69 of the Best Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas

Whether you’re hosting a Galentine’s party or a romantic dinner for two, sweets are a big part of a Valentine celebration. So we put this list of Valentine’s Day dessert ideas together. From cakes and brownies to truffles and fudge, there are tons of options to choose from.

the best Valentine's Day dessert ideas

One of the best things about Valentine’s Day is that it’s an excuse to make some really pretty and delicious desserts!

So I decided to find some of the best Valentine’s Day dessert recipes out there.

Whether you’re looking for cakes, brownies, chocolate treats or something a little different like Pavlova, doughnuts and gummies, we’ve got you covered.

There’s even some gluten-free, vegan and no bake options.

And most of them are really easy to make!

Keep reading to see my list of Valentine’s Day dessert ideas.

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1 | Hidden heart bundt cake

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Hidden heart bundt cake

This bundt cake is moist and delicious, and covered with white frosting.

Then when you cut it open, it has the cutest heart surprise inside.

2 | How to make a heart-shaped cake (without a heart cake pan)

heart shaped cake with pink frosting

Making this heart-shaped cake is actually really easy to do.

And you don’t need a heart shaped cake pan to do it.

Your Valentine’s Day cake will be the star of your table.

3 | Easy no-bake Valentine Oreo balls

Close up of a Valentine Oreo ball with a bite out of it

This Valentine Oreo balls recipe is an easy, no-bake Valentine’s Day treat that only requires 4 ingredients.

And looks so pretty with its pink coating and sprinkles.

4 | conversation heart cookies

conversation heart cookies

Conversation hearts are a universal symbol for Valentine’s Day.

So these conversation heart cookies are a great way to add a themed treat to your dessert table.

And this recipe doesn’t require icing or piping so they’re super easy to make.

5 | Conversation heart mini cheesecakes

Conversation heart mini cheesecakes

Or if you’re looking for a cake rather than cookies, try these conversation heart mini cheesecakes.

They’re individual servings so they’re easy to serve and who doesn’t love cheesecake?

6 | White chocolate and raspberry brownies

white chocolate raspberry brownies

These white chocolate raspberry brownies combine chocolate with white chocolate and raspberries for a delicious fudgy dessert.

The perfect Valentine dessert for chocolate lovers!

7 | No bake strawberry swirl fudge

no bake strawberry fudge in a heart-shaped container

This easy no bake strawberry fudge recipe is super simple to make, looks pretty on a dessert table, and tastes delicious.

The perfect addition to any dessert menu.

8 | Raspberry cheesecake cupcakes

raspberry swirl mini cheesecakes

Cream cheese and raspberries swirled together in a cupcake. Need I say more?

These raspberry cheesecake cupcakes are awesome!

9 | Heart mirror glaze cake

Heart mirror glaze cake

This red mirror glaze cake is made with white chocolate mousse, strawberries and chocolate in the shape of a blooming heart.

The ultimate Valentine’s dessert to wow your sweetheart.

10 | Valentine’s Day cake with cinnamon flavor

Valentine’s Day cake with cinnamon flavor

With pink frosting and bright red accents, this cinnamon-flavored cake screams Valentine’s day.

The jaw-dropping cake decorations make for a presentation your valentine will never forget.

11 | Mini cherry cheesecakes

mini cherry cheesecake cupcakes

These mini cherry cheesecakes take less than half an hour to make and everyone loves them.

The perfect bite-sized dessert for a Valentine’s Day party.

12 | Heart shaped strawberry hand pies

Heart shaped strawberry hand pies

These cute little heart shaped strawberry hand pies have homemade strawberry filling sandwiched between two layers of perfect flaky pie crust.

And their small size makes them super easy to serve.

13 | Chocolate raspberry ice cream cake {gluten-free}

Chocolate raspberry ice cream cake {gluten-free}

If you’re looking for a gluten-free dessert that tastes as good as it looks, try this chocolate raspberry ice cream cake.

This recipe combines chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream swirled with sweet raspberry that will look so pretty on your Valentine table.

14 | Heart-shaped fudge brownies

Heart-shaped frosted fudge brownies

These brownies turn a family-favorite rich chocolate fudge brownie recipe into a heart-shaped dessert topped with whipped chocolate ganache.

A delicious way to say “I love you” for the special people in your life.

15 | Waldorf Astoria red velvet cake

A slice of red velvet cake on a plate

This red velvet cake is a very popular Valentine dessert recipe.

Partly because of its red color and partly because it’s so delicious!

And it also works well for cupcakes.

16 | Conversation heart piñata cake

Conversation heart piñata cake

Cut into this pretty pink conversation heart piñata cake to find candy hearts hiding inside.

For an extra-special touch, personalize this Valentine’s Day cake by writing “Be Mine” on the top.

17 | Homemade strawberry shortcake cake

Strawberry shortcake cake with a slice being removed

Made with fresh strawberries, strawberry jam, whipped cream and a delicious vanilla cake, our strawberry shortcake cake is super easy to make.

And looks so pretty on the table.

18 | Japanese strawberry shortcake

Japanese strawberry shortcake

Or you can try this Japanese version. 

It uses soft layers of sponge cake along with the strawberries & fresh whipped cream for a light and fluffy Valentine’s Day dessert.

19 | Valentine’s Day chocolate bark

Valentine's Day chocolate bark

Made with only 4 ingredients, this Valentine’s Day chocolate bark recipe is both easy and delicious.

The perfect Valentine treat!

20 | Strawberry jelly cheesecake

Strawberry jelly cheesecake

For a different take on traditional cheesecake, try this strawberry jelly version.

It tops a no-bake cheesecake with a cranberry jelly layer that encases fresh strawberry slices.

Easy and delicious!

21 | Valentine’s Day chocolate brownies

Fudgy chocolate brownies for Valentine’s Day

These fudgy brownies are rich, indulgent and decorated with cute heart shaped sprinkles.

The perfect Valentine treat for chocolate lovers.

22 | Gluten free chocolate mayonnaise cake

Gluten free chocolate mayonnaise cake

This easy gluten free chocolate mayonnaise cake is an updated version of a classic 1950s southern recipe.

It is so moist your Valentine won’t be able to resist it.

23 | Raspberry chocolate ganache tart

vegan raspberry chocolate tart

This silky chocolate ganache is made with hidden fresh raspberries and a raspberry brownie base.

This recipe is vegan-friendly, gluten-free and no-bake.

It is also quite possibly the yummiest, tastiest, easiest tart you will ever make.

24 | Keto Valentine’s Day cake

Heart-shaped keto Valentine's Day cake

If you want a gluten-free and low-carb cake that is heart-shaped and decorated for Valentine’s Day, this keto recipe may be just what you’re looking for.

It is perfect for people with dietary restrictions.

25 | Red velvet whoopie pies

red velvet whoopie pies

These red velvet whoopie pies are heart shaped for an adorable Valentine’s Day dessert.

A rich cream cheese filling is sandwiched between cakey red velvet cookies for an impressive cookie that’s made with love.

26 | Heart cookie dough truffles

Heart cookie dough truffles

These cookie dough truffles are made into a heart shape and covered in dark chocolate.

A rich and decadent treat to make for that special someone on Valentine’s Day.

27 | Bailey’s strawberries and cream trifle

Bailey's strawberries & cream trifle

This easy trifle from is creamy, fruity, and spiked with a boozy element for a completely addicting dessert.

Layers of light and spongy angel food cake and peaks of fluffy whipped cream perfectly compliment the fresh sweet strawberries in this divine dessert.

28 | Easy Valentine’s Day fudge

Valentine’s Day fudge

This Valentine’s Day fudge recipe is made with a secret ingredient – white cake mix!

With just 5 ingredients, it’s a super simple dessert to make for your special dinner.

29 | Chocolate covered strawberry brownies

Chocolate covered strawberry brownies

This over-the-top brownie recipe features a fudgy base with chocolate chips.

Topped with fresh strawberries and decadent chocolate ganache, it’s the perfect treat for your Valentine’s Day sweetheart.

30 | Mexican chocolate fondue

Mexican chocolate fondue

This Mexican Chocolate Fondue from lets you have chocolate-covered strawberries without the work of making them yourself.

Make the chocolate sauce, start dipping the strawberries, and enjoy the chocolatey richness!

31 | Valentine’s Day cookie cups

Valentine’s Day cookie cups

If you are looking for the perfect individual treats, try these Valentine’s Day cookie cups.

They are made with refrigerated cookie dough, store-bought icing, sprinkles and a heart-shaped York peppermint patty.

So they look much more complicated to make than they are.

32 | Strawberry tiramisu with white chocolate

Strawberry tiramisu with white chocolate

This light, creamy and delicious strawberry tiramisu is made with juicy strawberries, Cointreau liqueur, and shavings of white chocolate.

The perfect dessert after your Valentine’s Day dinner.

33 | Valentine’s Rice Krispie treats

Valentines rice krispie treats

These Valentine’s Rice Krispie Treats are packed with melted marshmallows, chocolate candies, and more mini marshmallows for extra gooiness!

They’re a fun way to add a romantic twist on the original recipe.

34 | Red velvet cake with cream cheese mousse

Red velvet cake with cream cheese mousse

For a non-traditional version of red velvet cake, try this one made with cream cheese mousse. 

It’s a lighter version of the well-known cake we all love and a must make for Valentine’s Day.

35 | Chocolate champagne truffles

Chocolate champagne truffles

These truffles have a dark chocolate filling flavored with a champagne reduction, then coated in *even more* chocolate.

And topped with heart sprinkles.

A truly decadent Valentine dessert.

36 | Red velvet cream cheese brownies

red velvet cream cheese brownies

These red velvet brownies are swirled with cheesecake for an extra special flavor.

And the red and white colors look great on a Valentine’s Day dessert table.

37 | Chocolate cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate is a traditional Valentine’s Day treat.

So if that’s what you want for your dessert, these homemade chocolate cupcakes are my favorite recipe.

And they’re super easy to make!

38 | Elegant strawberry dessert

Healthy and elegant strawberry dessert

Strawberry desserts are so popular on Valentine’s day.

But this one is actually healthy, as well as being tasty and is easy to make while still looking elegant.

Plus there’s no baking involved!

39 | Easy heart shaped doughnut holes

Heart shaped doughnut holes

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day treat for breakfast or brunch, try this cinnamon roll hack to make heart shaped mini sugar doughnut holes.

They’re easy to make and add some heart to your brunch table (pun intended).

40 | Heart chocolate mousse

Heart chocolate mousse

This heart chocolate mousse is a classic recipe made with cooked eggs, whipped cream, and good quality chocolate poured in a silicone heart mold.

So delicious!

41 | Chantilly cake

Chantilly cake

This chantilly cake recipe brings easy and delicious elegance to Valentine’s Day dessert with layers of vanilla cake, mascarpone frosting and fresh berries.

And it looks so pretty on a table.

42 | Chocolate covered strawberries

chocolate covered strawberries on a plate

What would Valentine’s Day be without chocolate covered strawberries?

Learn how to make them, including tricks for how to melt the chocolate and how to dip and decorate the strawberries.

43 | Gluten free red velvet cupcakes

Gluten free red velvet cupcakes

For a gluten-free dessert, try this moist and fluffy red velvet cupcakes recipe that is topped with cream cheese frosting.

With its red color, this cupcake recipe is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

44 | Red velvet cake balls

red velvet cake balls

These red velvet cake balls look very fancy, but they’re actually super simple to make.

And they’re a great bite-sized Valentine’s Day treat.

45 | Heart shaped sourdough donuts

Heart shaped sourdough donuts

These heart shaped sourdough donuts are light and airy and made with a combination of sourdough starter and instant yeast.

They are deep fried to perfection and then dunked in the most amazing strawberry glaze.

46 | Chocolate whiskey brownies

Chocolate whiskey brownies

These chocolate whiskey brownies are an easy Valentine dessert recipe that is fudgy and decadent.

Drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with sea salt, these brownies have a boozy kick that takes them to the next level.

47 | Chocolate pots de crème

Chocolate pots de crème

This amazing Valentine dessert is like pudding, but sooo much better.

It’s made with only 5 ingredients and takes only 10 minutes to put it together.

So it’s unbelievably quick and easy but tasty enough to impress.

48 | Frozen lemon mousse with raspberry sauce

a slice of frozen lemon mousse with raspberry sauce

This frozen lemon mousse with raspberry sauce can be made ahead of time, tastes delicious and looks really pretty.

It looks a lot more complicated than it actually is.

49 | Raspberry chocolate swiss roll

Raspberry chocolate swiss roll

For a Valentine dessert that combines chocolate and raspberries, try this easy-to-make chocolate swiss roll.

The pink center, whipped cream and raspberry topping look pretty on a serving tray and taste delicious.

50 | Strawberry mug cake

strawberry mug cake in a red cup

This strawberry mug cake is a light and airy dessert filled with bits of fresh strawberries and cooked in just 7 minutes using the microwave.

And the individual servings are great for a Galentine’s Day party.

51 | Gluten-free chocolate cupcakes

Gluten free chocolate cupcakes

If you’re looking for gluten-free chocolate cupcakes, try this recipe that is topped with whipped chocolate ganache frosting.

They are so simple to make but taste and look stunning.

52 | Cherry heart hand pies

heart-shaped cherry hand pies

For the taste of cherry pie in an individual serving, these cherry hand pies are a great solution.

They’re made in a heart shape for Valentine’s and they’re easy to put together.

53 | Gluten free mini strawberry tarts

Gluten free mini strawberry tarts

These gluten-free mini strawberry tarts are another dessert that is served as individual portions.

The crust is gluten-free and it is topped with fresh strawberries so it looks and tastes amazing.

54 | Chocolate covered cheesecake bites

Chocolate covered cheesecake bites

These chocolate covered cheesecake bites are made with mini bite-size pieces of cheesecake covered in a delicious chocolate shell coating.

They are the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day party.

55 | Vegan lemon strawberry cheesecake

Vegan lemon strawberry cheesecake

This vegan lemon and strawberry cheesecake is gluten-free but you wouldn’t know it!

It’s great for Valentine dinner parties, a romantic night in or casual family dinners since everyone loves it.

56 | Strawberry cake pops

Strawberry cake pops

These made-from-scratch strawberry cake pops are the ideal addition to your Valentine’s Day menu, especially if you’re serving for a crowd.

It’s so easy for everyone to grab one. No cake cutting required!

57 | Strawberry pavlova

Strawberry pavlova cake

Crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside and covered with whipped cream and strawberries, this pavlova is such a beautiful and delicious dessert, it’s worth the effort to make it.

58 | Red wine brownies

Red wine brownies

Fudgy and packed full of chocolate, these red wine brownies are the perfect end to a Valentine’s Day meal.

59 | Vegan strawberry cupcakes

Vegan strawberry cupcakes

These easy vegan strawberry cupcakes are packed with real strawberries and flavor.

And there’s a gluten-free option, too.

60 | Heart shaped meringues

Heart shaped meringues

These heart shaped meringues are made with fresh raspberries and whipped cream.

They’re a light and airy dessert for Valentine’s Day that can be put together ahead of time which is always a bonus for special occasion dinners.

61 | Raspberry almond cupcakes

Raspberry almond cupcakes

These light almond cupcakes are topped with rich raspberry buttercream and fresh raspberries.

Easy enough for beginners and beautiful enough for your Valentine’s Day dessert table.

62 | Sugar cookie cherry pie bars

Sugar cookie cherry pie bars

These cherry pie bars use sugar cookie mix for a sweet and crispy crust that’s super easy to make.

And the cherry filling is absolutely delicious.

63 | Cherry chocolate chip cake

Cherry chocolate chip cake

This super moist cherry cake tastes like a chocolate covered cherry in cake form!

And it literally melts in your mouth.

64 | Chocolate maca tahini brownies

Chocolate maca tahini brownies

Fudgy and full of flavor, these gluten-free Chocolate Maca Tahini Brownies are beyond delicious.

No dairy, no flour, no refined sugars. So good and totally guilt-free!

65 | Keto French silk pie

Keto French silk pie

Made with almond flour, this silky, creamy chocolate French Silk Pie will make eight people deliriously happy!

A wonderful addition to your Valentine dinner menu.

67 | White and pink Valentine’s Day fudge

pink and white Valentine’s Day fudge

Your valentine will love this pink and white chocolate fudge. 

It is easy to make in the microwave and is super sweet and delicious.

68 | Heart shaped rosé gummies

Heart shaped rosé gummies

These heart shaped rosé gummies are super fun and easy to make.

And you only need 3 ingredients to make these Valentine’s Day treats.

69 | Baked raspberry and rose donuts

Baked raspberry and rose donuts

With their natural pink glaze and delicious raspberry and rose flavor, these baked donuts are a great recipe for a Valentine’s Day brunch menu.

70 | Gold trimmed white chocolate covered Oreos

White Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies

These white chocolate covered Oreos look a lot harder to make than they actually are.

And you’ll be amazed at how good Oreos and white chocolate taste together.

With all of these delicious sweets available, this year’s Valentine’s Day is sure to be a special one!

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