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Pink Flowers And Butterfly Easter Tablescape


I have to admit that I wasn’t planning on creating an Easter tablescape this year.

After all, I’m not having anyone over for dinner. And it’s easy to convince myself that I don’t need to go through all that work when no-one else will see it.

But then three things happened…

  1. I started following @turtlecreeklane on Instagram. Jennifer does the most amazing decorations for all the major holidays! They’re a little “extra”, but I love over-the-top holiday decor, too. (And apparently so do a lot of other people do…she has hundreds of thousands of followers!)
  2. Frontgate had some really pretty pink and floral dishes that I bought just because I liked them. I had no idea what I was going to use them for at the time.
  3. I saw an absolutely stunning installation of white butterflies hung from the ceiling over the elevators at Neiman Marcus. (Unfortunately, I was so awestruck that I didn’t take a picture).

Those may seem like isolated events, but they all combined to inspire me to create an Easter tablescape. That’s a little over the top. With pink flowers. And butterflies hanging from the ceiling.

The Butterflies

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Let’s start with the over-the-top part. The butterflies.

I bought these strings of paper butterflies from Amazon. You just fold the wings out to make them three-dimensional.

They’re about 8 feet long, so I cut the strings to different lengths.

Then hung some of them from cup hooks in the ceiling. And some of them from the chandelier using Christmas ornament hooks.

After I got them hung, I realized that the butterflies at the bottom of each string weren’t hanging straight because there isn’t anything pulling them down.

So I wrapped the end of each of the strings around the antenna on these little fuchsia butterflies (from tableclothsfactory.com). They’re a little heavier so that did the trick.

The Centerpiece

With the butterflies making such a statement, I decided to go simpler with the centerpiece.

I started with an Easter runner that I found at HomeGoods.

As always, I think you should be able to see people across the table.

So I added these cool pink glass vases (from Crate and Barrel) that make a statement without blocking the view.

They come in two different sizes, so I used 5 of them. Three of the taller ones and two shorter ones alternating down the table.

To keep it simple, I only put one flower in each vase.

And since I couldn’t find any real flowers that I liked, I went with faux peonies from Michaels. They come in a bunch of six, so I only needed one bunch that I cut up into individual blooms.

To finish the centerpiece, I sprinkled some of the fuchsia butterflies (the same ones that are hung on the end of the strings above) on the table.

The Place Settings

Next up is the place settings using those new dishes I bought.

I started with a fuchsia charger that I had left over from an Alice In Wonderland party.

Then I added the pale pink dinner plates and floral salad plates from Frontgate.

Since I didn’t want to cover the pretty pattern on the plates with the napkins, I rolled them up, put a floral napkin ring on them and placed them behind the plates.

To finish off the place setting, I used my grandmother’s silver and some pink striped wine glasses (from Wayfair).

The pops of fuchsia help to keep the table setting from being totally overshadowed by the ceiling butterflies.

But the simple setting doesn’t take away from the impact of the ceiling decor.

The Buffet Decor

To dress up the buffet, I used 5 tall pink candlesticks that my mother bought on clearance from Grandinroad last year (unfortunately, they are no longer available).

Instead of candles, I put ceramic Easter eggs (that I bought from At Home) on top of the candlesticks.

But you could use candles, if you wanted to do something similar for a non-Easter event.

Winding two pink peony garlands (from Michael’s) around the candlesticks adds some texture to the top of the buffet.

To finish off the buffet wall, I hung a peony spring wreath (also from Michael’s) on the wall.

A Couple More Easter Details

To make the area feel a little more like Easter, I did add a couple more decorations that are specific to the holiday.

I found the large ceramic “Happy Easter” egg at HomeGoods and put it on top of a bunny cake tray (from Amazon).

While I was at HomeGoods, I also found an Easter gnome that I just couldn’t resist.

So he got a seat on a plant stand beside the buffet.

And that’s it for my butterfly Easter tablescape.

And since there aren’t too many Easter-specific decorations, it’s really more of a spring table setting. So I think I’ll be leaving it up for a while!

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