DIY Gold Wine Bottle With Black Lace (For Centerpieces)

Last Updated: December 13, 2023

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When you need an inexpensive centerpiece that still looks really pretty, this DIY gold wine bottle decorated with black lace and pearls may be just what you’re looking for. And it’s so simple to make.

DIY gold wine bottle with black lace and pearls used as a candle holder for a table centerpiece

Made with black lace, white faux pearls and gold spray paint, these decorated wine bottles look stunning as a centerpiece for an elegant dinner like my Great Gatsby party.

And they have a few other things going for them:

  • They only take a few minutes to put together.
  • Wine bottles have the perfect opening size to fit a taper candle, a few flowers or even some feathers.
  • Because they’re made from leftover wine bottles, they’re very inexpensive to create.

All of that means they work well even if you are hosting an event with a lot of tables, which requires many centerpieces.

It won’t take up a bunch of your time to make them. And they won’t break the bank.


Here’s what I used to make these DIY wine bottle centerpieces:



How to make DIY gold wine bottles with black lace

For an overview, you can watch the video which goes over how to make these candleholders (plus a few other styles):

1 | Remove the labels

wine bottles soaking in the sink

The first step is to remove the labels.

To do this, I soaked the bottles in water for a few hours.

Pulling the labels off the bottles

After that, most of the labels peeled right off.

Scraper removing label from bottle

For the ones that didn’t, I used a paint scraper to get the extra sticky stuff off. You could probably also use Goo Gone or another type of adhesive remover if you prefer.

Then I washed them with dish soap to make sure the outsides were clean.

2 | Spray paint the bottles

wine bottles spray painted gold

Next, I spray painted the bottles with gold spray paint.

I like to do this outside so I don’t have to worry about the fumes and overspray.

But if you are doing it inside, putting them inside a large cardboard box keeps the overspray from going everywhere.

For more spray painting tips, read how to spray paint wine bottles.

3 | Attach the lace

wine bottle being sprayed with adhesive

After the paint has dried, it’s time to attach the lace.

Spray the bottom half of the bottle with the repositionable spray adhesive.

Doing this over the box keeps the glue from sticking to your table.

black lace being attached to the bottom half of the bottle

Wrap the black lace around the bottle, lining the bottom of the lace up with the bottom of the bottle.

You can lift it up and put it back on if you don’t get it lined up straight. That’s the beauty of repositionable adhesive.

black lace being cut off from the gold wine bottle

Cut off the extra lace.

4 | Glue on the faux pearls

Glue gun putting a line of glue around the bottom of a wine bottle

Finally, we’re going to wrap a line of faux pearls around the top and bottom of the lace.

Apply a line of hot glue to the bottom edge of the lace.

A string of faux pearls being attached to the bottom of the wine bottle

Stick the string of pearls to the hot glue.

Pearls being cut off the bottom of the wine bottle

When you get back to the starting point, cut off the pearl string.

String of faux pearl being attached to the top of the black lace on the wine bottle

Repeat the same process to attach a string of pearls to the top of the lace.

The finished Candleholder

A gold wine bottle decorated with black lace and faux pearls

I love how the finished candleholder looks!

DIY gold wine bottle with black lace and pearls being used as a candleholder on a black and gold table setting

It looks gorgeous on my Great Gatsby table setting.

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