Harry Potter Table Decor Ideas

My Harry Potter Halloween party was one of my favorite parties of all time. Creating separate Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw tablescapes played a big part in turning my living room into the Great Hall. Which you can do too, with these Harry Potter table decor ideas.

Harry Potter table decor ideas

A couple of years ago, I hosted a Harry Potter party where I wanted to re-create the Hogwarts great hall in my living room. On a much smaller scale of course!

One of the big elements in the great hall is the long tables where each of the school houses sit.

Since I don’t have the space (or the tables) to actually set those long tables, I decided to create smaller versions of each of them, using the house colors and crests to make them different.

For my party, I did 4 tables (for each of the Hogwart’s school houses), but you could just go with one or two of them if you don’t need to seat that many people.

Keep reading to see all of the Harry Potter table decor ideas that I came up with.

Harry Potter house colors

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The first thing to know for creating these table decorations is the Harry Potter house colors:

  • Gryffindor: Red and gold
  • Slytherin: Green and silver
  • Ravenclaw: Blue and bronze
  • Hufflepuff: Yellow and black

While I wanted each of the tables to be different and represent their house colors, I also wanted to keep some continuity between them.

So I decided on some basic table decor ideas that I would use on all of them:

With the basics out of the way, we’re ready to decorate some tables!

Gryffindor table decor ideas

Red, gold and black Gryffindor tablescape with the Gryffindor crest pinned to the table runner

The first table setting that I created using my Harry Potter table decor ideas was the Gryffindor house tablescape.

Since Gryffindor House is the one that Harry Potter belonged to, I used my biggest table for this table setting. Which isn’t really a big table (it only seats six), but it’s bigger than some of the others 🙂

As I mentioned above, I used a black tablecloth on all of the tables and black chair covers on all of the chairs.

That helps to make all of my mismatched chairs and tables look like they belong together.

Harry Potter table decor for Gryffindor house using red table runner and napkins with a black tablecloth and black wine glasses

For this Harry Potter table setting, I used red as the main color for the table runner and the napkins.

Then pinned a printable Gryffindor house crest to the front of the runner.

Black chair cover with red chair sash for Gryffindor table decor at a Harry Potter party

The red chair sash is the same color as the runner and the napkins on the table which helps to tie them all together.

The place setting

Red and gold place setting for a Harry Potter Gryffindor tablescape

For the place settings, I used a gold charger, white dinner plates and matte black salad plates.

The cutlery and the napkin rings are both gold to go with the Gryffindor house colors.

Red, gold and black place settings on the Gryffindor table

Pink water goblets and black wine glasses finish off the Gryffindor place setting.

Gryffindor centerpiece

The Gryffindor table centerpiece at a Harry Potter party

For the centerpiece on this Harry Potter table setting, I used black, white and gold accents that would stand out against the red runner.

Little black vases with faux flowers, brass candle sticks and white candles are all easy to add to the centerpiece.

Spell book, black wine glasses and candles used for Harry Potter party table decor

This DIY black lace candle holder is made from a mason jar and sits on top of a spellbook prop (I got this at Michael’s around Halloween).

Harry Potter table centerpiece with Hedwig stuffed owl in a white bird cage

The white bird cage has an owl inside (which you can’t see very well in the picture)…my version of Hedwig.

Red and gold place settings for Gryffindor house table decorations

Gryffindor table sources

Slytherin tablescape

Green, silver and black table setting with a Slytherin house crest on a green table runner

The next table setting for my Harry Potter table decor ideas is for Slytherin house with the colors silver and green.

I used the same black tablecloth, chair covers and wine glasses as I did for the first table.

But this time the runner and napkins are green, with the Slytherin crest pinned to the front of the table.

Silver and green Slytherin house place settings used for Harry Potter table decor

The chair sashes are the same color green as the napkins. Are you sensing a pattern here?

Slytherin place setting

Green napkin with a silver napkin ring on black and white plates

For this Harry Potter table setting, I used silver chargers, matte black dinner plates and white salad plates.

The napkin rings are silver and the napkins are green.

Harry Potter table decor for Slytherin house

Silver cutlery and green water glasses finish off the Slytherin house place setting.

The centerpiece

Syltherin house centerpiece made with silver candles, DIY potion jars and faux roses

The centerpiece for this Harry Potter table decor is made up of small vases (that look like potion jars) with faux flowers and silver candle sticks.

Glass vases with black spray paint

These vases are actually meant for wedding favors so they’re very inexpensive.

Small glass vases that have been spray painted with chalkboard paint and black lacquer

I spray painted some of them with chalkboard paint and some with black lacquer to make them look like I wanted them to.

Slytherin table centerpiece made with with candle tree and a green uplight

Then as the focal point of the table, I installed a candle tree draped with a faux crystal string and a green uplight at the bottom of it.

The light really makes the table stand out.

Harry Potter table decorations for Slytherin house using green, silver and black

Slytherin table sources

Ravenclaw table setting

Blue and gold table decorations with a Slytherin crest on a blue table runner

Ravenclaw House is the next tablescape I set up.

The house colors are blue and bronze. But to be honest, I used gold instead of bronze. It’s pretty similar in color and I have more of it 🙂

Once again, this table has the same black tablecloth, black chair covers and black wine glasses.

The table runner, chair covers and napkins are all the main house color – blue.

And the Ravenclaw house crest is pinned to the front of the table runner.

The place setting

Blue and gold Ravenclaw place setting

This table is quite a bit smaller than the other two tables I have done so far, so I wasn’t able to fit many “extras” onto the tablescape.

For dinnerware, I went with a gold glass charger and a blue-rimmed white plate.

I love the sparkly napkin rings which go with pretty much any thing because of all the colors.

Place setting with a blue napkin and water glass, gold charger and cutlery, and black wine glasses

Gold cutlery and blue water glasses finish off the Ravenclaw House place setting.

Ravenclaw table centerpiece

Ravenclaw table centerpiece made with a candle tree uplit in blue

With the small size of the table, there wasn’t much room for a Ravenclaw House centerpiece.

A candle tree hung with faux crystals and a blue uplight fits perfectly in the middle of the table. And the light really makes the centerpiece stand out. This is one of my favorite ways of adding some drama to a table!

Ravenclaw table sources

Hufflepuff table decorations

Yellow and black Hufflepuff table decorations

The final tablescape I created using my Harry Potter table decor ideas was for Hufflepuff House.

The Hufflepuff house colors are black and yellow. As with the other tables, I went with a black tablecloth, black chair covers and black wine glasses.

The table runner, napkins and chair covers are all the same color yellow.

Yellow napkin on black and white plates with a table runner that has the Hufflepuff crest

And I pinned the Hufflepuff house crest to the front of the runner.

The place setting

Hufflepuff House place setting with a yellow napkin and table runner and black and white plates

As you can see, this is the smallest one of my tables, so I didn’t have much room to work with when it came to the Hufflepuff House centerpieces and place settings.

Since there wasn’t enough room for chargers, I used black dinner plates with white salad plates right on top of the runner. Since those are the Hufflepuff House colors, it actually worked out pretty well.

Yellow and black Hufflepuff place setting

I did have room for the black wine glasses that I used on all of the tables as well as some gold-stemmed water glasses. That’s as close to yellow glasses as I could come up with 🙂

For cutlery, I decided to go with silver just to add a little contrast to all the yellow. And the sparkly napkin rings help with that, too.

The centerpiece

Black candelabra used as the centerpiece for Hufflepuff table

With the size of the table being so small, my centerpiece space was very limited. So a small black candelabra was about all I could fit.

But it still works since it fits in with the Hufflepuff House colors.

Hufflepuff table sources

Harry Potter table decor ideas for Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff houses

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Have comments or questions on our Harry Potter table decor ideas? Tell us in the section below.

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