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15 Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Whether you need a dessert for a spooky party, are starting a fun new tradition with your family, or are just looking to get into the Halloween spirit this year, there’s a perfect cupcake recipe for you. From ghosts and mummies to candy corn and silly zombies, these Halloween cupcake ideas won’t disappoint!

15 Halloween cupcake recipes with pictures of spider cupcakes, pumpkin cupcakes and witch  hat cupcakes

If you’ve been around here before, you know that Halloween is my absolutely favorite holiday.

Part of getting into the spooky spirit involves Halloween treats that are tasty, easy to serve and double as decor for my annual Halloween party.

Which is why I love Halloween cupcakes.

They’re already in individual servings (so no trying to cut a cake while everyone is standing around watching).

They can be made a day in advance (no last minute cooking when I’m trying to get my costume on).

And they’re just so fun to decorate!

If you’re looking for some spooky cupcake ideas or inspiration, here are some of my favorites

Bat wing cupcakes, witch hat cupcakes, vegan mummy cupcakes and tentacle cupcakes

1 | Bat wing cupcakes

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These bat wing cupcakes are a colorful and simple cupcake recipe with 3D bat wings.

The wings are made out of black royal icing and she shows you an awesome way to create the design.

Get the recipe HERE.

2 | Witch hat cupcakes

These cute and creative witch hat cupcakes are made from chocolate cookies and lime-green frosting.

And they have a surprise in the middle.

Find the recipe HERE.

3 | Vegan mummy cupcakes

This vegan mummy cupcake recipe is perfect for those with dietary restrictions.

And they look oh so spooky!

Get the recipe HERE.

4 | Tentacle cupcakes

These tentacle cupcakes are made with rich chocolate and a homemade ganache.

They look like a spooky creature of the sea! Or they’d also make a great Maleficent party dessert (they remind me of her horns).

Find out how to make them HERE.

Fondant ghost cupcakes, jack-o-lantern cupcakes, spider cupcakes and frosting ghost cupcakes

5 | Ghost cupcakes

A Halloween party is complete without some ghosts. Which is why we have two ways to make ghost cupcakes.

The first recipe is made with fondant ghosts and homemade buttercream frosting. The ghosts look like they’re floating above the cupcake. Get the recipe HERE.

If you don’t want to mess with fondant, then you can make our easy ghost cupcake recipe using frosting.

6 | Jack-o-lantern mini cupcakes

These creamsicle jack-o-lantern cupcakes are totally made from scratch with homemade orange vanilla frosting.

How cute are they? And they taste delicious (even if they’re not made from pumpkin)!

Find the recipe HERE.

7 | Spider cupcakes

Chocolate cake mix, and black fondant make these spider cupcakes extra dark and spooky.

And since you can use a cake mix (or even plain store-bought cupcakes), they’re easy!

Get the recipe HERE.

Graveyard cupcakes, bloody knife cupcakes, bat Halloween cupcakes and devil cupcakes

8 | RIP Halloween cupcakes

This graveyard-themed cupcake design is perfect for a Halloween bash.

And since the tombstones are made from a cookie, they’re super tasty and super easy.

Find the recipe HERE.

9 | Bloody knife cupcakes

These bloody knife cupcakes would be perfect to serve at a Halloween horror movie party.

They’re another easy to make recipe. My favorite kind!

Find out how HERE.

10 | Bat Halloween cupcakes

These bat Halloween cupcakes are so easy you don’t even need a recipe:

  1. Buy some cupcakes with chocolate icing (or you can use our chocolate cupcake recipe to make your own).
  2. Cut some Oreo cookies in half and stick them in the icing for wings.
  3. Add edible eyes* (from Amazon).

11 | Devil cupcakes

These devil red velvet cupcakes were a big hit at my fallen angels and devils Halloween party a few years ago.

They’re made with a red velvet cake recipe and buttercream frosting with red food coloring, so the whole cupcake is red.

Find the recipe HERE.

12 | Black cat cupcakes

These black cat cupcakes use chocolate cats and Oreo cookies coated in melted candy to look just like a full moon. So fun!

Get the recipe HERE.

13 | Monster cupcakes

These cute monster cupcakes are fun and not too spooky.

Perfect for a not-so-scary Halloween monster mash.

See how to make them HERE.

14 | Silly zombie cupcakes

These silly zombie cupcakes are another option for your not-scary Halloween party.

And they’re easy to decorate. So you can get the whole family involved.

Find the recipe HERE.

15 | Candy corn surprise cupcakes

Do you have friends who love candy corn?

Imagine their surprise when they bite into one of these cupcakes and find them full of their favorite Halloween treat.

Get the recipe HERE.

Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration to try out at least one of these easy Halloween cupcakes.

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Comments or questions about our easy Halloween cupcake ideas? Tell us in the section below.

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