Pop Fizz Clink DIY Drink Stirrers (with Free Printable)


Cocktail stirrers are both functional and decorative. Dress up your party cocktails with these glam gold Pop! Fizz! Clink! DIY drink stirrers (with a free printable).

MATERIALS - Paper - Gold swizzle sticks* - Glue stick* - The pop, fizz, clink print or cut file (available on the web site)

The first step is to print and cut out the Pop, Fizz, Clink paper circles. Then find 2 matching circles and line them up so the words are straight across.

Turn them both over keeping the letters straight across.

Spread glue on the backs of both of the circles using the glue stick. You could also use regular white glue or a glue gun, but the glue stick is the easiest to use without making a mess.

Stick the end of the stir stick to one of the circles. Make sure that the letters are straight on the back.

Turn the other circle over and stick it on the front of the stir stick.

Repeat with all of the circles until you have as many stir sticks as you need.

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