Maleficent Party Decor Ideas

Maleficent party decor ideas

As many of you know, Halloween is my favorite holiday of the whole year!

And every year, I throw a Halloween party.

This isn’t just an “invite your friends over for drinks and dancing” party.

This is an all-out transformation of my house into something totally different which takes weeks to plan and decorate type of party. All based on whatever Halloween party theme I decide to go with that year.

And one year I decided to use the movie Maleficent as the inspiration for my party decor.

If you haven’t seen it, Maleficent is an updated version of Sleeping Beauty complete with royalty, knights and an evil fairy (lots of easy costume ideas for my friends to come up with). And I thought the overgrown forest surrounding the castle would be the perfect inspiration for some Maleficent party decor ideas.

How To Create The Overgrown Forest

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Creating the overgrown forest was the most time consuming part of my Maleficent party decor, but definitely transformed my living room!

1 | Drape Creepy Cloth From The Ceiling

As you probably know if you’ve seen any of my other party themes, I think the key to fabulous party decor starts with the ceiling.

Black creepy cloth hung from the ceiling

So my first step to creating an overgrown forest feeling was to cover the ceiling with black creepy cloth*.

I stuck small coffee cup hooks into the ceiling and draped creepy cloth from them so that it hangs down in some spots and overlaps in other spots.

2 | Hang Faux Vines

Faux vines  hung from the black creepy cloth

Then I hung faux vines* through the creepy cloth to add to the overgrown look.

They hung down at varying heights with some of the vines being low enough that people would have to walk through them.

3 | Put Up The Forest Scene Setter

Spooky forest scene setter adds to the Maleficent party forest decor

Next, I hung a forest scene setter around all the walls to add the look of trees.

This scene setter comes in two halves – the tree trunks* and the tree tops*, both of which are 4 feet tall and 30 feet wide. By attaching the top and bottom half together, you end up with 8 foot high trees that cover a 30 foot wall.

Find my step by step instructions for installing scene setters HERE.

4 | Add Lighting

Green uplights on the spooky forest scene setter

To make the forest stand out more in the dark, I added green uplights around the edges of the room.

Color changing LED uplights with remote

These lights are actually battery operated LED lights* that come with a remote which lets you set the color.

They are one of my go-to party decor accessories…I use them at every event!

Dress The Tables And Chairs

Maleficent party decor with purple chair covers

Since my regular furniture doesn’t all match, I used chair covers and table cloths to make them all look the same (another one of my favorite party decorating ideas).

Maleficent party decor with a green lace overlays over a purple tablecloth

For the tables, I used 2 layers:

Add More Trees

With the main forest background set up, I wanted to add the effect of more trees to the middle of the room without creating a tripping hazard.

1 | Create “Tree Trunks”

Close to the walls, I created some “tree trunks” using chiffon fabric and specialty light bulbs.

Disco ball light bulbs

To do this, I swapped out the light bulbs in my lamps and pendant lights (the ones that are usually in the room) for these “disco ball” light bulbs*. 

Faux tree trunks made from chiffon fabric and disco ball lights

Then made chiffon fabric* columns around the light fixtures. Since they go from floor to ceiling, they kind of give the effect of tree trunks, and the fabric keeps the “disco ball” light from being too bright.

2 | Use Faux Trees On Tables

Faux tree lit with a green uplight

Then I put out faux trees as centerpieces on pretty much every table and surface area.

Maleficent party decor faux trees with candles

Adding a green uplight* (the same kind as the uplights above) at the bottom of the trees makes them stand out.

Put Out Some Crows

Both the Maleficent forest and Halloween party decor in general aren’t complete without a few crows!

Crows on top of an armoire and table as part of Maleficent Halloween party decor

So I put some out on top of bookshelves looking down.

As well as under the faux trees.

Crows on a candle tree

And sitting in the trees.

Basically everywhere that you would normally expect to find birds.

Add More Details

Halloween party decor bat hanging from the ceiling

Then I added a few more critters, like this bat hanging from the ceiling.

Maleficent party decor with a buzzard on a table

Some buzzards on the tables.

Halloween party decor with skeleton mice on the piano

Skeleton mice* on the piano.

Halloween faux pumpkins and skeleton mice

Faux pumpkins and skeleton mice on the armoire.

Maleficent party forest decor with green lights and Spanish moss draped on a chandelier

And Spanish moss on the chandelier.

Changing out the chandelier bulbs for green Christmas lights also adds to the spooky forest atmosphere.

Create A Candy Buffet

Maleficent party candy buffet with green and purple candies

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without some candy.

I used apothecary jars to hold purple and green candies that go with the decor.

Candle stands meant for pillar candles are a great way to vary the height of the jars.

Maleficent cake

And a Maleficent cake (made by a local baker) takes center stage.

Maleficent party green and purple layered jello shots

For an adult treat, try making these purple and green layered jello shots. They not only go with the decor, they taste good, too!

Maleficent party decor in a living room

Well, that’s it for my Maleficent party decor ideas. Hopefully, you found some inspiration for creating your own spooky forest Halloween party!

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