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How to Create Spooky Halloween Planters

How to Create Spooky Halloween Planters | www.entertainingdiva.com
How to Create Spooky Halloween Planters

Spooky Halloween planters are an example of a Halloween twist on an every day decor item.  They look great in the front entry way, on either side of your garage door, or anywhere else that you would normally have planters with plants in them.

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Halloween Planter 1: Skulls and Spanish Moss

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How to Create Spooky Halloween Planters
Skulls and spanish moss

This is a really easy, spooky planter to make.  The Spanish Moss reminds me of old Savannah graveyards (very spooky!), and it’s great for all kinds of Halloween decorations.Want to see more Spanish Moss? Check out our post on how to decorate your chandelier for Halloween.

How To Put It Together

1.  Fill the planter 3/4 full with the dirt, gravel sand or floral Styrofoam.  This is just filler so that you don’t have to fill the whole thing up with moss.

2.  If you want to use lights, spread them around on the top of the filler.

3.  Spread the Spanish Moss across the top of the planter, trailing some of it over the side of the planter.  If you are using lights, the moss should cover most of the light string.

4.  Spread the skulls over the moss.

Halloween Planter 2:  Pumpkin and Witches Legs

How To Create Spooky Halloween Planters
How To Create Spooky Halloween Planters

This is a fun planter that adds a little more color to your Halloween decor.  Both the urn filler and the lighted pumpkin add lighting, and the urn can be reused for planting flowers during the summer.

How To Put It Together

1  You may want to move the urn to its final resting spot before starting to put it together since they can be heavy and moving them afterwards can mess up your carefully-arranged décor.

2  Fill half full with dirt, gravel or sand.

3  Stick the witches’ legs into the dirt at the back of the urn.

4  Settle the urn filler into the urn.

5  Add the pumpkin on top of the urn filler.

Halloween Planter 3:  Add Lights To Grasses

Lights in planter with grass
Lights in planter with grass

If you have a planter that you have been growing grasses or other tall plants in all summer, you can simply add some string lights to the grass.  Place a Halloween skeleton in front of the grass for added spookiness.

How To Put It Together

1. String the lights along the length of the grass.

2. Position the skeletons in front of the planter.

Halloween Planter 4:  Make A Bat Tree

Paper bat tree
Paper bat tree

via uncommondesignsonline.com

Try creating a bat tree using manzanita (or spooky) branches, newspaper and paper bats.  The branches are held in place with floral foam.  See the step by step instructions at uncommondesignsonline.com.

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