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Football Party Decorating Ideas (For The Best Super Bowl Party Ever!)


Whether you are hosting a College football playoff bash or an awesome game day party, these Super Bowl party decorating ideas will make sure your football party is the year’s most anticipated event.

How To Throw an Unforgettable Football Party

It’s the beginning of a new year and to a lot of people that means New Year’s resolutions, going back to the gym, and getting ready for football playoffs.

I have been hosting super bowl parties for too many years to count…and they have gained a reputation as THE super bowl party to attend among my friends.

Now with college football playoffs, there are even more opportunities for hosting football parties (especially since Clemson has been doing so well in the last couple of years…go Tigers!)

Having thrown so many football parties, I have some go-to Super Bowl party decorating ideas that always make my game day parties special.

1. Set Up Your Room Like A Sports Bar

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Living room with multiple TV decorated with football field area rug and multiple tables with football field table runners

The first thing I always do when I’m setting up for a Super Bowl party is rearrange the furniture. Doing this makes sure everyone has a good seat to watch the game.

I move television sets from all over the house into the living room and set them up like a sports bar so that people can see the game from anywhere. (If you have a large screen TV that everyone can see, this step may not be necessary for you.)

Then I move out all large pieces of furniture that take up space and don’t provide a lot of seating. My favorite chaise always gets moved to the garage for game day.

Finally, I find every extra table and chair I own (including the patio furniture from outside) and move them into the living room. My goal is that everyone can find a seat to watch the game.

A table with a football field runner in a living room with a football field area rug

If you live in an area where the weather could be nice enough to sit outside, setting up a seating section and TV outdoors is a good idea. Some people prefer to watch the game away from the crowd (and in my house I can use all the space I can find!)

Unlike most of my other parties, I try to avoid hanging things from the ceiling or creating tall centerpieces for the tables.  Both of these tend to block the view.  Since most people do actually want to see the game, I like to have as few TV-watching obstructions as possible.

2. Make a DIY Football Field Rug

DIY football field area rug in a living room with multiple tables covered with black tablecloths and football decor

For some reason, football parties seem to have more spills than usual (probably because of the number of people). So I take my area rug out of the living room for the party.

And replace it with an inexpensive DIY football field rug that adds to the game day atmosphere (and protects my hardwood floors).

Find out how to make it HERE.

3. Add Football Field Table Runners

Football-shaped bowl with chips, a football noise maker, and football team flags on a table with a Football field table runner

The next one of my Super Bowl party decorating ideas is an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your tables.

I cut football field floor runners* into the right lengths to make runners for all of the surfaces in the room.

It helps to create a cohesive-looking football party decorating scheme.

4. Or Use The Glam Version Of Referee Stripes

living room with multiple TVs, a DIY football field area rug and black and white tablecloths and chairs

The black and white stripes of a referee shirt are another great color combination for football party decorations.

But since I like to do glam, I go for black and white leopard print tablecloths and zebra stripe chairs, instead of standard stripes.

black and white tablecloths and chairs on tables with football decorations

These leopard print tablecloths were left over from another party, so they didn’t cost my anything extra.

5. Make Penalty Flag Napkin Holders

football party decor made with yellow napkins in a galvanized pail with a label that says penalty flags

Print out a “Penalty Flag” sign and glue it to the front of a galvanized pail* for the perfect easy-to-access place to store yellow napkins.

And they look great on the tables, too!

6. Dress Up Your Crock Pot

Crock pot wrapped in football napkin

To make your crock pot seem like part of the décor, wrap it with football-themed napkins* and tape it at the sides.

I am always surprised at how many people think the crock pot actually comes this way!

7. Use Team Banners, Flags and Tableware

Football team plates and napkins on a buffet table covered with a football field tablecloth

Using team-specific flags*, plates and napkins* for whoever is playing, is an easy way to decorate.

Team specific flags on a table with a football field runner, noisemakers and a football-shaped bowl of chips

And people can choose which side they’re supporting.

Although I have to admit, since you don’t know very far in advance who is playing in games like the Super Bowl, it can be hard to find the team gear in stock.

When that happens, I go with some generic “game day” banners and tableware.

DIY printable football banner hung on the wall above a TV

A DIY printable football banner is another party decor option that doesn’t cost anything to make.

Get the tutorial and free printable letters HERE.

Buffet tables set up with football table covers and chafing dishes

I almost always use the Game Day plastic table covers* for my buffet area.

They are easy to clean up afterwards and when you put them out over a bunch of different sized tables, they all look like they belong together.

Find our tips on setting up the perfect buffet HERE.

8. Make A Game Day Water Cooler

You can make your own version of this water cooler with a large drink dispenser on top of an overturned galvanized bucket.

Then print off a Water Break sign and tape it on the front.

9. Chill Beer In a Goal-Post Cooler

The next one of my Super bowl party decorating ideas also provides more room for beer storage…always a good thing at my football parties.

A beer cooler with a goal post and a small blow up football allow your athletically-inclined guests to participate in the game (just make sure it’s in a location that they can’t break anything when their throws miss the mark).

10. Create Game Day Mason Jars

These DIY football mason jars from masonjarcraftslove.com are an awesome way to hold your straws and cutlery for your Super Bowl party.

Get the tutorials for how to make them HERE.

11. Keep Beer Cold In Referee Koozies

Use beer koozies* to keep beer cold.

They even come in referee shirts or team patterns if you want to keep the football theme going!

12. Provide Referee Punching Bags

I use a lot of props at my football parties to add the crowd participation factor.

This blow up referee punching bag has a weight in the bottom so it stands up on its own.

You’ll be surprised how many times people will get up to hit one of them when the refs make a bad call!

13. Use Props Representing the Teams That Are Playing

If the teams or players have rituals or songs, use them to celebrate touchdowns, and get everyone involved in the game.

When the Seahawks were playing in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago, we threw out packages of Skittles when Marshawn Lynch (a big Skittles fan) scored a touchdown.

When the New Orleans Saints were in the Super Bowl we sang “When the Saints Come Marching Home” whenever they scored.

Of course if it’s a college football game you’re watching, pretty much everyone knows the routine for their own team.

14. Act Like a Referee – Penalty Flags and All

referee shirt

Wear a referee shirt* and get yourself a whistle. Then use it to announce penalties, field goals and touchdowns as they happen during the game.

Get a penalty flag and a challenge flag, and throw them out into the middle of the guests whenever a penalty or challenge is called during the game.

If you go to live football games, some of the teams have announcers that involve the fans in their game calling, such as imitating the referee arm movements for first downs, touch downs and field goals.  You can duplicate this fan involvement by acting as an announcer at your party (a mega phone helps) and getting your guests to do these arm motions as well.

15. Make Some Noise

football party noise makers on a table

Having noise makers such as cowbells, whistles or clappers available really lets people get involved in the game.

I usually put a couple out on every table.

Just make sure you’re ready for the noise…I stop short of getting an air horn to save everyone’s ear drums.

16. Serve Jello Shots In Team Colors

Red and blue jello shots in front of a Patriots paper plate, football deviled eggs, green and blue jello shots in front of a Seahawks paper plate

Most of the time, my football guests are drinking beer. (I don’t go out of my way to make special cocktails for this crowd.)

However, the one thing that does go over well is jello shots.

Blue And Black Jello Shots with mini tasting spoons in a football bowl in front of a Carolina Panthers paper plate

I always make them in the colors of the teams that are playing, and serve them in jello shot cups with small plastic spoons.  There are never any left at the end of the day.

Find jello shot recipes by color HERE.

17. Use Food As Football Decor

Create a Game Day Nacho Bar

A help-yourself nacho bar with a bowl of nachos, a crockpot with cheese sauce, nacho toppings and ground beef under a blackboard decorated with Nacho Bar text

A Nacho bar allows people to put together their own nachos.

Provide a bowl of tortilla chips along with crockpot Cheese sauce, sauteed ground beef, home-made salsa, tomatoes, jalapenos, guacamole, olives, sour cream and any other ingredients you like to add to nachos.

People actually like to put their own plate together since they get exactly what they want. And it’s a time-saver for you since you don’t have to make them!

Add “Laces” To Deviled Eggs

Devilled eggs that look like footballs with green onion laces on an egg plate

Another way to add to your football party decor is to make your food look like footballs.

All kinds of food can be made to look like a football if you’re so inclined…add green onion “laces” to the top of deviled eggs, cover strawberries in chocolate and add icing laces, cut pita bread into the shape of footballs and serve with dip…pretty much anything that is somewhat oval-shaped can be made into edible football decor.

Make Football Brownie Cookies

Football shaped brownies with white lace icing

Speaking of football shaped food…  These “footballs” are actually made from brownie mix (yes, the kind that comes out of a box).

Get the details on how to make them HERE.

Use Game Day Toothpicks

Football party crockpot meatballs with Game Day toothpicks

These crockpot meatballs taste great and are easy to serve with toothpicks.

Game Day tooth pick

And I love to use these game day toothpicks* to go with the football decor.

That’s it for my list of football party ideas. Hopefully you have found some ideas for your own college playoff or super bowl party.

Other Football Party Ideas

Do you have any other suggestions for awesome Super Bowl party decorating ideas? Tell us in the section below.

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