15 Of The Best Halloween Jello Shots

Last Updated: March 19, 2024

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If you’re looking for the best Halloween Jello shots, look no further! Whether you’re looking for layered gelatin shots, want something that’s extra creepy or need a super simple option, we’ve got some delicious and spooky recipes that are perfect for your Halloween party.

13 spooky and tasty Halloween Jello shots

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means one thing – party time!

And for me, party time also means Jello shot time.

Jello shots are always one of my go-to party drinks.

They’re easy to prepare, easy to serve, and you put them together ahead of time.

All you have to do at the party is pull them out of the refrigerator and hand them out. So much easier than mixing cocktails.

You can also make them to match pretty much any theme.

Which is why I came up with this list.

Because I’m planning this year’s Halloween celebration and I need to find the best Halloween Jello shots to put on the menu.

1 | Purple and green layered Jello shots

Purple and green layered jello shots

I served these purple and green layered jello shots at my Maleficent Halloween party a few years ago, and they were a huge hit.

They taste just like the cocktail with the same name.

And the purple and green stripes are the perfect color combination to go with a lot of Halloween themes.

2 | Purple Hooter Jello shots

easy Purple Hooter jello shots

Of course, if you don’t want to go to all the effort of creating layers, these plain purple Jello shots are super easy to make and are the perfect Halloween color.

They’re made with raspberry liqueur and vodka, so they taste great, too.

3 | Apple cinnamon fireball jello shots

green apple cinnamon fireball jello shots

Or you could go with these electric green jello shots. Another really-easy-to-make recipe.

These ones combine two of the most popular fall flavors – apple and cinnamon – to create a really tasty treat.

Green Halloween Jello shots with gummy worms

You can also dress them up a little by adding some gummy worms.

Note: If you’re doing this, you’ll need to make the jello shots the day of the party, since the gummies will turn to mush if they are left in the Jello for too long.

4 | Black coconut Jello shots

black Halloween jello shots

These black Halloween jello shots are made with coconut vodka and coconut cream for a creamy but creepy adult treat.

And the color is perfect for a spooky night out.

5 | Vampire kiss fireball jello shots

Vampire kiss Halloween Jello shots

This vampire kiss jello shot recipe also uses Fireball whiskey.

But it combines the cinnamon flavor with cherry Jello (which is surprisingly good!).

And the black and red layers are perfect for a Halloween party (like the fallen angels and devils party I hosted a few years ago).

6 | Creamy candy corn Jello shots

Creamy candy corn Jello shots

Nothing says “Halloween” more than candy corn. So if you love the candy, then you’ll really love this boozy version of it.

This jello shot recipe uses sweetened condensed milk so the end result even has a similar texture to the traditional candy.

7 | Easy candy corn Jello shots

easy candy corn jello shots

For a slightly easier version, try this recipe that uses lemon and orange jello with a whipped cream topping to create the yellow, orange and white layers.

It doesn’t have the same creamy texture as the last one, but still tastes good and looks really pretty in a shot cup.

8 | Pumpkin RumChata Jello shots

pumpkin rum chata jello shots

Made with pumpkin vodka and RumChata, these creamy jello shots taste like fall in a shot cup.

The perfect treat for a Halloween party.

9 | Bloody syringe Halloween Jello shots

blood jello shots in syringes

These Halloween jello shot syringes look like they’re filled with blood, but they’re actually made with delicious cherry jello and only require 3 ingredients.

The perfect creepy but delicious recipe to add to your Halloween party menu.

10 | Ectoplasm syringe vodka Jello shots

Green and white syringe Halloween Jello shots

Or you can try this green Halloween jello shot recipe that is also served in syringes.

Lemon and lime jello is mixed with sweetened condensed milk to give them a citrusy flavor with a great creamy texture. And they look spooky, too!

11 | Morticia Addams Jello shots

Morticia Addams red Halloween jello shots

These easy red Jello shots look super spooky with black blood drops running down the side. Perfect for an Addams family party.

And the strawberry cut into a rose is what takes it over the top.

12 | Spooky eyeball Jello shots

Spooky eyeball Jello shots

I think eyeballs are another staple of a good Halloween party. So these jello shots will fit right in.

And they use pink vodka to give them an unusual color that will definitely stand out on a serving tray.

13 | Fake blood Jello shots

Fake blood jello shots

While plain red jello can be used to look like blood, this jello shot recipe takes the look to a whole other level.

The layer on top really looks like fake blood has been poured over it.

Which would make these blood jello shots an awesome addition to a gory Halloween party theme.

14 | Hocus pocus Jello shots

hocus pocus Jello shots

If you’re willing to put in a little more work, these Halloween jello shots are worth the effort.

They are made with three delicious layers and white rum. Then topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting, an Oreo cookie and a Hershey’s kiss.

The only problem? You’ll have to make a lot of them, because they’ll disappear really quickly!

15 | Graveyard Jello shots

Halloween graveyard Jello shots

What better addition to a Halloween menu than some Halloween graveyard jello shots. Complete with cookie tombstones and dirt.

These are super-sized, so they’re perfect if your friends love Jello shots as much as mine do.

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