


5 roses | 1 spring of baby’s breath | glass jars | rose gold spray paint* | 2 1/2″ rose gold and gold wired ribbon*

4 | Pink Roses and White Lace Centerpiece

DIY pink flower centerpiece made with a mason jar wrapped in white lace and a gold ribbon

For the next version of my DIY flower centerpieces, I used up some more mason jars by wrapping them with white lace.

To make them, use a very thin gold curly ribbon* to tie a piece of lace ribbon* around the top of a jar.  You could also use a glue gun to glue the lace on if you don’t want it to move around.

Wired ribbon works best since it holds its shape. That means you can position the bow and ribbon tails however you want and they will stay.

For this floral centerpiece, I used fake flowers that I bought on sale at Michael’s. The one big benefit of faux flowers is that you can make the floral centerpieces a long time in advance…which is always a bonus when you’re planning an event!

Mason jar wrapped in white lace used as a candleholder

In case you have enough vases already, this version also makes a really pretty candle holder.


small fake flower arrangement (I got mine from Michael’s) | glass jar | gold curly ribbon* | white lace*

5 | DIY Fake Flowers Centerpiece

A simple but elegant DIY pink flower centerpiece made with pink floral napkin rings in a glass with white sand

Since I had run out of fresh flowers by this point, I decided to try one more simple but elegant flower centerpiece that used fake flowers.

If you have read my tips on accessorizing your home, you know I love to use napkin rings for things that they weren’t intended for.

A pink floral arrangement made from a whiskey glass, white sand and a pink floral napkin ring

And I just happen to have some pink flowered napkin rings* that I thought would be perfect to use with another one of my accessorizing tricks…using drinking glasses as vases.

To make them, fill the glasses half way up with white sand*.

Then push the ring part of the napkin holder into the sand until it is covered. This is the easiest floral arrangement of them all!

That’s all of my simple but elegant pink floral centerpieces for this week. Now I just have to figure out which one(s) I’m going to use for my Valentine’s Day tablescape! That will be an excuse to buy another bouquet of these beautiful roses from Costco 🙂


drinking glasses* | white sand* | pink floral napkin rings*

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Have comments or questions on these simple but elegant pink flower centerpieces? Tell us in the section below.

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Elegant and Easy Floral Centerpieces

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  1. I really love your DIY centerpieces!! So pretty!! Your ideas are for long tables. I am in charge of centerpieces for 3 round tables of 12 for a night time engagement party. Tablecloths are black but the theme is gold and black. Do you think I could use the different size jars in groups of 3? I didn’t see any ideas for round table centerpieces.
    Thank you!!

    1. Thanks Dawn…yes, I think different size jars in groups of 3 would be perfect for round tables.

  2. Hi Wanda,
    We are having a 100th birthday party for my mom this summer 2020. I wanted to make the centerpieces and I do like the square vases. What size are the square vases in your pictures? Also how many roses did you use to them? Could I make the centerpiece with how many Hydrangeas, baby’s breath and how many roses? If so how many would you recommend?

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Hi Karen…100 years old!! That’s amazing 🙂 The square vases are 5″ x 5″ and I used about 10 roses per vase. However you may need a few more if your roses haven’t opened up that much. I love the combination of hydrangeas, roses and baby’s breath. I’ve used that as a centerpiece a few times…one of them is HERE (https://www.fromhousetohome.com/ediva/blue-and-white-table-setting/) if you haven’t seen it. I would go for 3 hydrangeas, between 3 and 6 roses (depending on how full the flowers are) and a couple of sprigs of baby’s breath. Good luck with your party!