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How To Spray Paint Glass Wine Bottles Black And Gold (For Centerpieces)

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Empty wine bottles are an easy and inexpensive way to decorate for parties. By spray painting them black and gold, you can make them into a glam centerpiece that’s perfect for any event.

how to spray paint wine bottles

When I’m decorating for a party that has a lot of tables, I like to save some money by creating inexpensive centerpieces from household items like wine bottles and spray paint.

Spray painting is a fast way to transform ordinary wine bottles into something that is centerpiece worthy.

I love to use a combination of different wine bottle sizes with different textures and colors to create an interesting look.

Which is why spray painting wine bottles with matte black and metallic gold is one of my favorite ways to mix and match centerpieces.

And it’s super fast and easy to do.


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Here are the materials and tools you will need.

Note: I used black and gold spray paint because it matched my party color scheme. But you can use whatever colors go with your theme.


  • goo gone or krud kutter – These may not be necessary, but will help to remove any labels that are really stuck on your bottles.
  • gold spray paint – I think this metallic spray paint* from Rustoleum is the best gold to use.
wine bottles spray painted gloss black and flat black
  • matte black spray paint* – you can also use gloss black spray paint (or a combination of the two). But for my purposes I think the matte black looks better with the gold.
  • glitter spray paint* – (optional) to add some extra sparkle to your painted wine bottles if desired.


  • paint scraper – to help remove the bottle labels.
  • mini glue gun on low heat – only required if you are attaching the ribbon
  • scissors – only required if you are attaching the ribbon

How to spray paint wine bottles

1 | Remove the labels

wine bottles soaking in water in a sink

The first step is to remove the labels from the bottles.

To do this, I soaked them in water for a few hours.

Pulling the labels off the bottles

After that, most of the labels peeled right off.

Scraper removing label from bottle

For the ones that didn’t, I used a paint scraper to get the extra sticky stuff off.

If there is some stubborn adhesive left on the bottle, try applying Goo Gone or Krud Kutter adhesive remover. It should wipe right off.

2 | Wash the bottles

Before painting, it’s important to make sure that the bottles are clean and dry. Otherwise the paint won’t stick.

Wash them with dish soap, rinse and then dry with a lint-free cloth.

3 | Spray paint the bottles

Wine bottles spread out on a piece of cardboard

Now it’s time to start spray painting.

To do this, stand the bottles up about 6 inches apart on a large piece of cardboard.

Make sure that you can walk all the way around it so you can spray all sides of the bottles.

Also, it helps to stagger the bottles so you can get at all sides without knocking any over.

Then shake the paint can for about a minute before starting to spray. (This is an important step to getting an even finish, so don’t skip it).

To paint, hold the can about 12 inches away from the bottles while you move your arm up and down. Go all the around each of the bottles, so that they are evenly covered with paint.

To prevent the paint from dripping, it’s better to do a couple of light coats rather than one heavy coat.

Since you can re-coat right away with spray paint, it doesn’t take much longer to do the extra coats and you will get a much better finish.

For the best results, don’t paint when it’s too hot or too cold (the ideal temperature is between 65℉ and 80℉). And avoid painting in direct sunlight.

For more spray painting tips, read how to get a smooth finish with spray paint.

black spray painted wine bottles and gold spray painted wine bottles

For my party, I painted some of the bottles gold and some black. If you’re doing this, make sure the bottles are far enough away from each other that they won’t accidentally get sprayed with the wrong color.

Then leave them to dry for about an hour.

4 | Add a second color (optional)

Spray painting the bottom of a gold wine bottle black

To mix things up a bit, I created two-tone gold and black bottles with some of them.

I found it was easiest to paint the bottom of the bottle with the second color.

I spray painted the bottom third of some of the gold bottles black.

And the bottom third of some of the black bottles gold.

A gold and black spray painted wine bottle on a table

The overspray from the second paint color creates an ombre effect that makes the transition look seamless. (Which is good since that means no taping.)

I wasn’t too worried about making the line between the two colors straight. I think it looks more natural when it’s not perfect.

5 | Add glitter paint (optional)

For some extra sparkle, you can also add a layer of glitter paint.

It doesn’t have enough color to be used on its own, so it needs to be applied over a base coat.

I used gold glitter spray paint on a couple of my gold wine bottles to give them a slightly different look.

The finished black and gold wine bottles

a wine bottle spray painted gold, a wine bottle spray painted black and a wine bottle spray painted in two-tone black and gold

After they are dry, these spray painted wine bottles can be used as candle holders, vases or just as part of a centerpiece.

Gold and black spray painted wine bottles that have been decorated with lace, ribbon, rhinestones and pearls

You can customize them by decorating them with ribbon and beads held on with hot glue.

A black and gold wine bottle used as a candleholder in a black and gold table centerpiece

I used some of them as candle holders for my Gatsby party table centerpiece.

I love how the gold on the bottom of the two-toned wine bottle blends in with the table runner.

With the reflection, the runner looks like it is continuing up the side of the bottle.

Black and gold wine bottle used as a roaring 20's centerpiece vase with black and white ostrich feathers

On other tables, I filled the black and gold wine bottles with ostrich feathers for more of that roaring 20’s vibe.

Because the wine bottles are waterproof, you could also fill them with water and use them to hold small floral arrangements if you wanted to.

For more wine bottle decorating ideas, watch our video:

Other DIY wine bottle centerpiece ideas

Have comments or questions on how to spray paint black and gold wine bottles? Tell us in the section below.

This post was originally published on April 6, 2022 but was updated with new content on July 5, 2023.

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  1. Elena Foster says:

    How many bottles were you able to paint with each can of spray paint?

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Hi Elena…I’m actually not sure how many you can get done with one can because I have never painted enough of them at one time to run out of paint. But it’s quite a few. The last time I made them, I painted a total of 12 bottles with 1 can of gold paint (and the same number with 1 can of black paint). And still had some left over. Hopefully that helps!

  2. ALICE COLEMAN says:

    This is a really good idea thank you so much I will be utilizing it