DIY Santa Wine Glasses

DIY Santa Wine Glasses
DIY Santa Wine Glasses

I love the Christmas season. It’s a good time to catch up with friends and family, and I always end up having a Christmas dinner or drop-in event…which seems to have more people attending every year.

Pier 1 Wine Glass

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While I was out looking for Christmas table decorations, I found these Christmas wine glasses that I love at Pier 1. I thought they would make a great addition to my holiday table setting, until I realized that 4 of them cost $40 and I needed about 40 of them! I like entertaining, and most people think I go over the top on decorating for parties and events…but spending $400 on wine glasses that I might use once a year wasn’t something even I would consider.

So I went to my standard solution when I’m trying to save money…a DIY project. And when I’m trying to save money on wine glasses, the basis of my DIY project is IKEA wine glasses. They are very inexpensive and are perfect for large scale events or DIY projects…you won’t feel bad if a couple get broken or if your DIY project doesn’t turn out quite the way you expected.

Click Next to see my DIY Santa Wine Glasses (a Pier 1 Knock Off).

What You Need

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How to paint Santa wine glasses

1 | Paint the stems black

Spray paint them with black lacquer | DIY Santa Wine Glasses
Spray paint them with black lacquer

I used black lacquer spray paint to make the wine glass stem and base really shiny.

But I think black chalkboard spray paint would also work well.

Then you could print holiday greetings or people’s names on the base of the wine glasses with chalk.

Tape above the stem | DIY Santa Wine Glasses
Tape above the stem

To do this, tape around the top of the wine glass stem.

Then spray paint the base and stem with the black paint.

If you want step-by-step instructions for how to get the tape in the right place, check out our gold-stemmed wine glass tutorial.

Once the black paint has dried, remove the tape.

The beauty of using spray paint is that it dries very quickly. So you should be ready to move on to the next step after about an hour.

2 | Spray paint the tops red

Now it’s time to paint the bowl of the glass red.

I didn’t use tape on the stems since I was afraid that the black would come off with the tape when I removed it.

Cut paper the length of the stem | DIY Santa Wine Glasses

Instead, cut a small piece of paper that is just tall enough to cover the stem, and long enough to wrap around it.

Wrap the piece of paper around the stem and tape it into place.

Tape the top of the glass and cover the stem | DIY Santa Wine Glasses

Tape around the top of the wine glass bowl.

You don’t want people to be drinking from the painted part of the glass, so make sure to leave enough space at the top of the wine glass for people to drink from.

Turn the glass upside down and spray paint with red paint | DIY Santa Wine Glasses

Spray paint the wine glass bowl between the tape lines with red spray paint.

I turned the glasses upside down to do this.

That makes sure the red doesn’t accidentally drip onto the black base, and prevents the inside of the glasses from getting bits of spray paint in them.

When the paint is dry, remove the tape and the paper around the stem.

3 | Add the Santa Belt

Use a black sharpie paint pen to fill out the belt | DIY Santa Wine Glasses

The trick for the Santa Belt is to make sure that it is even all the way around the glass and in about the same place on each of the glasses.

Find a container that is at least as tall as the wine glass | DIY Santa Wine Glasses

To do this I started with a plastic container that was wider than the wine glass and about the same height.

Draw a circle on the lid that is as large as the bottom of the wine glass | DIY Santa Wine Glasses

Then use the base of the wine glass to draw a circle in the lid of the container.

Next cut out the circle, trying to be as careful as possible to keep the shape.

Put the wine glass in the hole in the container lid | DIY Santa Wine Glasses

Place the wine glass through the hole in the lid.

Use a sharpie to draw a line around the wine glass where it meets the container lid.

The line drawn around the wine glass will be where the belt goes | DIY Santa Wine Glasses

It should end up looking something like this. This will be the starting point for your belt.

Use a black sharpie paint pen to fill out the belt | DIY Santa Wine Glasses

Use a thick black Sharpie paint pen to fill in the belt with a thicker line. We are going to put a couple of “buttons” above the belt, so make sure there is enough room above the belt to do that.

4 | Add the Buckle and Buttons

Use a silver sharpie pen to add the belt buckle and the black sharpie for the buttons | DIY Santa Wine Glasses

When the black belt has dried, you are ready to add the belt buckle.

Use a silver Sharpie paint marker to draw short lines directly above and below the belt.

Then connect the two lines going across the belt to form the buckle.

Use the black Sharpie marker to add a couple of black buttons above the buckle to finish the look.

The Finished Wine Glass

Santa glasses with Christmas table setting | DIY Santa Wine Glasses

The finished wine glass is the perfect addition to your Christmas table or cocktail party.

Santa glasses on the table | DIY Santa Wine Glasses

Have comments or question on how to make DIY Santa Wine Glasses? Tell us in the section below.

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