Beautiful Blue and White Summer Tablescape

Last Updated: February 12, 2024

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This beautiful blue and white summer tablescape uses hydrangeas and touches of gold to create a light, airy and elegant table setting.

I love having friends over for dinner, and creating beautiful tablescapes for those dinners, like this white and silver tablescape and this copper and gold table setting.  I’ve even done another blue and white table setting for spring. (Can you tell blue and white is one of my favorite color combinations?)

beautiful blue and white summer tablescapeBlue and White Summer Tablescape

However, this week I did a table setting for no reason whatsoever, other than I ran across some inspiration. (I think it gave me a good excuse not to go outside in the heat and pull weeds).

I was at the grocery store and they had some beautiful blue and white hydrangeas. Which I can never resist! Then I found a really pretty blue and white tablecloth (for a very reasonable price) at TJ Maxx*. And finally I happened to be unpacking the gold-rimmed blue and white china my mother gave me when she was visiting in the spring.

With all of that blue and white, I just couldn’t stop myself from putting together an airy blue and white summer tablescape.

The Centerpiece

Blue and white Hydrangea centerpiece

I knew I wanted to use the hydrangeas as the centerpiece, but I didn’t want just a big bunch of them in a vase. And I didn’t want them to be too tall. (In case I do decide to have some people over for dinner, I like them to be able to see each other ??)

So I decided to spread some small glass vases (in a short* and a tall size*) along the length of the table and use one bloom per vase. I already owned them, but if you don’t (and you want some), they are really inexpensive!

Blue hydrangea in clear glass vase

However, I didn’t really like the look of the stems in each of the vases. It just seemed a little unfinished.

White lace vase with blue hydrangea

So I went to my go-to “dress up a plain glass” vase trick, and tied some lace ribbon* around each one. Much better!

I love the way the hydrangeas look, but since they were all up off the table, I wanted to add something extra underneath the hydrangeas.

Blue and white hydrangeas on a blue and white tablecloth

Hydrangea napkin rings* to the rescue! (Faux hydrangea blooms would work, too).

Blue and white summer tablescape

Adding a few of them and some tealight candles here and there finished off the centerpiece.

The Place Setting

Blue and white place setting with blue and white hydrangeas

For the place settings, I decided to go with all 3 plates from my mother’s china plus a white charger* underneath.

This is very unusual for me, since I usually mix and match. But I just like the way they look stacked together like this.

Blue and white place setting

I love how the tablecloth ties in the darker blue of the plates with the lighter blues of the hydrangeas.

Blue, white and gold napkins on a blue and white place setting

For the napkins, I layered a piece of the lace from the vases over a dark blue napkin* that was folded over a white napkin with gold trim*. The lace helps to keep the dark blue napkin from drawing to much attention.

Since the napkins already had a lot going on, I went without a napkin ring and just put them under the small plates.

Blue and white place setting on a blue and white summer tablescape

Originally, I tried using gold cutlery but it didn’t go very well with airy feeling of the table…so I ended up switching to silver. Which I like much better.

Blue and gold stemware

Finally, I had these flutes with a blue crystal, and the blue and gold wine glasses in my cupboard.

Blue and white place setting, napkins and wine glasses

Since I like blue so much, finding things to go on my blue and white summer tablescape didn’t require any additional purchases…always a bonus!

The Buffet

Blue and white Chinoiserie ginger jars on the buffet

Since I didn’t want to spend any money on this tablescape, I decided to gather a bunch of my blue and white ginger jars together to put on the buffet.

With a couple of tall candle holders to add some height, they completely fill up the top of the buffet.

Blue and white summer table setting with blue and white Chinoiserie ginger jars on the buffet

All of those blue and white vases really stand out against the blue-black background, and pick up the colors from the table.

Blue and white summer table setting

Well, that’s it for my blue and white summer tablescape. Now I’m wondering if a couple of my friends will want to come over for dinner so I can put it to use ??

Blue and White Summer Tablescape Source List

Tablecloth (not available) – TJ Maxx Online*
Short bud vase*
Tall bud vase*
Lace ribbon*
Hydrangea napkin rings*
Candle holders* (similar)
White, blue and gold dishes
White charger plate*
Dark blue napkin*
White napkin with gold trim* (similar)
Flutes with blue crystal*
Wine glasses (not available)
Blue and white ginger jars* (similar)

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beautiful blue and white summer table

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