8 Elegant DIY Great Gatsby Centerpieces

Last Updated: January 20, 2024

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Whether you’re throwing a Great Gatsby party, a roaring 20s wedding or a speakeasy-themed event, these DIY Great Gatsby centerpieces will help to add some elegance and glamour to your party decor.

DIY great Gatsby centerpieces

I think one of the reasons I love the Great Gatsby theme for a party is because of all the glam party decor. So I had lots of fun creating all different kinds of centerpieces.

The Eiffel tower feather centerpieces were kind of a given. I’ve been making them for a long time and do them for all kinds of different parties. So of course I had to use them for my roaring 20’s party.

But I also got to make some simpler feather centerpieces that are a little less expensive.

Plus a couple of barware options using plastic champagne glasses and large martini glasses.

And a few made from old wine bottles. With some candles added for good measure.

Keep reading to see all of the DIY great Gatsby centerpieces I made for my party (plus a few I didn’t but I would have if I had more time).

1 | Beaded Feather Centerpiece

Eiffel tower ostrich feather centerpiece with crystal beads

I think these Eiffel tower vase ostrich feather centerpieces with “crystal” beads hanging from the feathers are the epitome of Great Gatsby party decor.

They’re elegant and glamorous and definitely make a statement in the room.

And they’re really not that hard to make. Click HERE to get the step-by-step instructions.


27 21″ to 24″ white feathers* | 20″ Eiffel tower vase* | Bouquet holder* | Clear beads* | Light Base* | Velcro Dots*

2 | Standard Feather Centerpiece

white ostrich feather centerpiece

While the feather centerpieces with beads from above are my favorite, they are a little more work to get the beads on just right. And getting them to stay in position can be a little tricky…especially if you need to transport them to a venue.

If you don’t want to go through that effort, the standard Eiffel tower feather centerpieces make just as much of a statement but are a little simpler.

This is the design I use for many of my parties (not always with white feathers).

Find out how to make them (including some color combinations) HERE.


27 21″ to 24″ white feathers* | 20″ Eiffel tower vase* | Bouquet holder* | Light Base* | Velcro Dots*

3 | Small Feather Centerpiece

Small Great Gatsby centerpiece made with ostrich feathers and a wine bottle

To save money and time, I also did some of the tables with these simple ostrich feather centerpieces made from wine bottles.

First, I spray painted the bottles with gold spray paint*.

For some of the bottles, I spray painted over the bottom of the bottle with black to get that 2-toned effect. (I didn’t use any tape, since I think the over spray from the black gives it that ombre effect).

Then I stuck 4 ostrich feathers in the top of each bottle – two 12″ – 14″ black feathers* in the middle and two 20″ – 22″ white ones*. (You could probably get away with 12″ – 14″ white feathers* as well, but I already had the longer ones on hand).

If you find that your feathers slip in too much, you can stick a little bit of floral foam in the top of the bottle to hold them (I didn’t have that problem).

Wine bottle ostrich feather Great Gatsby centerpieces on a party table

I put two on a table to make a little bigger impact, and alternated them with the Eiffel Tower feather centerpieces (which cuts down on the cost).


Wine or liquor bottles | Gold spray paint |  Black spray paint (optional) | 2 12″ – 14″ black feathers | 2  20″ – 22″ white feathers

4 | Flower and Feather Centerpiece

Great Gatsby centerpiece made with faux flowers, black ostrich feathers and an embellished wine bottle

The next arrangement on list of DIY Great Gatsby centerpieces uses feather with faux flowers.

First, I decorated some more wine bottles with different designs to dress them up a bit (you can find the tutorial for making them HERE).

Materials to make the faux flower and ostrich feather centerpiece

For these I used a 5-stem faux floral bouquet (that I picked up at Michael’s on sale but you can also find at the dollar store*) in the top of the bottle and 4 12″ – 14″ black ostrich feathers*.

Embellished wine bottle with a faux flower arrangement

I started by putting the floral bouquet in the wine bottle like a vase.

You could stop here if you wanted to. Or even use a small bunch of real flowers if you put water in the bottle first.

Embellished wine bottle centerpiece with faux flowers and black ostrich feathers

But to continue with my feather theme, I stuck a black feather on each side of the bouquet.

Then pushed them all the way into the bottle so only the tops of the feathers were showing. This also causes the feathers to cover up the fake flower stems (which I don’t like the look of).

Super easy but still effective!


Wine or liquor bottles | Gold spray paintClear beads*  | Glue gun | 4 12″ – 14″ black feathers

5 | Wine Bottle Candles

Great Gatsby party tablescape with embellished wine bottle candleholders as a centerpiece

Those same dressed-up wine bottles also made great candle holder centerpieces.

The wine bottle opening is the perfect size to fit tall black taper candles* (white or gold would work, too).

If the candles are a little too big for the opening, use a utility knife to shave a bit off the bottom of each candle and they’ll fit perfectly.

Check back later to get more details about this Gatsby tablescape.

6 | Champagne Glass Tower

Champagne glass tower on the bar at a roaring 20s party

I’ve always loved the look of champagne glass towers. (I think they fit the Great Gatsby party theme perfectly.)

But I’ve never tried to make one because I have visions of someone hitting the table and knocking the whole tower over (glass everywhere!)

Then I saw Jenn’s version (from Haute Off The Rack) made from plastic champagne glasses, and thought it was perfect! (She has some other awesome Gatsby party decor ideas so be sure to check her site out!)

Champagne glass tower with flameless tealight candles for a centerpiece

While I only made one of these to put on the end of the bar for my party, I could totally see this as a table centerpiece with flame-less tealights* in the glasses around the edges.

(The tutorial for how to make your own champagne glass tower is coming soon.)


Plastic champagne glasses* | Glue gun | Flame-less tealights* (optional)

7 | Martini Glasses With Pearls

Great Gatsby centerpiece made with large martini glasses and strings of faux pearls

Continuing with the barware as decor theme, large martini glasses* filled with strings of pearls* are another easy but elegant centerpiece idea for a Great Gatsby party.

I used 6 mm pearls but larger pearls or even mardi gras beads would work fine.

Centerpiece with strings of faux pearls streaming from one large martini glass to another

The pearls make it look like the glasses are overflowing, without spilling any champagne. And pushing 2 or 3 flame-less candles into the pearls makes the vases more visible when the lights are down.

I used glass martini glasses in the picture, but you could also use these plastic ones* if you want to save some money (or are afraid the glass will get broken).

Since my glasses were all the same size, I put them on cake stands to get them to be different heights.


Large glass martini glasses* or plastic martini glasses* | 6 mm pearl string* | Flame-less tealights* (optional) | black cake stands*

8 | Candelabra With Pearls

Great Gatsby centerpiece - Silver candelabra with strings of pearls

Another easy and elegant centerpiece for a roaring 20’s party is to string some faux pearls* on candelabras.

That little extra detail really does glam up a standard candle holder.

But it does take a lot more pearls than I thought it would. I used a whole 12 yard string to do one candelabra.


Silver candelabra* | 6 mm pearl string*

Well, that’s it for my list of DIY Great Gatsby centerpieces. Hopefully you found some inspiration for your own roaring 20s party decor.

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Great Gatsby centerpieces

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