Beautiful Gold and Copper Fall Table Setting

Last Updated: April 15, 2024

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Whether you’re hosting a Sunday brunch, a fall dinner party, or Thanksgiving dinner, take your decor up a notch with this gold and copper fall table setting.

Copper fall table setting

When I did my Fall Home Tour a couple of weeks ago, I might have mentioned (once or twice) that I’m not a big fan of orange. So I decided to do use copper and teal as the fall accent colors in most of the house.

And that meant coming up with a copper fall tablescape for my dining table that would go with the rest of the decor.

Okay…to be completely honest…the table was the first thing that I decorated.

I also mentioned previously that this was my first year decorating my house for fall. And when I started out, I had a really hard time getting into the swing of it.

But I’ve done lots of table settings in the past. So I decided to start with the easy part…the table.

As a side note, that’s one of the tricks I always do when I’m not feeling particularly inspired. Start working on the part that I have the most confidence in, and by the time I’m finished with that, ideas for the rest of the space seem easier to come by.

Anyhow, back to the table…I didn’t show much of it during the home tour because I thought I would go through my process for putting my copper fall table decor together.

The First Copper Fall Table (Fail!)

Black, white and copper mini pumpkins on a black and white striped table cloth

My natural inclination when I start decorating this time of year is to go Halloween-y.

And my table definitely started out that way. I was originally thinking of doing a black, white and copper tablescape to go with my DIY pumpkins.

Black, white and copper fall table setting

But after doing a trial run, it seemed too…well, black and white.

So back to the drawing board.

Copper Fall Tablescape Version 2

Fortunately for me, I happened to be at TJ Maxx a couple of days later right when they were putting out their fall merchandise. And saw a gold-leaf patterned table cloth, which I thought was perfect. The gold leaves remind me of fall, and there’s no orange in sight!

Plus I could use my no-fail formula for putting together a table setting without having to buy anything extra. What’s the formula you ask? Pick a metallic and a color from the tablecloth, place mats or runner. Then use that to determine the rest of the place setting. I have lots of gold and white table accessories!

Gold magnolia leaf placemat on white and gold leaf tablecloth

I started with these pretty gold magnolia leaf placemats*.

I had tried them out on the black and white table cloth, and decided that I liked them.

Gold, white and black place setting on a white and gold leaf tablecloth

And added some white chargers*, white and black plates* and a gold-rimmed glass accent plate* that all go really well with the table cloth.

Black and white napkins with a copper pumpkin napkin holder

Then I saw these awesome pumpkin napkin rings (and had to get them).

They have both gold and copper tones in them so they are perfect for my mixed metal tablescape.

Copper pumpkin napkin holder on a white and gold table setting

I love the way the white and gold is repeated up through the place setting layers.

White, black and copper mini pumpkin centerpiece

Adding my DIY mini-pumpkins tied the table in with the rest of my fall decor.

But the napkins seemed a little boring.

Copper pumpkin napkin ring on white and gold napkins

So I spiced them up a bit by layering two of them together (my new favorite table decorating obsession!)

And I was pretty happy with it.

Copper Autumn Table Decor, Take 3

If I was serving a family style dinner with serving bowls and plates on the table, I might have stayed with my copper fall table Version 2. It was really fast to put together and had lots of open table space to put things on.

But I wasn’t. And I had a picture in my head of a lush “pumpkin patch” running down the middle of the table. (This wasn’t it.)

Plus I felt like it needed a little more copper to make the table fit in better with the rest of the house.

Copper wine glasses are perfect for a copper fall table

When I ran across these copper wine glasses* on sale, I figured that was a sign.

Copper fall table centerpiece

And remember that trip to TJ Maxx? The one where they were just putting out their fall stuff?

Copper fall table candle and pumpkins

Well, I also managed to pick up quite a few ceramic pumpkins, apples and pears, as well as a few copper candles.

All perfect for my table centerpiece.

Copper fall table centerpiece with candles and wine glasses

So the only thing I needed was the “lush” part…and that was easily solved with a trip to Michael’s.

I picked up a couple of faux vines – one with just leaves and the other with white and teal flowers which definitely helped!

Copper fall table setting

Then I just had to play around with the pumpkin placement. Putting them on alternate sides of the vines and making sure I didn’t have too many of the same color or size all together helps give it a balanced feel.

Copper candles in a leafy fall table centerpiece

Finally adding some copper votive candles (another TJ Maxx find) creates light at the lower levels.

Copper fall table settings

Fall Table Setting, Try #4

When all was said and done, I liked version 3. But something was just a little off.

Now the table seemed a little too busy.

Copper fall table centerpiece with vines and copper candles

I realized I didn’t really need the gold magnolia leaf place mats.

Copper fall table with white, black and copper mini pumpkins in the centerpiece

With the centerpiece, they were a bit too much.

So I took them off.

Gold and copper fall table

That definitely gave the table a little more breathing room.

But now I felt like the white chargers were blending in a little TOO much

I Finally Got It!

Gold and copper table setting with pumpkin napkin ring

Finally, I replaced the white chargers, with gold rimmed glass chargers*.

They add a little more definition to the place settings but don’t feel as overpowering as the place mats did.

Gold and copper fall table setting with white and black mini pumpkins in the centerpiece

And now I absolutely love it!

It took 5 tries, but I finally got it the way I want it.

Gold and copper fall table setting

So much for the table being the easiest part of the room to do 🙂

By the time I was finished, I was definitely ready to move on and do some fall decorating in the other areas of my house…so I guess I accomplished my goal.

Gold and copper fall table setting

Hopefully, you have found some fall table inspiration for your own home. Now I’m on to planning my Halloween decor!

Copper Fall Table Sources

Some of the original items are not available anymore. In those cases, I have linked to something similar where possible.

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This post was originally published on October 6, 2017 but was updated with new content on April 15, 2024.

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  1. Aunty Elaine says:

    Stunning! Love it. I’ll be there for dinner!

    1. Thanks, Aunt Elaine! I loved the way it turned out to 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Sooo beautiful and luxurious as is everything you do,
    Wanda! What strikes, me all the time, is you seem to have never-ending tableware, decorations etc. Where the heck do you store it all? You must either have a storage vault or a snazzy garage with cabinet space galore! It’s always a treat when getting your posts! I get excited, get a good n’ hot cup of coffee and dream away! ps: that you always give sources for many of the ‘props’ is an added tidbit that is so helpful!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Janie! I’m happy you like it. I think I’m a bit of a tableware hoarder 🙂 Storage is definitely an issue! Pretty much every possible storage space has organizers for dishes and table decor…and I had to build a shed for all of the bigger stuff. Expanding to the garage is probably the next step. Either that or I have to move to a bigger house 🙂

    1. I love the copper and gold together, too 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I like it. I’m a huge fan of copper. Looks like a lot of your things came from Pier One. Unless it is on sale I feel their prices are somewhat expensive. IMO

    1. Thanks, Donna! You’re right…I did get quite a few of the things on this table from Pier 1. But I agree with you. I usually wait until they are on sale to buy them 🙂