How To Make Bunny Folded Napkins

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on creating bunny folded napkins. They’re an easy and inexpensive way to add a whimsical touch to your Easter table setting.

how to make bunny folded napkins

I am not really a “go all-out” decorating for Easter person.

In the spring, I am always so busy yanking out weeds in the garden, that I don’t have much time to spend on holiday decorating.

However, I do usually have an Easter dinner and I like to have something on the table that makes it feel like Easter.  

Which means that I’m usually hunting around for good Easter table setting ideas at the last minute.

Close up of a bunny folded napkin

And these folded bunny napkins are the perfect solution!

What You Need

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There really aren’t many supplies required for this project…just some napkins and napkin rings!  These are the ones I used:

How to fold the napkin

A napkin laid out flat on a table

Lay the napkin out flat.  

Because of all the folds we’ll be doing, ironing isn’t all that important (but if you like to use ironed napkins, they’ll work, too!)

Napkin with bottom third folded up

Fold the napkin in thirds, by first folding up the bottom third.

Napkin folded in thirds

Then fold down the top third.

Left corner of napkin folded up

Flip the napkin over, making sure that the loose edges are at the top.

Then fold up the bottom left corner so that the napkin is folded half way across the length.

Napkin with both corners folded up

Fold up the bottom right corner so that it meets in the middle.

It should look like a V shape.

Top left corner of the napkin folded down

Fold down the top left corner so the straight edge meets along the center line.

Napkin with the two top corners folded down

Bring the top right corner down to meet it.

Napkin with multiple folds

Fold down both top corners again so that they meet at the center line.

Napkin folded into a small triangle shape

Bend up the bottom corner of the napkin so that it creates a triangle.

The last fold for creating a bunny napkin fold

Fold the napkin in half along the center line.

At this point, you are probably thinking there is no way this is going to end up being a rabbit! It just looks like a scrunched up napkin. Don’t worry, it will turn out 🙂

Add the napkin ring

folded napkin with a napkin ring around it

Slide a round napkin ring over the top of the napkin.

Top and bottom of bunny folded napkin

Spread the bottom of the triangle apart to become the feet.  

Then “fluff” the ears a bit by pulling them out a bit and spreading them apart.

A bunny folded napkin on a table

Now you should be able to stand up your bunny!

The Finished Napkin Bunnies

The finished table

The finished bunny folded napkins look great on the table. I used them for my Easter table setting (which you can see HERE).

Two bunny folded napkins on a buffet

They also look good as a decoration even when they’re not on on the table.

A line of bunny folded napkins on a buffet with candles

I added a line of them on the buffet, and they really brighten up the space!

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Have comments or questions on the bunny folded napkins? Tell us in the section below.

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