Super Simple DIY Citronella Candles


Love to entertain outdoors but don’t like to get eaten alive? These DIY Citronella candles act like a mosquito repellent.

MATERIALS NEEDED: – Lime – Lemon – get the biggest one you can find. – Sprig of rosemary – Citronella essential oil* – Floating candles* – Water – Mason jar or tall glass

Slice up the lemon and lime. Add 2 lemon slices to the mason jar, pushing them down to the bottom of the jar.

Add 2 slices of lime to the mason jar. Add a spring of rosemary that reaches almost to the top of the jar.

Fill the mason jar most of the way up with water. Add a few drops of the citronella essential oil.

Drop in your floating candle and you are ready to start repelling mosquitoes.

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