15+ Easy Halloween Finger Foods (Appetizers For Adults)

If you’re in need of some creative food ideas to serve at your adult Halloween party, then look no further. I’ve put together 15+ of the most creative and spooky Halloween finger foods and appetizers.

From witch hats to ghosts, all the way to elegant stuffed pumpkins and a fun Halloween snack board, you’ll find the best finger food recipes for your Halloween bash.

Spooky Halloween appetizers - Frankenstein fingers, bacon jalapeno mummies, Halloween charcuterie board, witch hat garlic bread

1 | Frankenstein fingers

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Using just a few ingredients, these pretzel rods are decorated to look just like a green Frankenstein finger.

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2 | Bacon jalapeño mummies

Make mummies from cream cheese-stuffed jalapeños wrapped in bacon, complete with googly mummy eyes.

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3 | Halloween snack board

This Halloween-inspired snack board is like a simple and festive charcuterie board made with guacamole and black bean dip.

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4 | Witch hat garlic bread

For this Halloween appetizer, garlic bread is shaped into a witch hat and served with marinara sauce for dipping.

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Halloween party appetizers - Halloween buffalo chicken dip, Witches broomstick appetizer, roasted Halloween vegetables, stuffed pumpkins

5 | Halloween buffalo chicken dip

This is a jack-o-lantern decorated dip that only requires 4 ingredients.

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6 | Witch’s broomstick appetizer

How cute are these broomsticks made from pretzel sticks, and string cheese tied together for a simple, yet creative Halloween finger food.

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7 | Roasted Halloween vegetables

Cookie cutters turn beets and potatoes into pumpkins and witch hats in this healthy Halloween appetizer.

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8 | Stuffed pumpkins

For a more elegant look to your Halloween dinner party, these stuffed mini pumpkins make the perfect individual appetizer for all your guests.

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Halloween appetizers - ghost bananas, clementine pumpkins, spider deviled eggs, bat cheese balls

9 | Fruit pumpkins and ghosts

The next appetizer on the list is so easy, it doesn’t even require a recipe.

Convert peeled clementine oranges into pumpkins by adding a celery stem.

Then turn peeled bananas into ghosts with eyes and a mouth made with chocolate icing.

10 | Spider deviled eggs

It’s incredibly easy to turn traditional deviled eggs into a creepy Halloween appetizer.

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11 | Bat cheese ball

These individual cheese balls are made with three different cheeses and rolled in nuts.

Then stick in some tortilla chips as wings for a spooky and festive look.

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12 | Mini ghost pizzas

Using premade pizza crusts, a ghost cookie cutter, and a few pizza toppings, you can make these adorable personal ghost pizzas in no time.

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13 | Icky intestine crescent rolls

Next up is a gruesome but delicious stuffed crescent roll recipe made to look like intestines.

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14 | Halloween pizza potato skins

Halloween pizza potato skins are a fun and spooky appetizer for your next Halloween party.

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15 | Screaming witch vegetable platter

This healthy vegetable platter is organized into a spooky witch design that is too cute.

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16 | Monster mash party mix

A must-have at any Halloween party, this monster mash party mix is complete with gummy fangs and eyeball candy.

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Halloween finger foods for adults - bacon wrapped jalapenos, veggie cut outs, Frankenstein fingers

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