Blue and White Outdoor Dinner Party Table Setting

Last Updated: February 12, 2024

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For elegant but easy garden party decor, ginger jars and hydrangeas are a beautiful combination. They were the inspiration for this blue and white outdoor dinner party table setting.

Blue and white outdoor dinner party table setting

All summer I’ve been wanting to host a garden party.

But with all the rain, heat and current state of affairs, it just hasn’t happened.

So when the weather finally started to cool down a little last week, I decided to compromise and just have a couple of friends over for dinner.

That way I can still have fun putting together some garden party table decorations, even if getting a bunch of people together isn’t possible right now.

And I just happen to have a new table on the patio that’s down the path from my deck.

So this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it for the first time!

The Temporary Patio Light Poles

White candle chandelier hanging over an outdoor table setting

The one problem with this patio is that it doesn’t have very much lighting.

Which I thought I could solve by putting up candle chandeliers above the table.

But I didn’t have anywhere to hang them.

Then I remembered an outdoor dinner party that Leslie from hosted, where she used old columns to create a temporary pergola. (Her outdoor dinner was absolutely gorgeous, so be sure to head over to her site to take a look! You can see it HERE.)

I didn’t own any old house columns, but I figured I could buy some new ones. (I found them HERE*).

And while she installed hers on the grass, mine needed to stand up on the patio.

Bar cart on an outdoor patio with a temporary lighting pole beside it

Which required a little creative thinking and a couple of heavy-duty umbrella stands.

Fortunately, I’ve done something similar with a pirate ship mast for my Halloween decorations a couple of years ago, so that part came together pretty quickly (Stay tuned for a post on how I put up the temporary light poles).

Dinner Party Lighting

White candle chandelier hung from a temporary outdoor light pole

Since I was only setting one small table, I decided to go with two columns and strung a plastic chain between them that I could hang the chandeliers from.

In case you’re wondering why I chose chain instead of string?

The main reason is that the chain links are easy to hang things on…they keep the lights from moving around. (And I also happened to have it left over from another year’s Halloween decorations).

Three white candle chandeliers hung over an outdoor tablescape

Cutting up coat hangers is an easy and inexpensive way to get larger hooks that still fit through the chain link holes easily.

I was originally going to use three of the chandeliers and hooking them into the chain links kept them from sliding into each other.

Three white candle chandeliers hung over a blue and white outdoor dinner party table setting

However after the table was set, it looked a little busy.

Since I was trying to keep things simple, I decided to go with just one chandelier over the table.

Why Bar Carts Are Great For Outdoor Dining

The next obstacle to overcome is that this table is not very convenient for schlepping dishes, candles, flowers, food, etc. back and forth to the house.

Bar cart to the rescue!

Bar cart with dishes on an outdoor patio

To set the table, I put all of my dishes, candles and vases on the cart in the house.

Then wheeled them all out to the patio at one time.

Candles and an ice bucket with champagne on a bar cart outside

It’s great at meal time, too, because you can use it to serve food and drinks. Like a mobile buffet.

Then pile all of the dishes on it after dinner to bring everything back in the house. Definitely a time saver!

Bar cart with flowers, candles and champagne on a patio in front of a hydrangea

One Note: I don’t usually put things that fall over easily (like wine glasses) on the bar cart while I’m wheeling it around outside.

Since decks and patios can be bumpy, things like that tend to tip over and get broken.

The Blue and White Outdoor Place Setting

Blue and white outdoor tablescape with a candle chandelier hung above the table

If you’ve seen any of my other tablescapes, you know that I usually mix and match dishes.

Partly because I don’t have enough dishes of one pattern to give everyone the same place setting.

And partly because I like the look of it.

Blue and white dishes with a copper charger on an outdoor table

But this time, I went with matching place settings for a few reasons:

  • There were only four of us (so I had enough dishes)
  • I really like this blue and white dish pattern.
  • And to be honest, I was feeling a little lazy. You don’t have to think as much when you go with all the same pattern.

To mix it up a bit, I used copper chargers.

I love the way the candle light reflects off them!

And to keep it simple, I didn’t use placemats.

Blue and white outdoor place setting

Some blue napkins and gold-rimmed flutes finished the outdoor place setting.

My Outdoor Dining Table Centerpiece

Since the table was set with my favorite blue and white dishes, I figured I might as well use my favorite blue and white ginger jars for the centerpiece.

Blue and white ginger jar centerpiece with blue and white hydrangeas on an outdoor table

I filled one of them with a huge bunch of blue and white hydrangeas.

Blue and white outdoor dining table centerpiece made with ginger jars, flowers and candles

And alternated the others with tall white candles.

Blue and white ginger jars and candles used as a centerpiece on an outdoor table

Making sure that there weren’t any tall jars blocking people from seeing each other across the table. (That’s a pet peeve of mine…not being able to see who you’re talking to!)

The Garden Table Seating

Blue and white outdoor tablescape with garden stools used as chairs

Using garden stools as the seating at the table was a bit controversial.

I put them out there because they looked really pretty with the table.

But I was fully expecting to swap the garden stools out for more comfortable seats once we sat down to eat.

Blue and white outdoor dinner party table setting with garden stools and a white candle chandelier

However, the stools are much more comfortable than they look!

Surprisingly, no-one took me up on my offer for proper chairs.

Blue and white garden party table decor

So that’s my blue and white garden party table decor.

And the best part about it?

It took less than an hour to set the whole thing up (including putting up the light poles!)

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This post was originally published on August 27, 2020 but was updated with new content on February 12, 2024.

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  1. Hi, this table scape is gorgeous. Can you share the chandelier source please? Thanks.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thanks Mira…I bought the chandeliers from Wayfair but it doesn’t look like they carry them anymore. And I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else. Sorry!

  2. This is gorgeous Wanda – the table AND the garden! So happy to have found your beautiful site, and I hope I get to meet you for real soon! Thanks for all the beauty and inspiration!

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thanks, Barbara! It’s one of my favorite tablescapes, too 🙂