Easy DIY Football Party Decorations

Most Super Bowl parties are more about the game, the food and the drinks than the decor. But I just can’t host an event without some party decor, so these easy DIY football party decorations always come in handy.

Super bowl party decorations

My Super Bowl party is the biggest party I throw all year. What can I say? Southerners love their football!

It’s also the event the requires the most amount of cooking and the least amount of decorating.

Nobody wants tall centerpieces, balloons or other party decorations blocking their view of the game.

So I keep them to a minimum (which is good, since it gives me more time to spend on the food).

However, I just can’t host a party without having a few party decor items around.

So I came up with some super easy football-themed decorations that don’t take more than a few minutes to put together.

1 | Make A Game Day Water Cooler

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You can make your own version of this water cooler with a large drink dispenser on top of an overturned galvanized bucket.

Then print off a Water Break sign and tape it on the front.

For an adult party, you could fill it up with something a little stronger than water 🙂

2 | Create Game Day Mason Jars

These DIY football mason jars from masonjarcraftslove.com are an awesome way to hold your straws and cutlery for your Super Bowl party.

Get the tutorial for how to make them HERE.

3 | Dress Up Cutlery Holders

Cutlery in jars wrapped with Touch Down napkins

First up is to dress up the containers that are holding your cutlery.

I wrap some kitchen containers in football-themed paper napkins* and tape them on at the back.

It instantly turns a plain jar into a football party decoration that costs next to nothing to make.

4 | Do The Same To Your Crock Pot

Crock pot wrapped in Touch Down napkins

And I do the same thing for my crock pots (I always have a few for this party).

Especially the one slow cooker that’s really old and is an ugly pink color. Definitely not a football party color!

The napkin trick transforms it into Super Bowl party decor. I have even had people ask me where I got the tailgating crock pot from 🙂

As an added benefit, the napkins also keep the outside of the crockpot from getting food on it. So it’s easier to clean at the end of the day.

5 | Hang A printable Banner

DIY printable Football banner hung on the front of a buffet table

Dress up the front of your buffet tables or a section of wall with our printable DIY football banner.

It won’t cost you anything to make and only takes a few minutes to put together.

You can find the tutorial and free printable files HERE.

6 | Make team flags

DIY team specific flags on a table with a football field runner, noisemakers and a football-shaped bowl of chips

I like to make “flags” for whatever teams are in the game.

That way people can show their support for the team they’re pulling for.

To make them:

  1. Buy small felt pennants for each team. (Party City is a good place to find them).
  2. Cut a small slit near the top and bottom of the side edge.
  3. Thread wooden skewers through the holes. You can tape or staple them if you want them to be held in place more securely. (But I don’t usually bother).

7 | Print Buffet signs

"Grab a plate" sign on a clipboard in front of Patriots and Rams plates and napkins

These clipboard signs remind people to take a plate and a napkin at the beginning of the buffet line.

Which probably isn’t really necessary since they need them to get their food.

"Get a fork & knife" clipboard sign on a tray with Touch Down cutlery holders, a football and fake grass

But the one for grabbing a fork and knife does come in handy.

Lots of people forget to take them before they leave the buffet area, and that causes congestion when they go back to get them.

The sign makes it really obvious where the cutlery is. And the clipboards make it part of the decor.

8 | Use printable Food Labels

A large chafing dish with printable food labels clipped to the side of it

I also like to put up signs for each of the items on the buffet.

That way people know what’s in all of the crock pots and chafing dishes.

Sometimes I use small folded signs that can be put on the table beside the dish. Or taped or paper-clipped right onto the chafing dishes.

"Mac & Cheese" clipboard sign on the wall above a crock pot

Sometimes, I use the same kind of clipboard signs to label the food as I do for the cutlery and tableware signs.

If you’re interested, you can find both of these printable food labels in our subscriber’s only resource library in the Football Party section.

Get access by signing up for our newsletter (or if you’re already a subscriber, you can go straight to the resource library and print them).

9 | Make Penalty Flag Napkin Holders

football party decor made with yellow napkins in a galvanized pail with a label that says penalty flags

One thing you need a lot of when you’re serving snacks and food is napkins.

So I like to make sure they are available all over the room.

To make them fit in with the decor, I get yellow napkins, print out “Penalty Flags” signs and glue them onto small galvanized pails.

Then I put them on almost every table.

The Penalty Flags printable is also available for free in our subscriber’s resource library under the Football Party section.

Get access by signing up for our newsletter (or if you’re already a subscriber, you can go straight to the resource library and print it).

10 | Make a DIY Football Field Rug

DIY football field area rug in a living room with multiple tables covered with black tablecloths and football decor

For some reason, football parties seem to have more spills than usual (probably because of the number of people).

So I always take my area rug out of the living room for the party.

And replace it with an inexpensive DIY football field rug that adds to the game day atmosphere (and protects my hardwood floors).

Find out how to make it HERE.

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