Pink Flowers And Butterfly Easter Tablescape

Whether you’re hosting a flowers and butterflies party, want to create an extra special Easter table, or are looking for a pretty spring shower theme, this gorgeous flowers and butterfly tablescape may be just what you’re looking for. With a butterfly centerpiece that hangs from the ceiling, it will make any space feel truly special.

flowers and butterflies easter tablescape

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to decorate a party (that’s a little over the top), our flowers and butterflies tablescape is sure to make a statement.

With its colorful pink palette and statement ceiling decor, this theme will add some fluttery charm to your dining table.

It takes a little time to put up, but the end result is totally worth it.

I used it for an Easter dinner party, but most of the decorations aren’t Easter-specific so it would work equally well for any spring get-together.

The hanging butterfly centerpiece

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pink butterflies centerpiece hanging from the ceiling above the table

Let’s start with the over-the-top part. The butterflies hanging from the ceiling that I used as a centerpiece.

I bought these strings of paper butterflies* from Amazon. You just fold the wings out to make them three-dimensional.

They’re about 8 feet long, so I cut the strings to different lengths.

Paper butterflies attached to the ceiling and chandelier above the table

Then hung them over the center of the table. Some of them from cup hooks in the ceiling. And some from the chandelier using Christmas ornament hooks.

After I got them up, I realized that the butterflies at the bottom weren’t hanging straight because they weren’t heavy enough to pull the string down.

Small pink butterfly attached to the bottom of a paper butterfly string

So I wrapped the end of each of the strings around the antenna on these little fuchsia butterflies. They’re a little heavier so that did the trick.

The table decorations

Pink flowers, vases and butterflies use as a centerpiece

With the butterfly centerpiece making such a statement, I decided to go simpler with the decorations on the table under it.

I started with an Easter runner that I found at HomeGoods. (If you’re not doing an Easter tablescape, you can replace this with any other white and pink runner).

Faux pink peony in a pink glass vase with small butterflies on the table around it

As always, I think you should be able to see people across the table.

So I added some cool pink glass vases (from Crate and Barrel) that make a statement without blocking the view.

Flowers and butterflies tablescape

They come in two different sizes, so I used 5 of them. Three of the taller ones and two shorter ones alternating down the table.

To keep it simple, I only put one flower in each vase.

Table centerpiece with pink flowers in pink glass vases and butterflies hanging above them

And since I couldn’t find any real flowers that I liked, I went with faux peonies from Michaels.

They come in a bunch of six, so I only needed one bunch that I cut up into individual blooms.

Table centerpiece with pink flowers in vases and pink butterflies on the table

To finish the table decor, I sprinkled some of the fuchsia butterflies (the same ones that are hung on the end of the strings above) on the table.

The Place Settings

Next up is the place settings using those new dishes I bought.

Place setting with a hot pink charger, light pink dinner plate and pink floral appetizer plate

I started with a fuchsia charger that I had left over from an Alice In Wonderland party.

Then I added the pale pink dinner plates and floral salad plates from Frontgate.

Pink napkin with a floral napkin holder behind a pink place setting

Since I didn’t want to cover the pretty pattern on the plates with the napkins, I rolled them up, put a floral napkin ring on them and placed them behind the plates.

Pink flowers and butterflies place setting with pink striped wine glasses

To finish off the place setting, I used my grandmother’s silver and some pink striped wine glasses (from Wayfair).

Lengthwise view of pink place setting with flowers and butterflies

The pops of fuchsia help to keep the table setting from being totally overshadowed by the ceiling butterflies.

But the simple setting doesn’t take away from the impact of the ceiling decor.

The Buffet Decor

Easter buffet decorations with Easter eggs on tall pink candlesticks surrounded by faux pink peonies

To dress up the buffet, I used 5 tall pink candlesticks (unfortunately, they are no longer available) to hold up ceramic Easter eggs (that I bought from At Home).

However, if you wanted to do something similar for a non-Easter event, you could use candles instead.

Faux pink peony garland on top of a buffet

Winding two pink peony garlands (from Michael’s) around the candlesticks adds some texture to the top of the buffet.

Pink peony and green leaf wreath hanging above a buffet

To finish off the buffet wall, I hung a peony spring wreath (also from Michael’s) on the wall.

A Couple More Easter Details

Large white ceramic Easter egg that says "Happy Easter" on a bunny cake plate

To make the area feel a little more like Easter, I did add a couple more decorations that are specific to the holiday.

I found the large ceramic “Happy Easter” egg at TJ Maxx* (they often have pretty holiday decorations) and put it on top of a bunny cake tray (from Amazon).

Pink and white bunny gnome on a white stand

While I was at HomeGoods, I also found an Easter gnome that I just couldn’t resist.

So he got a seat on a plant stand beside the buffet.

Pink butterflies hanging from the ceiling above a pink flowers and butterflies tablescape

And that’s it for my butterfly table setting.

And since there aren’t too many Easter-specific decorations, it’s really more of a spring table setting. So I think I’ll be leaving it up for a while!

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