How To Set Up A Buffet


If you’re hosting a party and don’t want to serve a sit-down dinner, a buffet may be the way to go.

In which case, these tips for how to set up a buffet will help make sure your spread goes smoothly.

DECIDE WHERE THE BUFFET WILL BE The first step to setting up a buffet is to decide where you want it to be.

FIGURE OUT THE TABLE LAYOUT Next you need to figure out how you’re going to lay out the tables.

DETERMINE THE BUFFET TRAFFIC FLOW Determine where the start and end of the buffet will be, keeping in mind the traffic flow.

SET UP THE BUFFET TABLES Now you need to set up the tables.

DEFINE YOUR STARTING POINT Plates and napkins should be at the beginning of the line.

LAY OUT THE FOOD I like to set up all of the serving dishes I’m going to use ahead of time so I know that I have enough space.

ADD SIGNS Make it easy for people to tell what is in each of the dishes by putting up signs.

PUT CUTLERY AT THE END Cutlery should be placed at the end of the buffet line so people don’t have to juggle the knife and fork while they’re serving themselves food.

DON’T FORGET SERVING UTENSILS Make sure you have enough serving utensils for every dish.

HAVE A SEPARATE LOCATION FOR DRINKS To minimize congestion on the buffet line, I always put the drink station in a totally different location.

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