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Hearts And Roses Valentine Tree

For a fun way to decorate for Valentine’s Day, why not convert your Christmas tree into a hearts and roses Valentine tree? You can even keep some of the same ornaments!

close up of the Valentine's Day tree decoration with the text "hearts & roses Valentine Tree" at the top

I don’t know about you, but I always feel like my house is empty when I take down my Christmas trees.

This year, I decided to keep one of them up and just convert it to a Valentine’s tree.

And I love it so much that I think this is going to become an annual tradition!

So if you’re not ready to give up your holiday decor just yet, this post is for you!

Let’s get decorating!

1 | Remove any Ornaments that don’t go

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First, you need to remove any of the tree ornaments that aren’t the right color.

Hopefully, you have some red, pink or neutral colored ones on there that can stay up so you don’t have to start decorating from scratch.

Since my Christmas tree was decorated with green, red, and black and white, I removed all of the green ornaments and left the others.

2 | Add fake roses

Close up of fake pink roses on a white Valentine's Day tree

Next we’re going to add some roses. Fake ones are much easier to maintain than real ones 🙂

I went through my faux flowers collection and pulled all the pink and red roses I could find.

Some of them (like the pink ones above) came from the Dollar Tree. (They have very inexpensive fake flowers that work quite well as tree decorations.)

Close up of red roses on a white Valentine's Day tree

Some of them came from Michael’s (like the dark red one on the left). They’re more expensive, but look a little more realistic looking.

The red rose above is really meant to be a Christmas decoration but I love the little bit of gold on the edge of the flower petals.

Close up of red, pink and white roses on a white Valentine's Day tree

I also added a few white ones.

However they didn’t stand out that much against the white tree so they’re probably not necessary in this case.

If you’re decorating a green tree, you’ll probably want the white ones to add some contrast.

3 | Hang heart ornaments

Close up of red heart ornament that says "LOVE"  surrounded by faux roses on a Valentine tree

I bought two types of heart ornaments to hang from the tree.

The first ones are these lacy-looking ones that come in red and pink, as well as a couple of different designs.

The second kind are the small red hearts that you can just above and to the left of the lacy heart in the picture.

4 | Add red and white picks

Close up of faux roses with white and red picks on a white Valentine tree

My tree already had some bright red and white picks, but I re-arranged them a bit to fill in the spaces better.

They add texture to the tree that you can’t get with ordinary ornaments. (Which is probably more important with a fake tree than a real one.)

5 | Put up A heart tree topper

Heart shaped Valentine tree topper covered in pink and red roses hung from the ceiling above a Valentine's Day tree

Finally I added a tree topper that’s actually a heart wreath covered in pink and red roses.

This is intended to be a door hanger and is a little heavy to stand up straight on the top of the tree by itself.

So I hung it from a hook in the ceiling right over the tree. That way it stays upright.

The finished hearts and roses Valentine tree

hearts and roses Valentine tree with the lights turned on

I think the white Christmas tree really makes all the pink and red decorations pop.

Especially when the lights are on.

White Christmas tree decorated with hearts and roses for Valentine's Day

And all the pink and red rose blooms combined with the heart ornaments are just so pretty.

Hearts and roses Valentine tree beside a fireplace decorated for Valentine's Day

And of course, I couldn’t just stop with the tree!

So the wall over the fireplace mantel also got a Valentine’s Day makeover with some DIY wreaths (ribbon wrapped around wreath forms), these DIY paper flowers, and some more of the heart ornaments from the tree.

Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration to decorate your own hearts and roses Valentine tree!

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This post was originally published on February 8, 2022 but was updated with new content on July 13, 2022.

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