Create Spooky Halloween Lighting With Uplights

Create Spooky Halloween Lighting With Uplights

Using uplights is a great way to create spooky Halloween lighting. They add drama to a room any time of the year but are especially effective with Halloween decor.

In this case, an up-light placed under the glass table that the skeletons are sitting around makes the gauze layered on the table glow. But this technique can be used for a lot of Halloween decorations…at the bottom of Halloween figurines, up walls and ceilings or under bushes and trees. Use different color lights to provide a different atmosphere.

Uplights like this are available in corded and battery-operated versions, and have the added benefit that they can be re-used for other functions throughout the year.

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What You Need

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  • Glass Top Accent Table
  • 2 Posable Skeletons
  • 2 Skulls
  • Natural Creepy Cloth
  • Black Flameless Candle
  • Uplight

How to Put It Together

1. Position the skeletons on either side of the table so that they look like they are having a conversation.

2. Place the uplight under the table, with the light pointing up.

3. Drape the creepy cloth over the top of the table. Ideally it should hang down in front of the light fixture so that it is less obvious.

4. Arrange the 2 skulls and the candle on the top of the table

5. Turn on the uplight (and turn down the other lights in the room, causing the gauze to glow).

Note #1: This scene is also lit by a hanging light fixture (not visible in the picture) with the standard bulb replaced by a red one which causes the red glow.

Note #2: Websites catering to the wedding industry often have interesting lighting and accessory options that can be re-purposed for your Halloween decor.

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