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Glam Pink And Gold Easter Tablescape

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Usher in the spring season with this stunning pink and gold Easter tablescape. If you’re looking for an easy yet glamorous way to celebrate the upcoming holiday, then this table setting will elevate your typical pastel spread into something truly special.

Elegant pink and gold Easter tablescape

I have to start by saying that creating a pink and gold Easter tablescape was not something I planned.

It was a happy accident.

Fuchsia pink and white flowers

It all started with these bright pink and white flowers that I happened to walk by at the grocery store.

I’m pretty sure they’re dyed, but the color is just so bright and happy that I had to get them anyway.

And the gold?

I had some gold ribbon lying around (left over from Christmas), and it just seemed to have the right amount of pizzazz to balance out those flowers.

So that’s how my pink and gold Easter tablescape came to be.

The centerpiece

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The flowers

Since the flowers were the inspiration for my table setting, I wanted to make them into the centerpiece.

I don’t like really high arrangements in the middle of the table that prevent you from seeing the person setting across from you.

Which meant creating something low.

White and pink flowers in a square vase wrapped in gold ribbon

I decided to go with a 6″ square vase.

Since I only had a few of the daisies, I had to use them sparingly.

So I lined the edge of the vase with white roses.

And that left just enough room for the daisies and pink carnations to go in the middle.

Pink and white centerpiece made with flowers and a square vase wrapped in gold ribbon

The last step was to wrap the gold ribbon around the vase which helped to hide the stems.

This is one of my favorite ways to change the look of any vase (or flameless candle for that matter).

Since ribbons come in all different colors, you can always make it match your color scheme.

For more details on how to do it, read our tutorial on decorating candles with ribbon. (The same method works for decorating vases).

The place settings

White and pink plates and charger on top of a gold place mat

Since I used a gold ribbon on the vase, I decided to incorporate more of the gold in the table setting as well.

That’s when I found these gold magnolia place mats and decided they would be perfect.

Since the flowers and gold are pretty strong elements, I wanted to keep the place settings a little calmer. So I went with white chargers, light pink dinner plates and white salad plates.

Simple gold cutlery works well with the color scheme.

Pink water glass beside a pink and gold place setting

Finally, pink water glasses finish off the place setting.

Bunny folded napkins

Bunny folded napkins on a pink and gold Easter table setting

While I don’t usually overdo the bunny decorations on my tablescape, I do like to have something that has an Easter vibe.

And in the interest of saving money, I wanted something that wouldn’t requiring any new purchases.

Close up of the bunny folded napkins

When I saw some napkins folded into bunny shapes in the display at a local store, I knew what I had to do! Take one of them apart so I could see how they made them (don’t tell them that I was the one who messed up their display).

Read our bunny folded napkins tutorial if you want to find out how to make them.

Side view of bunny folded napkins on a pink and gold Easter tablescape

The large pink floral napkin ring was a perfect way to repeat the pink from the flowers.

The finishing touches

White and pink flowers with white and pink candle on a pink and gold tablescape

To keep the focus on the flowers, the rest of the table decor was pretty simple.  

I added two different kinds of candle holders with tea light candles.

Stemless wineglass filled with white sand, pink crystals and a tealight candle

The larger ones are made from stemless wineglasses filled with white sand and pink acrylic crystals. And a tealight candle in the middle.

Candles in pink and white candleholders on the table

For the smaller ones, I added the pink acrylic crystals to small tea light candle holders to give a little bit of a pink glow.

Repeating glasses filled with pink and white flowers on a buffet

On the buffet, I divided up the rest of the white and pink daisies that came in the bouquet.

The buffet with alternating vases of flowers and candelabras

Using 2 or 3 stems in highball glasses is an easy way to have repeating flowers. without spending a lot of money on vases (or lots of flowers).

Close up of white and pink daisies in a glass with pink water

I was originally planning on wrapping the glasses with gold ribbon to match the centerpiece.

But the pink daisies actually caused the water to turn pink. And I like the way it looks so I left them like that.  

The finished pink and gold Easter table

The pink and gold Easter tablescape in front of the buffet with alternating vases of flowers and candelabras

I love the pink and gold color scheme for the table setting.

Bunny folded napkin on the pink and gold Easter place setting in front of the centerpiece

The pops of pink make the table look very cheerful.

White, pink and gold floral centerpiece

While the gold adds a touch of glam.

Bunny folded napkin on a pink and gold place setting

And the folded napkin bunnies are just too cute.

Overhead view of the pink and gold Easter tablescape

Hopefully you have found some inspiration to create your own Easter tablescape.

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Have comments or questions about our glam pink and gold Easter tablescape? Tell us in the section below.


This post was originally published on March 24, 2017 but was updated with new content on March 17, 2023.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want to have an Easter dinner. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Aunt Elaine! I love the way it turned out, too 🙂

  2. What is the china pattern?