Jello Shots

blue and black jello shots with a bowl of appetizer spoons in front of a Panthers plate

Jello shots were one of my go-to party recipes during my college days.

And you know what? They still are!

They’re simple to make, can be made in advance and there’s a flavor and color to match every party theme.

Plus they’re super easy to serve and everyone loves them!

You can find jello shots that:

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Close up of appletini jello shots with spoon
These appletini Jello Shots are delicious and perfect for parties! This green apple jello shots recipe is tart, sweet, and so easy to make.
easy purple hooter jello shots
This easy purple hooter jello shots recipe is a must! Filled with grape flavors in cups that are perfect for any Halloween or football party.
A stack of watermelon jello shots
These easy Watermelon Jolly Rancher jello shots are the best! Perfect for 4th of the July parties and celebrations. Sweet and easy!
This lemon drop jello shots recipe made with vodka and Limoncello tastes like a lemon drop martini--a tasty boozy treat for any adult party
Whether made with vodka or as a virgin cocktail, this purple, gold and green Mardi Gras jello shots recipe will be the hit of the party.
This sour apple blue jello shots recipe combines the tartness of Sour Apple Pucker with the sweetness of Berry Blue Jello for a tasty cocktail
This Cosmopolitan jello shots recipe made with Cranberry jello, Citron Vodka and Cointreau is a perfect addition to any adult party.
This green and purple layered jello shots recipe is made using the flavors of the Purple Hooter cocktail so they taste as good as they look.