Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

Last Updated: December 16, 2023

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Valentine’s Day is almost here and if you’re looking to add a touch of flair to your celebration, there’s no better way than with these stylish and easy DIY Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

easy DIY Valentine's Day decor

Whether you’re decorating for a Valentine’s Day party or just want to add some romance to your home, these DIY decorations will help.

They’re easy, inexpensive and will add that Valentine flair to any room.

1 | Make a heart wreath

DIY red heart wreath hung on a wall with red and whit stripes in the background

This DIY heart wreath is super easy to make with ribbon and a heart-shaped wreath form.

And it’s super easy to customize for whatever colors you want to use.

DIY pink, white and black heart wreath on a wall with red and white stripes

Or you can layer two ribbons together to create a two-toned effect.

For more details, read our Valentine heart wreath tutorial.

2 | Create a heart garland

Pink and red heart garland hung on the front of a fireplace.

This red and pink heart garland is made by string together these wood heart ornaments* with a thin red ribbon.

Then tape the ends of the ribbon to the edges of your fireplace or wherever you want to hang it.

3 | Decorate candles

Pillar candles decorated with red and white striped ribbon

Candles are a great way to add a romantic feel to any room.

And these red and white candles are super simple to make and very inexpensive to do.

They’re made with wide ribbon wrapped around flameless candles, so they can be customized for whatever color and pattern you like (similar to the wreath above).

If you want more details, read our tutorial on how to make ribbon candles.

4 | Add roses to candle holders

Flameless pillar candles surrounded by faux pink roses on glass candle holders on a mantel with other Valentine decorations

You can also decorate around the bottom of pillar candles by adding faux roses to the top of simple candle holders.

You can glue them on if you plan to re-use them. Or just put them in place if you only want to use them temporarily.

DIY Valentine's Day decorations including flameless candles and faux roses on a mantel

I love how the flameless candles look when combined with other light-up Valentine decorations.

5 | Paint heart wine glasses

Wine glasses with painted gold stems and a gold heart on the side

You can turn ordinary glass wine glasses into Valentine’s decor by painting the stems gold and adding a gold heart to the side.

They’re a great way to share a glass of bubbly with your Valentine.

Learn how to paint the stems gold then draw on a gold heart with a gold paint pen*.

6 | Decorate a chalkboard

Framed chalkboard with a heart drawn in the middle above a gold candle lantern

Chalkboards are an easy way to decorate any holiday, including Valentine’s Day.

Especially since hearts are pretty easy to draw freehand.

So for my Valentine’s Day tea party, I took advantage of that to add to the buffet decor.

7 | Create heart wall art

Red doily heart on a white canvas background

You can make your own heart wall art by gluing a red heart doily* to a small white canvas*.

A red wall with 12 red and white heart canvases hung in a square

While one is pretty, a whole wall of them really makes a statement!

8 | Make large paper flowers

Large pink and red paper flowers hung on a wall with heart wreaths and red and white candles for Valentine's Day

Paper flowers are another way to make a statement with your Valentine wall decor.

And making your own lets you pick a color palette that you like.

See our tutorial to learn how to make DIY large paper flowers.

9 | Decorate a Valentine tree

Pink, red and white Valentine tree in front of a red and black wall

If you have a Christmas tree that you haven’t taken down yet, turning it into a Valentine tree is an easy way to decorate.

Just remove any of the obvious Christmas ornaments and add some red and pink ornaments to make it fit in. (Like our red, pink and white Valentine tree).

Hearts and roses Valentine's Day tree

Or add a bunch of faux roses to the tree for a floral look. (Like our hearts and roses tree.)

10 | Cover the walls

Red and black flocked taffeta fabric covering a wall with Valentine's decorations in front

Finally, if you want to totally transform the look of your room, try covering the walls in fabric.

I just staple it to the top of the wall.

This red and black flocked fabric* is fairly inexpensive and creates a dramatic look.

Of course, if you don’t like that much contrast, you can use any color or pattern you want.

DIY Valentine's Day decor hung on a wall covered by red and white striped wallpaper and red and white polka dot wallpaper

Wrapping paper also works well for this and is even less expensive.

I found the red and white striped and polka dot papers (above) at Target.

It’s also easier to hang. I usually staple it up, but you can also use tape if you don’t want to make holes in your wall.

That’s it for our DIY Valentine decor. Hopefully, you’ve found some ideas for your own home.

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