Easy 4th of July Outdoor Decorations

You’ll be celebrating Independence Day in style with these super easy DIY fourth of July outdoor decor ideas. It has lots of simple ways to make red, white and blue patriotic decor that looks great and won’t break your budget.

Easy patriotic outdoor decor ideas
The Fourth of July just seems to be made for having a get-together. It’s summer and the weather is good and everyone is in the mood for a cookout.

That’s why I love having Independence Day parties.  They’re outdoors (less mess to clean up in the house!), very casual (no dressing up!) and it’s okay to do all of your cooking after your guests arrive (less work to do ahead of time!)

Other than the rain dance to keep it from raining, my 4th of July get-together is pretty much the least stressful holiday party I hold. Although now that I think about it…doesn’t a rain dance bring rain rather than keep it away? Maybe that’s why there always seems to be a downpour right when I start up the grill 🙂

To keep it easy, I also like to stick to really simple outdoor decorating ideas.

So I thought I’d share my easy fourth of July outdoor decor ideas just in case you also want to take advantage of them.

1 | Hang Flags

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Hang flags sideways from the sides of the gazebo to act like curtains for easy 4th of july outdoor decorating ideas
Hang flags sideways from the sides of the gazebo to act like curtains

This may be obvious…but using American flags* for Independence Day decorations is a great way to set the tone.

Small flags in a hanging basket are easy 4th of July patriotic decor

You don’t always have to hang them from a flagpole…hanging full-sized flags sideways from your gazebo or the sides of your porch is easy and very effective.

Red and white flowers in the garden compliment the 4th of July outdoor decor
Red and white flowers between the flags also go with the decor

I would love to say that I planned to have the red and white flowers blooming in the background…but in all honesty, I didn’t.

However, you could use red, white and blue flowers in a planter to achieve the same effect.

2 | Use Blue and White Vases

Blue and white vases with a red tablecloth are another way to create July 4th patriotic decor
Blue and white pottery with a red tablecloth

Another one of my easy fourth of July outdoor decor ideas is to use blue and white ginger jars* as part of the decor.

I love to use them as indoor decor, but they also work really well as an outdoor centerpiece.

Put them on top of a red table cloth…and voila! You have patriotic decor.

3 | Create Patriotic Candle Holders

Patriotic Mason Jar Candleholders are another of the Easy Fourth Of July Ourdoor Decor Ideas
Patriotic Mason Jar Candle Holders – Please visit Addicted 2 DIY if you want to pin this image

It seems like everyone has a few extra mason jars hanging around (and they’re not very expensive if you don’t). Why not re-purpose a few of them into patriotic candle holders for your 4th of July party?

You can find the step-by-step instructions for making these at addicted2diy.com.

4 | Add Some More Patriotic Candle Holders

Dyed rice makes a red, white and blue patriotic candleholder for July 4th decor

These DIY red, white and blue candle holders are a great way to add some patriotic decor to your party.

They are really fun to make, inexpensive and easy to do…a great craft project to do with kids!  So what’s not to like?

Click HERE to get the full tutorial for making these patriotic candle holders.

5 | Hang Red, White, and Blue Candles

Red, white and blue flameless tealights hanging from tree are an Easy 4th of July Outdoor Decorating Idea
Red, white and blue flame-less tealights hanging from tree

Add patriotic colors to your garden by hanging red, white and blue flame-less tealights in terrarium candle holders* from tree branches.

Red, white and blue tealights hanging from trees add to the July 4 patriotic decor
Red, white and blue tea lights hanging from trees add to the July 4 atmosphere

These tealights* have the added benefit of being on a timer. They turn on at the same time every day and stay on for 6 hours. So you can turn them on at the right time the day before your party, and it’s one less thing to worry about on the day of the event.

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6 | Even More Candle Holders

Red white and blue colored sand is another alternative for easy 4th of July candleholders

Another way to make your own red, white and blue candle holders is to use colored sand.

Red, white and and blue DIY candle holders

For these ones, I filled stemless wine glasses about one-quarter full with the red*, white* and blue sand*.

Then added some faux pearls* and a candle.

Red, white and blue sand candle holders | Easy 4th of July Outdoor Decorating Ideas

The same thing works with stemmed candle holders.

White and blue candleholders with a red table cloth for July 4th decorations

The crackled glass in these ones makes them look a little more elegant.

A red table cloth with white and blue candles is an easy 4th of July decorating idea

Get the step-by-step instructions for making these candle holders HERE.

7 | Provide Shade With Red, White and Blue Umbrellas

Red, white and blue umbrella covers create festive Independence Day outdoor decorations

Red, white and blue patio umbrellas provide shade and go with the color scheme.

If you already own the umbrellas, you can buy umbrella covers* in the colors you want without spending a lot of money (just make sure to count how many ribs your umbrella has so you get the right size).

Umbrellas with lights will keep the outdoor Independence Day party going at night

Or if you’re in the market for new umbrellas, these ones* even have little lights underneath them…which is very useful after dark!

8 | Create All-In-One Place Settings

Red, white and blue napkins work well for July 4th table settings

Filling a mason jar mug* with a red, white and blue napkin* and some cutlery makes it easy for your guests to pick up everything they need for your outdoor 4th of July cookout.

Cutlery and napkins in a mason jar is an easy way to serve for 4th of July bar-b-ques

Glasses with a chalkboard sign make sure that everyone remembers which one is theirs. Or if you are having a sit-down dinner, you could use them as place cards.

An American Flag tray adds to the 4th of July outdoor decorations

Putting the tableware out on an American Flag serving tray* adds to the decor and makes it easy for you to get everything organized.

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9 | Paint Lawn Stars

Painted lawn stars bring the 4th of July decor out into the yard

These lawn stars are a really fun and easy way to add to your 4th of July outdoor decor.

Click HERE to get the step-by-step instructions for making DIY painted lawn decorations.

10 | Use Food As Decor

Arrange the cupcakes in an American flag pattern to add to the patriotic decor
Arrange the cupcakes in a flag pattern

Making some mini cupcakes and arranging them in a flag pattern is an easy way to add to your decor.

Even better? These mini cheesecakes are actually really easy to make.

Click HERE if you want some more ideas for July 4th desserts.

Or if you’re looking for an adult treat that goes with the decor, these red, white and blue jello shots might be just the thing!

Find this patriotic jello shots recipe HERE.

11 | Make Your Own Patriotic Bunting

DIY Patriotic Bunting is an Easy Fourth Of July Ourdoor Decor Idea
DIY Patriotic Bunting – Please visit Create and Babble if you want to pin this image

If you’re looking for a traditional way to add some patriotic spirit to your 4th of July outdoor decor, try making your own bunting.

The best part of doing it yourself own is that you get to choose the fabrics, which makes for a very custom look! Find the step-by-step instructions at createandbabble.com.

Of course, if you don’t have the time to make them, you can always go for one of the store-bought versions*…which are usually not very expensive and just as easy to hang.

12 | Create a Wreath

DIY Patriotic Wreath is another one of the Easy Fourth Of July Outdoor Decor Ideas
DIY Patriotic Wreath – Please visit Capital B if you want to pin this image.

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas!

Adding a patriotic wreath to your door (like this DIY version from creativecapitalb.com) is a perfect way to welcome your guests on the 4th of July!

Of course, you don’t have to make the wreath yourself. There are lots of store-bought versions to be had as well.

And you don’t have to limit yourself to just the front door. I love to hang one on the privacy screen in my backyard. That way I can see it from the windows in the house.

13 | Add Small Flags

Small flags are easy red, white and blue decor

Small America Flags are really inexpensive and you can use the in all kinds of places for your July 4th party.

American flags co-ordinate with umbrella covers for more Easy Independence Day Outdoor Decor Ideas

Actually, you don’t even have to be having a party…stick a few flags in planters, around your mailbox or along your walkway to give your home some patriotic spirit.

Putting the flags in blue and white pots with red, white and blue flowers makes them really stand out.

Using blue wine bottles as a flag stand to create a patriotic centerpiece
American flags in a blue wine bottle are an easy centerpiece

Or you can use them as centerpieces by putting a couple of small American flags* in a blue wine bottle.

A blue tablecloth with some red, white and blue candles adds a little more ambiance.

In this case, the “tablecloth” is actually a chair cover. Chair covers are smaller than regular tablecloths so they generally fit my outdoor tables better…and they are much cheaper. Plus they have the added bonus that you can actually use them as a chair cover if you are having a more formal party at some point.

Hopefully, you have found a few easy outdoor decor ideas that you can use for your 4th of July party. I know I’ll be doing a few of these!

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Easy 4th of July Outdoor Decorating Ideas

4th of july outdoor decor ideas

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  1. Some really good ideas — love the colored rice! But what I loved the abstitively posolutely bestest was the link I could click to get it all at once instead of having to click through! 😉 Thanks for putting out a fun and useful blog!

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