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Grinch Bingo (A Free Printable Christmas Game)

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If you’re looking for an easy Christmas game to play with friends and family, this Grinch bingo is a fun way to watch the classic show (or one of the movie versions). With our free printable randomly-generated bingo cards, you can have as many players as you want and it’s simple enough for almost all ages.

printable Grinch Bingo game

During the holiday season, games are a great way to spend time with family and friends that gets everyone involved.

Since I always have a wide range of ages at my holiday get-togethers and I’m never quite sure how many people are going to show up, I like games that aren’t too complicated. And that can be played by 2 people or 20.

Which is why bingo is a great option.

Most people already know how to play (although this version is a little different than traditional bingo, but more on that later).

And it works regardless of the number of players (especially with my randomly-generated Grinch bingo cards, so you can create as many as you need).

Now let’s play some Bingo!

Grinch Bingo Supplies

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You don’t need much to play Grinch bingo:

  • one of the Grinch shows or movies – you can watch the original How The Grinch Stole Christmas show on TV (or rent it HERE*), or rent/buy either of the more recent movies (find the 2000 Jim Carrey version HERE* or the 2018 animated version HERE*)
  • my printable Grinch bingo cards – you can find the link to these in our subscribers-only Resource Library. If you’re already a subscriber, you can find the password at the bottom of any of our emails. If you’re not a subscriber, sign up below to get access so you can print off the cards.
  • pens, pencils or bingo daubers* for players to mark off the squares. For kids, stickers also work well if you have some that are small enough to fit in the square.

How To Print The Bingo Cards

Once you have the link to the bingo cards, it will open a Google Sheets document that has 8 bingo cards in it.

Every time you load this document it will randomly populate the squares so you’ll never get the same card twice.

Print settings for Grinch bingo cards

To print these one to a page, make sure you have the Custom page breaks option enabled.

If you need more cards, simply refresh your browser and it will reload with 8 more cards that have a different arrangement of squares.

How To Play Grinch Bingo

Playing Grinch bingo is a cinch.

You don’t even need someone to call out the squares (which is the big difference from traditional bingo).

For this version, you’re going to watch the show and then mark off the squares when you see what’s described in them happen in the movie.

The different types of squares on a Grinch bingo card

There are two different types of squares:

  • The first kind is a description of some thing or person that you see in the movie. For example, “Cindy Lou Who”. This means that as soon as a player sees Cindy Lou Who appear in the movie, they can mark off that square.
  • The second kind is a description of something that happens in the movie. Like “The Grinch meets Cindy Lou Who”. In this case, players can mark off the square when that activity happens in the movie.

Just like in regular bingo, the middle square is a freebie (every gets to mark that one off at the beginning).

The first person to mark off a whole row of squares going across, down or on the diagonal wins.

I usually have 2nd and 3rd place finishes, too, so the game doesn’t end too soon. (And depending on how many people are playing, you may want to add 4th and 5th place, also).

That’s all there is to it!

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Have comments or questions about our Grinch bingo Christmas game? Tell us in the section below.

This post was originally published on October 27, 2020 but was updated with new content on July 5, 2023.

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  1. What a great game to play while watching The Grinch! I love this Bingo game so much and I know the grandkids will love it too.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thanks, Alli! It is a lot of fun to play with the kids 🙂

  2. I absolutely love this! To play Bingo along to a movie is brilliant. It keeps me from having to take time to call numbers. I can sit and play the game myself. Thank you.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thanks, Dru! That’s why I like this bingo version…I get to play, too 🙂

  3. This is a really cool movie watching game. Brilliant idea and I can see Grampa watching the whole movie with the munchkins to win a gift. He may even stay awake. Love it.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thanks, Leanna! It’s amazing how the possibility of winning something keeps people awake and interested 🙂

  4. This is so fun! I haven’t seen a Bingo like this one before. Brings back good memories of watching the movie.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thanks, Alexandra! We had a lot of fun playing it 🙂

  5. Bingo Tastic says:

    Brilliant bingo cards, I love the Grinch.