How To Decorate Your Chandelier for Halloween

How to decorate your chandelier for Halloween |
How To Decorate Your Chandelier For Halloween

It doesn’t take a lot of expensive props to add some Halloween ambiance to your dining area.

This scary chandelier was created by adding 4 easy-to-find items.

Keep reading to find out how to decorate your chandelier for Halloween.

What You Need

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How To Put The Scary Chandelier Together

This is the “normal” picture of my chandelier…so you can see the difference with the “after” 🙂

If your chandelier bulbs have shades on them (like mine does), you will need to take the shades off. The Halloween bulbs don’t give off much light, so covering them up with the shades will make them difficult to see.

Then change out your standard chandelier bulbs with flicker bulbs* to add lighting ambiance (very important for creating the scene!).

Stretchy spider webs need to be stretched really thin to look good

If you want a simple version of the Halloween chandelier decor, you can actually stop here. A few strands of stretchy spider web and it looks pretty spooky already!

Spanish Moss in Savannah
Spanish Moss in Savannah


However, I usually like to get a little more creative with my Halloween chandelier decorations…and Spanish moss is one of my go-to Halloween decorating accessories.

I always think Spanish moss looks a little spooky, like ghosts could be hanging out in there at night 🙂 It reminds me of Savannah…one of the most “haunted” and spooky cities in the country.

That’s why it works so well as a haunted house decoration 🙂

In case you hadn’t guessed it, the next step is to hang the Spanish moss from the chandelier arms.

Then string the small skulls around and on top of the moss.

Stretch the spider web across the room catching some of the strands on the chandelier for a realistic scary effect.

Then you’re all set to turn on your spooky Halloween chandelier!

If you prefer, you could also use colored lights instead of flicker bulbs. For this look, I replaced my chandelier bulbs with green Christmas tree lights. They also add a spooky atmosphere to the room!

Do you have comments or questions about how to decorate your chandelier for Halloween?  Tell us in the section below.

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  1. Where can you find the flicker bulbs

    1. Hi BJ…I usually order mine from Amazon. If you search for flicker bulbs, they should come up.