Printable Beetlejuice Banner

This DIY printable Beetlejuice banner is a stunning focal point decoration for a Beetlejuice party. With some printable letters, a glue stick, and a little creativity, you’ll have your space looking like something straight out of the Netherworld. And with our free printable, it’s super easy and inexpensive to make.

DIY Beetlejuice banner for a Halloween party

Creating a DIY Beetlejuice banner is a fun and easy way to add a touch of whimsy and spookiness to your Halloween party.

It’s a tribute to a film that has captured the imaginations of generations.

Each letter uses one sheet of 8½” x 11″ paper per letter.

So it’s big enough to make a statement.

And since it’s a standard size using black ink, you can easily print it on your home printer.

Here’s how you can make it happen in a few simple steps.


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  • Printer with 8½” x 11″ paper and black ink
  • Free banner printable – Available from our resource library in the Beetlejuice Party section.
  • Glue stick – You can also use regular white glue, but glue sticks are less messy.
  • Pins or tape – To put up the banner.
  • Black lights (optional) – To really turn the banner into a focal point. I used 2 of these ones.

How to make a DIY Beetlejuice banner

Here are the step-by-step instructions for making this printable banner.

1 | Print the Beetlejuice letters

printed Beetlejuice banner letters and a glue gun

Before we start assembling the banner, the first thing you’ll need is the Beetlejuice letters.

Luckily for you, printable letters are available in our Resource Library, under the Beetlejuice Party heading.

If you don’t have access to our resource library, all you need to do is become a member by signing up for our newsletter. Then you’ll have access to all of our print-ables for free.

2 | Arrange them creatively

Beetlejuice banner letters arranged on a table

Once you have printed out the letters, lay them all out on a flat surface.

Beetlejuice is all about the bizarre and the unconventional, so let’s not make a boring straight-line banner.

Instead, arrange the letters in a staggered pattern to give it that off-kilter, supernatural vibe.

Make sure that each letter overlaps slightly with the next, so the banner will hold together nicely.

Play around with the arrangement until you find the one that screams Beetlejuice the loudest!

3 | Glue them together

Glue stick putting glue on a piece of paper

Now that you’ve got the arrangement down, it’s time to turn those individual letters into a bona fide banner.

A glue stick works great for this purpose because it’s easy to use and doesn’t make a mess. But regular white glue will work, too.

Apply glue where the first and second letters overlap.

Two banner letters glued together

Press the first letter firmly onto the glued area, ensuring they adhere securely.

Then repeat the same process for the rest of the letters in the banner.

Don’t worry if they are not perfectly straight. It actually looks better when they’re not.

4 | Hang the banner up

DIY Beetlejuice banner hung on black and white striped curtains

Your Beetlejuice banner is almost ready for its big debut! Find a spot that could use a dash of the ghostly.

Then you can pin it to your curtains or a backdrop. (This is what I did, and the sign really stands out against the black and white striped background.)

Or use tape to attach the banner directly to the wall. However, if you are planning to use black lights, don’t use scotch tape. It glows in the dark.

5 | Make it glow with black lights

DIY Beetlejuice banner lit with black lights

While not absolutely necessary, this step is the icing on the spooky cake. To really bring your Beetlejuice banner to life (or afterlife), use black lights to make the letters glow eerily.

I placed the lights on the floor pointing up so that they illuminated the banner.

But you can position them anywhere close by. Just make sure they won’t shine in people’s eyes or detract from your decor.

Then when you switch them on, your Beetlejuice banner will take on an otherworldly aura!

The finished banner

DIY Beetlejuice banner hung above a black sofa with Adam and Barbara Maitland and a ghost

By following these easy steps, you can create a captivating DIY Beetlejuice banner that will instantly transform your living space into a whimsical and spooky setting. Perfect for a Halloween party.

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