Fallen Angels and Demons Halloween Party Ideas

For an elegant and spooky Halloween party theme, this fallen angels and demons Halloween party is just the thing. With its red and black color scheme, it creates an elegant and dramatic atmosphere that your guests will love.

Fallen Angels and Devils Party

If you’re looking for a dramatic Halloween party theme, look no further!

This fallen angels and devils party uses a lot of red and black to create an atmosphere that’s more elegant than spooky.

.But still gives everyone an excuse to bring out their inner devil.

Costume ideas

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If you want guests to dress to follow the theme, they can wear costumes that are literal characters like angels, devils, or even the grim reaper.

Or if you want people to be a little more creative, ask them to wear costumes representing vices or other behaviors that bring out their inner demon…and could get them sent to hell 🙂

Fallen angels and devils party decor

I used a lot of red and black party decorations to represent the devil’s lair Halloween theme.

The entrance

red devil hanging from the ceiling with a welcome sign in his hands

To welcome guests and make a statement, I hung an 8 foot devil in the entrance and had him holding a custom-made banner* that let everyone know what the theme was.

Red walls

Red foil curtains and red curtains add to the devil decor

When I was decorating my party, I was trying to make it feel like a devil’s lair.

But my living room has blue walls. A little too “zen” for that concept.

So I hung red foil curtains to cover all the walls.

The ones I bought had tape on the top so they were really easy to put up.

And not so easy to take down – the adhesive stuck to the walls. And to this day I haven’t been able to get some of it off. So you might want to try something else to put them up with. Double-sided tape or stapling them would probably work.

Black ceiling

I think the single biggest way to make an impact on party decor is to decorate the ceiling.

Since this was a Halloween party, I covered the ceiling in black fabric.

It makes the room darker and adds to the spooky feeling.


Fallen angels and devils party decor with candles and red table runner

Candles are a staple of all of my Halloween parties. They add atmosphere that you just can’t get any other way.

Just be sure they’re in a location that won’t be knocked over.

Red lights

lamp with red light bulb

Since the red foil curtains move and reflect light, they give the illusion of fire when the light bounces off them.

I used a disco ball and kaleidoscope spot lights to add moving light which made the flame-like effect even more effective.

You can also replace the light bulbs in lamps and overhead lights with red ones to add to the drama.

Red tablecloths and chair covers

Red and Black Decor at a fallen angels and devils party

Red tablecloths and chair covers continue the red “devil’s lair” atmosphere.

The consistent color across all of the tables and chairs make them all look like they match. Even when they don’t.

Red chair cover with black sash

Black chair sashes and a little bling helps to break up all the red.

Red and black feather centerpieces

Red and Black Table decor

I like to use feather centerpieces for all of my parties.

They always add drama to the party decor and changing the feather colors means they go with any color scheme.

For this party, I used red and black feathers to go with the devil theme.

Up lights under the vases make them stand out better.

Find out how to make feather centerpieces HERE.

Black and white place settings

Fallen angel and devil place setting with white plates on black chargers and a red table cloth

To create contrast with all the red, I used white plates on top of these black chargers* and some gray Halloween napkins.

Wrapping black and red feather boas around the bottom of the vase cover the up-light and add some softness to the table.

Fake flames

Fake flames

A devil party wouldn’t feel right without some fire!

I added table-top fake flames* as centerpieces on some of the tables, along with a few hanging flames*.

If you want to go all out, you can also hang tissue “flames” (in yellow, red and orange) from the ceiling.

Black crows and red candles

Red foil curtains, red candles and black crows

Since this was a Halloween party, I added some crows on black metal candle trees with red candles to create some spooky-looking decor.

Party cocktails

Sangria and wine bar at a fallen angels and devils party

If you want to have a specialty drink, either red or black is a good match with the theme:

Devil party food

Devil skull cake and cupcakes

Many Halloween parties start after dark, and often do not include dinner, but are great for a sweet table.

This can include different kinds of candies as well as cupcakes, brownies and cake pops (all easy-to-eat individual portions that can also be easily-decorated for Halloween).

Devilish red velvet Halloween cupcakes

For the fallen angels and devil Halloween party theme, try the following:

The added bonus is that all of these items can be made ahead of time, so you have less stress on the day of the party.

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Have comments or questions about our fallen angels and demons party? Tell us in the section below.

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  1. Looking to host 13 year old Halloween party theme heaven and hell angel and devil .. backyard .. is this something you do ?

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Hi Vanessa…sorry, I’m not doing parties at the moment.

  2. I am wondering what sort of invitation you had for this theme party. Thank you.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Hi…you could use an angel and devil themed invitation like this one or this one. You can customize the text on both of them to say exactly what you want. And they have some other options that might work in the “Other Designs You Might Like” section.