Winter Wonderland Table Decor

I love the look of winter. I think snow and ice are great inspirations for creating beautiful tablescapes. So that’s what inspired me to create this winter wonderland table decor for my dining room.

Blue and white winter table decor

After all the Christmas trees have been taken down and the holiday lights have been put away, it seems like the house is a little bare.

So I decided to come up with a winter tablescape to spruce up the place a bit.

Now if you know me, you know that winter and I are not best buds. In fact, I moved from Canada to South Florida (and now live in South Carolina) to escape those Canadian winters.

Let it snow chalkboard sign

Which is why, I made this chalkboard sign and hung it above the buffet in my dining area. I think it sums up my feelings about snow and winter, perfectly!

You might be wondering why I’d be doing a winter tablescape if I dislike winter so much.

Well, as much as I hate being in winter, I love looking at it. All that snow and ice glistening in the sunlight makes my sparkle-loving soul happy.

So I decided to make my own little bit of winter to look at, with this winter wonderland table decor.

Since it’s after Christmas, and I spent all of my money over the holidays, I also wanted to do this tablescape by reusing things that I already had…no new stuff!

The Winter Wonderland Tablecloth

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I wanted to create a snowy-looking table and was planning to accomplish that by using my faux fur tree skirt as a tablecloth.

But it’s not a very practical choice. 

I can imagine the uneven fur causing candles to tip over and glasses of wine to be spilled all over the place

Winter wonderland table decor with faux fur bench

So I decided to use the faux fur on the bench beside the table, and come up with something different for the tablecloth.

White and blue winter wonderland table decor

Digging through my linens, I found some table runners that I had bought from TJ Maxx for Christmas a couple of years ago.

They were neutral colors with metallic accents…perfect for winter table decor.

White, gold and silver table runners used as a tablecloth

By alternating the table runners across the table, a new “tablecloth” was born!

Winter Wonderland Centerpiece Ideas

Since I didn’t create the snowy look with the tablecloth, I decided to do it with the centerpiece.

White feather boas on a winter wonderland tablescape

If you’ve seen any of my Christmas decor ideas, you know that I love to use white feather boas as Christmas decor because they remind me of snow.

So I did the same thing with this winter wonderland centerpiece…put 2 white feather boas down the center of the table.

Which automatically ups the glam factor.

The vases and flowers

Blue hydrangeas and white roses in a winter wonderland table setting

Next up was to add some flowers.

And they just happened to have some blue hydrangeas and white roses at Costco (my favorite place to buy flowers!)

Blue hydrangeas as part of a winter wonderland centerpiece

To make a big statement with a small number of flowers, I like to split them up into multiple small bouquets.

The repetition down the center of the table really stretches out the centerpiece.

The only problem with this approach is that you need multiple small vases to hold the multiple small bouquets. Good thing I like to mix and match!

Blue hydrangea in a silver wine glass

I put the hydrangeas in some leopard print wine glasses. Cutting the stem short lets the flower ball rest on the top of the glass.

And added the white roses with some babies breath to two different types of small vases.

White roses and babies breath in a bud vase as part of a winter wonderland centerpiece

The first ones were short bud vases that I had wrapped with lace (left over from a blue and white summer tablescape last year).

Glass bud vase with snowflakes in winter wonderland centerpiece

The others were small glass bottles that I made a little more wintry by adding some inexpensive snowflake stickers.

Candle Holders

Of course, I can’t do a table setting without candles.

Tall white candles in glass candlesticks as part of winter wonderland centerpiece

I love these tall white candles in these really inexpensive candle holders.

Okay, I have to admit…I did buy these new.

But I am planning on using them for an upcoming DIY storage project, so I didn’t really buy them for this table (and they were less than $10 for all four candlesticks).

DIY ice candle holder as part of winter wonderland centerpiece

When I’m on a budget, I also love to make (and use) candle holders out of mason jars.

Since I’ve re-used my frosted glass mason jar candle holders many times, I figured it was time for some new ones.

DIY ice candle holder with evergreens made from a mason jar

And so these DIY ice-covered mason jar candles came to be.

No, they’re not made of real ice (as in, they don’t melt), but they do look like it!

The Place Settings

White, blue and gold winter wonderland place setting with snowflake flute

With the centerpiece in place, it was time to move on to the place settings.

Since I had blue and white flowers, using blue and white plates was kind of a no-brainer. And as usual, I like to mix and match table ware to create a layered place setting.

White, blue and gold place setting as winter wonderland table decor

The crackled glass white charger reinforces the icy, snowy winter wonderland theme.

White, blue and gold table setting on winter wonderland tablescape

The dinner and salad plates edged with blue and gold add some elegance.

White glass charger, blue and gold-edge plates and blue napkins on a winter wonderland tablescape

And the lacy white accent plate in the middle looks like it is edged with snowflakes.

Winter wonderland table decor with place settings and flowers

Navy blue napkins with white flower napkin rings make up the top layer.

Winter wonderland place setting with snowflake wineglass and blue hydrangeas

These white snowflake flutes were also left over from Christmas a couple of years ago. And I’ve had those blue and gold wine glasses for a really long time. (I’d be dating myself if I told you how long, but some might call them “vintage”).

Blue, white, silver and gold winter wonderland table decor

The cutlery is actually my every day cutlery, but I still love the contrast of the matte finish handles and the shiny pattern.

Blue and white winter wonderland table decor

Now that it’s all set, I think I’ll have to invite some friends over for dinner 🙂

Blue, white, silver and gold winter wonderland table decor

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