Purple And Green Easter Table Setting

Bring some life to your Easter table this year with a bold and beautiful purple and green table setting inspired by the freshness of spring. Whether you’re throwing a large gathering or just having family over for brunch, this colorful palette is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Purple and green Easter tablescape inspired by spring

It’s hard to believe that it’s March already and spring is almost here!  Which also means Easter is just around the corner.

And it really hit home while I was out on the weekend and all of the stores had their Easter displays out.  

So I started thinking that it’s about time to start planning my Easter table.

I have to admit that I don’t really do a lot of Easter decorations like bunnies and eggs.

But I do love creating spring-inspired table settings that work quite well for Easter.

A lot of people ask me how I come up with table settings that look different every year, so I thought I would do a post on my process.

And of course show what my table looks like this year!

Keep reading to find out how to create a purple and green Easter tablescape.

1 | Start with some inspiration

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Purple and green faux flowers in a wood box

The first step to creating a beautiful tablescape is always to start with some inspiration. Find something you love that you want to use as your starting point.

Since I like to do spring table settings, I usually start with some kind of floral inspiration.  

I cannot keep indoor plants alive to save my life, so I often go with fake flowers or plants.  I figure blooming faux flowers look better than dead real ones.

And faux plants have come a long way in recent years. They look a lot better than they used to! 

But if you have an indoor green thumb, potted spring bulbs would also be a great place to start.

My inspiration this year was this pot of faux flowers that I found for under $10 at HomeGoods.  

I seem to have a lot of purple flowers in my garden this time of year so I am drawn to that color combination.  

And the driftwood gray container is an easy color to work with in a table setting.

2 | Pick your tablecloth

Purple tablecloth on a table

Then choose one (or two) of the colors from your inspiration to use for your tablecloth.

I happened to have these purple table cloths (and some napkins) left over from the Mardi Gras party I had last year so I decided to go with that.

If you don’t happen to have the color that you want and don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can do what I do. Buy wedding or catering linens. (You can find some purple ones here.*)

They come in all different colors, in all different shapes and sizes, are usually easy to wash, and are really inexpensive.  

Of course, they aren’t going to be really high-quality linens, but by the time you get the rest of your table set up, no one will notice.

3 | Create layers

Faux purple and green flowers on a faux moss runner on top of a purple tablecloth

Next, I found this faux-moss table runner*, which I put down over the table cloth.

It goes perfectly with my floral centerpiece.

And the moss-like texture definitely adds to the spring-like feeling!

A gray charger on a purple tablecloth in front of a green and purple centerpiece

To bring in the gray color from the container, I decided to use some gray chargers under the plates.  

They’re an interesting shape and the gray goes with a lot of different colors.

And since I already owned them, they didn’t cost me anything extra!

4 | Add Some White And Some Shine

White and silver plates on top of a gray charger

Since there is lots of color in the tablecloth and the runner, I decided to keep the plates fairly neutral.  

They’re white with silver stripes around the edges.  

The white helps to lighten up the table, and the silver blends in with the gray chargers.

Silver-edged glass appetizer plate on top of a white and silver dinner plate on a gray charger

Some glass salad plates keep the neutral plate color.

But the silver around the edge adds a little sparkle.

5 | Use napkin rings to add pizzazz

floral napkin ring holding a purple napkin on a white and gray place setting

To add some color to the plate, I used purple napkins and some floral napkin rings. (They are no longer available, but these ones* are similar).

Close up of a floral napkin ring holding a purple napkin on a silver and white place setting

They help to tie the place setting in with the tablecloth.

And the flowers continue my spring-inspired theme.

6 | Add Accessories

Purple stemmed glass on a purple and green Easter table

Now we’re ready for the table accessories.

Purple glasses are a fun addition to the table.

Purple and green Easter place setting in front of a purple and green centerpiece

Of course, you need silverware as well.  

This is actually a stainless steel set, although it looks like silver.

A bunny salt shaker on a purple and green Easter table

I did break down and get one bunny accessory.  

These bunny and carrot salt and pepper shakers add a little bit of Easter decor without going over the top.

You can usually find inexpensive salt and pepper shakers like this at TJ Maxx*.

Mercury glass candle holders and acrylic crystals on a purple and green Easter tablescape

Mercury glass candle holders add a vintage look that compliments the driftwood container.  

Clear acrylic crystals add a little sparkle to the rest of the table.

The finished purple and green Easter table setting

Close up of a purple and green Easter table setting

And there you have it.

My spring-inspired purple and green Easter table decor.

Purple and green Easter tablescape centerpiece

I love using flowers as the inspiration (even if they are fake).

And the bunny salt and pepper shakers add a little bit of traditional Easter decor to the table.

Purple and green Easter place setting in front of a purple and green centerpiece

The colors are bright and cheerful and remind me of spring.  

While the white and silver help to tone it down a little.

Side view of the purple and green place setting with other place settings in the background

Since there aren’t a lot of fussy details, this table is very easy to put together

Lengthwise view of the purple and gold Easter table setting

But it still looks beautiful!  

Hopefully, this gives you some inspiration to create your own spring-inspired Easter tablescape.

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Have comments or questions on our purple and green Easter table setting?  Tell us in the section below.

This post was originally published on March 16, 2016 but was updated with new content on February 12, 2024.

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