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Romantic Red, Pink and White Valentine’s Day Tree

Are you in need of some fun, romantic décor for your Valentine’s Day celebration? This red, pink and white Valentine’s Day tree will add that extra special touch to any room.

Pink, red and white Valentine tree

I’ve started a new tradition around here.

Converting my Christmas tree into a Valentine’s Day tree.

Especially if the tree already has some red on it.

That way I don’t have to take the tree down, and can leave a lot of the ornaments on. Which makes the re-decorating process much easier.

After removing the decorations that are obviously Christmas, all I had to do was add some hearts and roses to turn it into a Valentine’s tree.

Hang heart ornaments

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Wood heart ornament with faux roses on a white Christmas tree for Valentine's Day

Adding hearts immediately gives the tree some Valentine ambience.

And these wood heart ornaments are perfect.

They come in pink and red. And the lacy background almost looks like a doily.

Add faux roses

Close up of a Valentine's Day tree with pink roses as ornaments

One of the easiest ways to add romance to a tree is with faux roses.

So I stuck a lot of these single pink roses into the tree branches.

A bunch of small pink faux roses with red ornaments on a white Valentine tree

As well as these bunches of small pink faux roses.

I bought them at the dollar store, so they were very inexpensive.

And they make a pretty big statement.

Stick in heart picks

Red heart picks on a white Valentine tree with pink hearts and roses ornaments

A few heart picks add texture to the tree and glitter to the tree.

Which go well with the other Valentine ornaments.

Red ornaments and picks with pink roses on a white Valentine tree

As well as all of the red ornaments and picks that were left on the tree from Christmas.

Put up a Valentine tree topper

Red, white and pink Happy Valentine's Day tree topper

For the tree topper, I used a heart-shaped door hanger.

With it’s red, pink and white colors, it goes with the tree perfectly.

To make it stay upright, I hung it from the ceiling above the tree.

The finished tree

White Valentine tree with pink and red ornaments and a heart tree topper in front of walls covered in red and black fabric

The finished tree looks so pretty in front of the fireplace in my office.

Especially with the red fabric covering the wall, a temporary addition that I put up as part of my Christmas decorations.

Red, pink and white Valentine tree with lights turned on

And the white tree really glows when the lights are on.

With the rest of the mantel decorations, the whole room is a glamorous way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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