Elegant Purple, Black And Silver Halloween (Or Fall) Tablescape

Last Updated: February 12, 2024

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This purple, black and silver Halloween table setting is perfect for an elegant dinner party. The colors say Halloween but the table decor is more classy than spooky. If you love purple, you could actually use it for any fall (or even Thanksgiving) celebration.

Elegant purple, black and silver Halloween tablescape

If you’ve been here before, you know that Halloween is my favorite holiday.

And I like to throw over the top Halloween theme parties.

Which usually involve totally transforming my house to match the theme, including setting the table for a dinner party.

And that’s where this purple, black and silver tablescape came from.

It was the table setting for my Maleficent party.

While the house decor is totally Halloween, I usually prefer to set a table that is a little more elegant. (It gives me an excuse to use my dishes).

So this one uses the color scheme from the party, but doesn’t have any Halloween-specific accessories. (If you really like purple, you could even use it for a Thanksgiving dinner).

Okay, let’s take a look at my purple, black and silver Halloween tablescape.

Note: There is a section at the end with links to the sources. Please go there if you want to know where to buy something.

Start with a DIY purple table overlay

Purple lace fabric for tablecloth

This purple lace damask was the jumping off point for the whole table.  


One of my favorite ways to decorate tables without spending a ton of money is to buy fabric and cut it to the right length for a table cloth.

There are so many colors and patterns available. And it usually costs a lot less than buying a pre-made table cloth would.

Just make sure the fabric is wide enough to cover the width of your table and hang over a few inches on each side.

I bought a bolt of this fabric that is 54 inches wide and 10 yards long.  

Since my table is 40″ wide, the fabric was wide enough to go across the top.

So I just had to cut a piece that was long enough to cover the length.

Fortunately, this fabric doesn’t unravel so I didn’t even have to hem the edges…a bonus in my books!

The purple damask lace overlay on a black table

Since my table is black, I didn’t bother putting a table cloth under it.

But if you have a lighter colored table I would use the lace as a topper and put down a black table cloth first.

Or you can get fabric that has a similar black and purple pattern but isn’t actually lace. In which case you don’t need to worry about what’s under it.

Place setting ideas

I like to try a few different combinations of plates and chargers when I’m putting together place settings.

And I almost never have them all matching.

Partly because I usually don’t have enough place settings of one pattern for all of the people that will be at the dinner party.

And partly because I think mixing things up looks more interesting.

White and black

Place setting with black and white plates on a black charger and purple tablecloth

Since the purple is a pretty vibrant (and dark) color, I decided I would stick to my basic white plates (that have a little black and grey thread through them)*.

These are my “go to” plates for table settings. White goes with pretty much everything.  

And since they don’t have much pattern, they let the accessories stand out.

These looked nice, but once I got the table set with them, I thought it was a little boring.  

White, black and silver

Place setting with black and white salad plate on a silver dinner plate with a black charger and purple tablecloth

So I decided to switch out the dinner plate for one of these glass and silver ones…which I liked better.

White and silver

Place setting with a silver salad plate, black and white dinner plate and silver charger on a purple lace tablecloth

Of course, once I started mixing and matching place settings, I had to try out my no fail swapping formula.  

Which is to start with the place settings from 2 different china patterns, swap the salad plates for each and then change up the charger that the plates are sitting on.  

I always end up with a second place setting mix that looks great and co-ordinates perfectly with the first one.

Sometimes I use the two variations on different tables, but for this table, I decided to alternate them.

All silver

Place setting with a silver salad plate, silver dinner plate, and a silver charger on a purple lace tablecloth

If you want a more monochromatic look, you could also go with the all-silver look.

Top with faux pumpkins

Place settings with small faux purple pumpkins in a bowl on top of a black and white napkin, black and white salad plate, silver dinner plate and black charger

Since this is a Halloween tablescape, I did want to have some fall decor.

So when I found these small purple glitter pumpkins, I knew they were the perfect accessory.

The glitter does tend to come off of these kinds of decorations.  

And I didn’t want my guests to be eating off plates with bits of glitter sprinkled all over them, so I put them in a bowl (which will not be used for serving food).  

Place setting with silver and white dishes, black and white napkin and small purple pumpkin in front of some white candles

Adding a white napkin with black vintage print on it gives the place setting some extra interest that I think goes with the Halloween vibe.

It also helps to raise the pumpkin out of the bowl a bit so you can see them better.

Use Stemmed Glasses

Purple, black and silver tablescape with tall champagne flutes and wine glasses

Even if I’m not planning on serving wine, I like to use stemmed glasses on the table.  

To me, it makes any dinner feel special.

And these sparkly champagne flutes add a little more glitter to the table. And I’m all about the sparkle!

Add flowers

green, white and purple cut flowers wrapped in cellophane

I bought some purple, green and white flowers to go with the tablescape (and my Maleficent party) color scheme.

A small bunch of purple white and green flowers on a purple, black and silver Halloween tablescape

Arranging them in small bunches means I can make a few bouquets and place them down the length of the table.

Which saves money on having to buy a ton of flowers.

And it makes sure the flower arrangements aren’t too high for my guests to see over.

Small flower arrangement in a tall drinking glass with and without a wide ribbon wrapped around the bottom to cover the stems

Since finding a bunch of vases that all go together can be tricky, I like to use drinking glasses for this.

Just make sure to use glasses with a heavy base so the flowers won’t tip over.

To dress the glass up a bit (and hide the stems), I added some glitter ribbon* held together with velcro – a very similar process to these DIY sparkle napkin rings.

Fill in with candles

Small flower arrangement and white candles on a Halloween tablescape with a purple tablecloth

Although for a lot of entertaining situations I like flame-less candles, for a dinner party, I always have real ones. They make the table feel warmer.

They make great fillers. So I use them down the middle of the table to fill in all of the spaces between the flowers.

Different sizes of candles and candle holders makes the table look more interesting.

Put out more pumpkins

Three black and silver velvet pumpkins on a buffet table

Finally, I added some larger pumpkins on the buffet for a little more fall atmosphere.

The black and silver ones go perfectly with the Halloween decor.

And using them on the buffet instead of the table keeps the tablescape from getting too crowded.

To make the pumpkins have different heights, I put them on small cake stands of different sizes.

The Finished Table

Purple, black and silver Halloween table decor with flower centerpiece and white candles

Here’s the finished table.

The black, purple and silver colors say Halloween.

But the decor is still elegant enough for a formal dinner.

white and silver place setting with a faux purple pumpkin on top

I originally thought I would mix gold with the purple and black, but I liked the lightness that the silver brought to the table.

Elegant Halloween place setting with a faux purple pumpkin, black and white napkins, silver and white plates on a black charger

Mixing and matching two sets of china adds some extra interest.

And it extends the number of place settings you can use while maintaining a cohesive look.

Three black and white place settings with purple pumpkins on a purple lace tablecloth

Of course, if you like the look of matching place settings better, that will work,too.

Close up of a purple, green and white floral arrangement used on an elegant Halloween tablescape

Flowers and candles always make pretty centerpieces.

Black and silver place setting with a purple pumpkin on a purple lace tablecloth in front of a small flower arrangement

The purple in the flowers helps to tie everything together.

So that’s it for my elegant purple, black and silver Halloween table. Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration for your own dinner party decor.


Not all of the original items are still available, so I have tried to find similar replacements in those cases.

Script napkins
Black ripple chargers
Silver rimmed ripple charger
Mikasa Threads
Trinkware Set of 2 Champagne Flutes - Rhinestone"DIAMOND" Studded Glasses With Silver Rim - Long Stem, 7oz, 11-inches Tall – Elegant Glassware And Stemware
SanVera17 African Lace Net Fabrics Nigerian French Fabric Embroidered and Manual Beading Guipure Cord Lace for Party Wedding 5 Yards (Purple)
Flocked Damask Taffetta Light Plum/Black, Fabric by the Yard
Bryon 12 Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4
Diahom Pumpkin Decor 12pcs Artificial Fake Faux Velvet Foam Fabric Pumpkins Decoration for Fall Home Farmhouse Harvest Thanksgiving Decorative

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  1. Can you please tell me where you get the stemware with the diamonds on them

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Hi Valorie…I got them from Pier One before they went out of business (so not available there anymore). But you can find similar ones on Amazon here.