How to Make An Easy Candy Cane Christmas Centerpiece


Looking for a quick and easy way to add to your Christmas table decor? Try this red and white Christmas centerpiece made with candy canes.

It’s simple, easy and inexpensive, but still looks elegant and feels “Christmas-y”.

MATERIALS Tin can or mason jar Double-sided tape Candy Canes Scotch Tape Red and White Ribbon Velcro Dots Pine Cones Wood Skewer Sticks Red and/or White Flowers Evergreen Stems

If your can (or mason jar) has a label, remove it and make sure the container is clean.

Wind the double-sided tape around the middle of the can or jar.  I had mounting tabs on hand, so that’s what I used…but regular double-sided tape would be a little faster.

Stick the candy canes onto the double sided tape.

Keep adding candy canes until they completely surround the can.

Wrap scotch tape around the candy canes to hold them in place

Tie a ribbon around the outside of the candy canes

Stick a wood skewer into the bottom of the pine cone

Cut the flowers a little taller than the height of the can. Add evergreen sprigs and pine cone picks.

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