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Beetlejuice Outdoor Decor Ideas For Your Halloween Yard

If you’re a fan of the classic Tim Burton film, then Beetlejuice outdoor decor is the perfect theme for your lawn this Halloween season. From iconic characters to memorable scenes, there are plenty of ways to bring the whimsical charm of Tim Burton’s classic movie to life right in your front yard.

Beetlejuice outdoor decor ideas.

Every year I pick a theme for my annual Halloween party.

And then decorate my yard to go with the theme.

So it was only a matter of time before I got around to doing a Beetlejuice theme.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Tim Burton film, these Beetlejuice yard decorations offer a perfect blend of whimsy and spookiness that everyone loves.

From Beetlejuice lawn decorations that capture the essence of the Netherworld to larger-than-life Beetlejuice Halloween inflatables that command attention, there’s something for every fan of the film.

And I tried to use them all for my Beetlejuice yard decorations 🙂

So hopefully you can find a few ideas to that will work for your yard, too.

Note: You can find sources for everything I used at the bottom of the page.

1 | Entrance

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The entrance to a front yard with Beetlejuice-themed Halloween decorations and statues.

The entrance sets the tone for the entire Beetlejuice experience.

I placed two pillars on either side of the walkway to make the entry clear from the street.

Beetlejuice-themed house lit up with green and purple lights.

And hung a Beetlejuice sign on a mailbox post at the front of the yard.

As I do every year, I put up a Halloween fence around the parts of the yard where the props are so everyone knows where to walk. (And no one trips over the electrical cords.)

2 | Barbara and Adam Maitland

A couple of skeletons dressed as Adam and Barbara Maitland sitting on a bench in an outdoor yard.

Pay homage to the Maitlands by dressing up skeletons to look like them.

Add the scary-face masks for an extra spooky factor.

Place them near the entrance of the cemetery to remind visitors of their tragic fate.

3 | Beetlejuice Sandworm Inflatable

A large inflatable sandworm in the front yard.

A Beetlejuice yard decoration list wouldn’t be complete without the sandworm.

I went with the large 10-foot inflatable sandworm that lights up so you can see him at night.

And the tongue on this one moves around in circles to make it extra creepy.

Skeletons dressed as the Maitlands sitting on a bench in front of a 10-foot inflatable sandworm.

Then positioned him behind the bench where the Maitlands were seated.

You could also go with the sandworm groundbreaker prop if you don’t want an inflatable.

4 | Cemetery

A Beetlejuice-themed gravestone with a green light as outdoor decor.

No Beetlejuice-themed yard would be complete without a cemetery.

A gravestone and a carved pumpkin in a Halloween yard display.

I added a bunch of tombstones with skeleton bones, battery-operated lanterns and pumpkins.

Beetlejuice-inspired yard decor featuring a Betelgeuse gravestone

Then added a “Here lies Betelgeuse” gravestone as the centerpiece.

A Here Lies Betelgeuse tombstone lit up in red at night.

I bought one with the red down arrow that lights up like the one in the movie.

5 | Life-sized Beetlejuice Animatronic

Life-sized Beetlejuice animatronic in the middle of a front yard Halloween cemetery.

You can add a touch of life to your yard with a 5.8 ft Beetlejuice animatronic.

This life-sized figure sits on top of a gravestone and says some of Beetlejuice’s iconic lines, ensuring that your guests get a spooky greeting.

A Beetlejuice animatronic in a front yard Halloween graveyard.

He is IR-sensor activated so you’ll want to position him close to where people are walking. Then he’ll start talking when they go by.

The IR-sensor does work pretty well so he doesn’t have to be in a well-lit area.

6 | Beetlejuice Sign

A white archway with a Beetlejuice sign hung from the top

I hung the blinking Beetlejuice sign from the top of the arbor in my front yard.

It’s another iconic prop from the movie and helps to call attention to the walkway.

Beetlejuice outdoor decor.

And looks awesome at night.

7 | Waiting Room

Beetlejuice waiting room with the shrunken head man and diver with shark in the front yard

On the other side of the arbor, I recreated part of the iconic waiting room scene by dressing up a couple of skeletons as the shrunken head man and the dead diver.

Skeletons dressed like they're in the Beetlejuice waiting room

To make sure nobody tripped, I had the shark biting his arm instead of his leg like it was in the movie.

You could also add a check-in desk with a skeleton dressed like Miss Argentina sitting behind it. (This idea didn’t occur to me until it was too late to do it.)

8 | Lighting

A Beetlejuice-inspired outdoor decor with green flood lights.

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood.

Opt for green and purple lighting to give your yard a supernatural glow.

I did this with green LED flood lights to help illuminate the scene.

Beetlejuice sign at the top of an arbor lit with purple and green string lights

And LED Christmas lights wrapped around the tree, bushes and arbor.

Both of these have a remote control which lets you change the color. So you can re-use the lights for different themes every year.

And the string lights just happen to have a green and purple setting where the two colors alternate.

An outdoor house decorated for Halloween with green lights and Beetlejuice decorations.

You can also use flickering solar lanterns to mimic the eerie atmosphere of the Netherworld.

9 | Add fog

A jack-o-lantern in a yard with purple lights and fog.

I think all Halloween displays are made a little spookier with some fog. Especially when they involve a graveyard.

So I used a fog machine and my usual trick for getting the fog to stay close to the ground.

A Beetlejuice-inspired outdoor decor with green and purple lights for Halloween.

Incorporating these Beetlejuice outdoor decor ideas will surely make your yard a Halloween hit.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for a unique theme, Beetlejuice yard decorations offer a perfect blend of humor, eeriness, and nostalgia.

So, say his name three times, and let the haunting begin!


Click the images below to go to the sources for the props I used.

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