Beetlejuice Halloween Tree

Last Updated: November 1, 2023

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Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to embrace the spooky spirit than by decorating a Beetlejuice Halloween Tree? Inspired by Tim Burton’s classic film, Beetlejuice, this whimsical tree is sure to be the focal point of your Halloween décor.

how to decorate a Beetlejuice Halloween tree

This Beetlejuice Halloween tree is the perfect balance between eerie and classy.

The black and white scheme with pops of lime green and purple can be both sophisticated and haunting.

And adds to the Beetlejuice party theme without being too literal.

The result is a stylish focal point that adds a touch of whimsical elegance to your Halloween party.



You can use a white Christmas tree instead of a black on if you prefer.

In this case, substitute black feather boas for the white ones.

All the other decorations can remain the same.

1 | Put up your tree

To recreate the quirky and eerie atmosphere of Beetlejuice, start by putting up a black Christmas tree.

This will serve as the perfect canvas for our Beetlejuice-inspired decorations.

The black branches give an otherworldly feel and will make the additional decorations stand out.

2 | Add feathery stripes

Black Halloween tree wrapped with white feather boas

We’ll begin by adding “stripes” using white feather boas.

String the boas around the tree between the branches, leaving open black branches in between.

3 | Wrap mesh ribbon

Black Halloween tree wrapped with white feather boas and lime green mesh ribbon

Now, let’s add some color!

Tie lime green mesh ribbon to a branch at the top of the tree.

Wrap it around the tree going down on an angle.

Pouf the ribbon out so it sticks out a little beyond the branches.

Then push the ribbon into the tree and wrap a branch around it to keep it in place.

Keep going around the tree this way until you get to the bottom.

4 | Hang paper lanterns

Small black, white, purple and green paper lanterns hung on a black Halloween tree

You can’t have a tree without some ornaments.

But instead of regular Christmas tree ornaments, I used small white, purple and lime green paper lanterns.

They came as part of a package that I used as other decorations for my Beetlejuice party. So they didn’t cost me any extra money.

I like the texture they add to the tree. And the colors are perfect for the Beetlejuice theme.

5 | Add DIY Beetlejuice ornaments

DIY Beetlejuice ornaments, hung on a black Halloween tree with other black, white, purple and green tree decorations

No Beetlejuice tree is complete without some themed ornaments.

So I created some easy, inexpensive ones with the most common Beetlejuice sayings on them.

And put them up on the tree, too.

For more details, read the step-by-step instructions on how to make our DIY Beetlejuice ornaments.

6 | Create Sandworms

One of the most memorable creatures from Beetlejuice is the sandworm.

So I wanted to add some black and white striped “worms” to mimic them.

The leg of a black and white striped stocking

To make them, cut the legs off black and white stockings.

Pool noodle being inserted into a black and white striped stocking

Insert pool noodles or pillow stuffing into them.

Cut the pool noodle so it is a little shorter than the length of the stocking.

Zip tie around the end of a "sandworm" made from a black and white striped stocking and a pool noodle

Then use zip ties to close the end of the stockings.

7 | Add the sandworms to the tree

Black and white striped sandworms on a Beetlejuice Halloween tree with other black, white, purple and green decorations

Position your sandworms creatively among the branches.

Stick both ends of each worm into the tree while allowing the body to stick out past the end of the branches.

This makes them appear as if they are slithering in and out of the tree.

8 | Put up the ultimate tree topper

A replica of the "handbook for the recently deceased" used as a tree topper on a Beetlejuice Halloween tree

For a Beetlejuice-themed tree topper, I used a replica of the “Handbook for the Recently Deceased”.

This quirky addition is the perfect nod to the film.

To make it stay, I rested it on top of a couple of branches at the top of the tree and leaned the back up on the stem.

9 | Lay down a striped tree skirt

Black and white striped tree skirt at the bottom of a Beetlejuice Halloween tree

To complete the Beetlejuice theme, lay down a black and white striped tree skirt at the base of your tree.

It will cover the stand and add to the color theme at the same time.

The finished tree

Beetlejuice Halloween tree in front of a black and white striped background

And that’s it! Your Beetlejuice Halloween Tree is complete.

This show-stopping decoration is sure to be the talk of your Halloween party, so get ready to receive plenty of compliments on your spooktacular creation!

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