Jello Shots

blue and black jello shots with a bowl of appetizer spoons in front of a Panthers plate

Jello shots were one of my go-to party recipes during my college days.

And you know what? They still are!

They’re simple to make, can be made in advance and there’s a flavor and color to match every party theme.

Plus they’re super easy to serve and everyone loves them!

You can find jello shots that:

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overhead picture of creamy piña colada jello shots
Made with pineapple jello, coconut milk and malibu rum, these creamy piña colada jello shots are so easy to make and taste delicious.
Easy Pina Colada jello shots
Made with pineapple jello, this easy Pina Colada jello shots recipe is super simple to make with only two ingredients. And it's tasty!
This gold champagne jello shots recipe looks pretty, tastes delicious and is easy to make. A great addition to your party's adult beverages.
This lemon drop jello shots recipe made with vodka and Limoncello tastes like a lemon drop martini--a tasty boozy treat for any adult party
Whether made with vodka or as a virgin cocktail, this purple, gold and green Mardi Gras jello shots recipe will be the hit of the party.
Looking for a jello shot that looks good and tastes great? Check out this striped Pina Colada jello really tastes like a Pina Colada!